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  1. Nice that he got his Big Break
  2. Interesting - tow bar on those is just bolted to rear crossmember. So presumably that's chassis rust It's mega thick steel on that part of the chassis. It would be hard to actually rust through! Maybe it's the body mounts under the boot floor. They can rust there
  3. My mum had one of these brand new. BP04 TLZ I've come to appreciate recently what a nice car it was. Hers was a 2.5 TDI automatic. It went in 2006 for a Q7 I looked it up once and I think the Allroad only made it to about 2008. I wonder what happened there
  4. On the Chrysler: "everything works, starts every time except now there is an electrical problem and it won't start at all" 🤣
  5. I'm just glad that he won the case. However much I dislike someone, I'd never want to see them treated anything other than fairly under the judicial system
  6. Not about this case specifically, but I never understand how people of any persuasion don't realise that making unsubstantiated claims will just weaken an argument. Even if these guys have any sensible points, now they're just going to be ignored as propagandist wankers As an aside, my person opinion of Packham has always been that he's a dickhead, but I can't imagine ever wanting to make up a smear campaign against him
  7. For a Maestro Turbo? I'm guessing you don't remember the sort of people who drove Maestro Turbos? They weren't beardy corduroy people...... More "can't afford an Escort RS Cosworth" type of people. Maestro Turbos never got really cheap, but they were always below Cosworths. Rare car
  8. It does look like the Kingswinford house with the mk2 Astra, if that's the one you're thinking of?
  9. Also absolute bollocks. That's a covering for manholes and drains as the steel is very slippery to horses' hooves. Still, why not make something up to fit an agenda?
  10. Road salt? Mandatory winter tyres in icy/snowy conditions may mean that less road salt is used? That could also be complete rubbish Proximity to sea/saltwater? It's nearby in far more UK regions than in German ones
  11. Damn, I really want one of those now
  12. Thanks, I normally stock up when it's around that price but I've checked and I still have three of the four I bought last time! I've done well with that stuff over the years
  13. Are they really affordable shite now? Always fancied one of those but thought it would take a bit longer
  14. Christ, that is fantastic. Absolutely lovely
  15. I'm a bit late, but that looks like a Montego to me
  16. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/235340362507665/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Aa3527e0d-d8b6-452e-aed1-b3d6426bf856 £1500 Vectra VXR in Glasgow. "BOOST ISSUE NO MOT"
  17. You can see where the stresses are acting on that Cadillac!
  18. Swapped wheels over and adjusted electrical cutoff cable so it now works. Not much but I was happy about it. I had just enough time to do it before it got too dark
  19. Got a couple of car jobs done that I've been meaning to do for weeks. Sometimes it's the little things
  20. Pretty common, yeah. Used to see a lot of them around
  21. How old was the Scirocco in the background at the time?
  22. I think one is the door latch release. But I like your theory more
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