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  1. I don't get it. It only makes sense if it costs to write the name on the cars or if they think they'll sell more without it I doubt either of those things are true in any meaningful way, so you'd just keep it, wouldn't you? Then again, early Range Rovers weren't branded Land Rover or Rover but kind of considered to be Rovers or a hybrid of the two It mainly makes me think of when Austin Rover decided not to call the cars Austins any more so you got a range of unbranded Metro, Maestro and Montego
  2. I'll do my best to make it whenever and wherever it is. West Midlands Showground would suit me pretty well
  3. I'm not trying to be ingratiating, but having met you at Shitefest '22, I thought you would be quite a bit younger than that!
  4. I found myself today confronted by the most purely nasty and evil person I've ever met. I have met him once before and it made me miserable that time. Today was even worse He's worse than the man who mugged me and stabbed me in the face when I was a student. So he's quite bad
  5. That's a very, very scammy ad
  6. I'd imagine that plenty of cars like that will have been scrapped after fire or serious accident or flood when they were still in production as it was probably cheaper at the time to buy a new one than to repair. I'd be interested to hear of good examples too
  7. Anecdotally, I definitely find it makes a difference. If I'm concentrating on something, getting into a working rhythm and flow etc, when someone calls I can't just continue at the same pace that I was before. Even more annoying when it's a call to ask if I've received an email nine minutes after the email was sent (as happened this morning) when I'm trying to work through the 120 or so I've received over the weekend. Especially because it was something non-urgent.
  8. This answers a question that came up the other day. I rarely go to London and I was telling a friend from London about going to the Millennium Dome in 2000 in a Vauxhall Carlton taxi. He reckoned that wasn't possible. Looks like it was! I remember it clearly so I'm glad I'm not going mental or something
  9. I guess taking the attitude that if it sells to someone who's happy to pay the money without him having to clean and fix it up, that's the best outcome. Otherwise, he can fix it up and MOT it while the ad is up. But he has given it the chance to sell without going to that cost/effort
  10. I didn't know that that 54 degree V6 came in these either. I'm pretty sure none here did, which probably would've been good as that engine was common in Omegas and in other displacements common in Vectras too
  11. Sounds like top mounts (as said above) and probably fixed now. So probably don't worry! Good luck. I have a real thing for Dacias
  12. Why are you unlikely to see anyone in the car park? Does it repel people?
  13. Not far! That's very tempting because it could just be useful
  14. What kind of thing are you looking for? I think I have an old one somewhere that I would be happy to send. Might be more basic than what you're looking for though. I don't remember quite what it is but I'd be happy to dig it out if it's of any use
  15. I was surprised to find that my 2002 Jaguar S-Type had it in the handbook and had the lights for it on the dash in test mode. Mine didn't have it though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134510792525 Here is a 2000 Jaguar XKR that claims several times in the ad to have it, but I'm not sure yet if I believe it.....
  16. My production Boxster has that colour interior (or very similar)
  17. I happen to know of a couple of these for sale ready to race (one is even in the same colour!) and they'd be fairly cheap as the owner has a new race car. I doubt that helps now though
  18. The seats look familiar but I can't quite place them. Very Vauxhall look. Astra H? Corsa D?
  19. I whipped the belt off and it started immediately, as with you. I can also see a flaw in one of the modifications that allows water to drip onto the alternator pulley
  20. Fair play, DC. You might just be a genius. It appears to be a seized alternator
  21. The reason I don't think it's alternator is that the belt and all pulleys are turning freely, it seems. I don't think the resistance is there. But I will give it a go because I'd be stupid not to
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