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  1. Too true. 'airbags? Newfangled rubbish' 'abs? Newfangled rubbish' 'fuel injection? Newfangled rubbish' 'BMW? You can't drive them in winter' All overheard in pubs in the 20th century What's wrong with trying to find the benefits of new technology? I know that my knowledge is from the past but the new stuff won't be terrible.
  2. Only 148k on my ML270 CDI. Works pretty well but could do with a bit of suspension to stay fresh. Biggest problem is squeaky brakes It's unlike me to have a car with working air conditioning, but the climate control in that is belting
  3. Beautiful. Like a shitter but better Robin
  4. Just joking it was the phone that James Bond used to remote control his 750i in Tomorrow Never Dies Edit: my first mobile, shortly after that film came out was an Ericsson so clearly it made a great impression! I've mostly had Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Sony since then so that was some successful product placement! I've still never had a BMW though, as much as I still love the 36, 38 and 39 among others
  5. Everyone knows that an Ericsson is the correct phone pair for an E38!
  6. Don't worry, they look the right section to me. I reckon they just saw the different sizes, assumed you'd got it wrong and the guy you dealt with was just winging it a bit with his explanation. I never tell garages that I have an interest in cars and do most of the maintenance myself and I've been told some really odd things over the years. I just nod and pretend to accept it and carry on. A couple of times I've had to explain in detail what I need doing because the receptionist doesn't get it. It'll just be one of those things
  7. Any more details? I'm not in the market but I have a soft spot for an Astra
  8. Wolfrace Katana, I believe. I haven't seen those for a long time
  9. I used to really fancy a Neon R/T
  10. The last time I rented a ramp for a day, it was to paint a tonne of rust converter and waxoyl on the underside of a friend's Fiesta. Still rusted through but maybe a little slower?
  11. Sport lights won't fit. I think they're after market or maybe just dodgy tinting
  12. Yeah, they're up there with anything else being made at the time in terms of complexity! I quite like them but I doubt I'll ever even try one. Sellers always want far more than I feel they're worth
  13. I think you're absolutely right. And I agree on the second point too
  14. I don't get people like this. In order to make a point, he has alienated the swathes of people (like me) who boycott spiteful, petty xenophobes
  15. Just spotted this. It translates as "it's fucked. They're hiding it. They know that I know that they're hiding it. I just can't prove it"
  16. That is a ridiculously horrendous MOT history. "whole of vehicle is corroded" is my new favourite advisory. The tester just couldn't be bothered to itemise when presented with that level of grot
  17. I'm pretty sure that Rascals came from the dealership with rust like that so no worries
  18. I'm guessing that the previous operator had an insurance policy that would only cover drivers who were 25 or older
  19. As you suggest, it is not true! MOT exempt doesn't hold much appeal for me though. It costs £40 and takes less than an hour. Saving that doesn't make enough difference to me to seek a car with that status. Admittedly I am talking about cars, not HGVs
  20. I drove a Corsa with one on one corner. It wasn't the best experience, being honest
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