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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124607180575 Other than the Barry'd rear lights that looks like a right bargain!
  2. It looks like a handheld phone keypad from the 90s, I wonder if it does anything?
  3. Are there plans for a festival of the unexceptional this year? And can you turn up in something modern and park out of the way if so?
  4. 'Professional on the most part is a bit of a worry 😂
  5. I'll have to try find some pictures of my dad's, it was M***SVS, 2.0 16v ABS as it proudly stated on its boot 🤣 I liked its see through headrests, it was Satin Red Pearlescent and it was very shiny, no red SRI stripe on the bumpers either which was odd.
  6. The only car I want now is a Xantia Activa and no one is ever selling one! It'll fit in the garage as well!
  7. Weird one today. Water leak into the passenger front footwell of the 3008. Quite a lot of water as well. So I pulled the door trim and a pillar trim off and got busy with the hosepipe. Ah, that'll be why then. Water was pouring through there at a steady old pace. I took the entire foam panel off as it was ripped, someones clearly been in there before! The water drips down the inside of the door, hits the wiring loom and then cones through where it was ripped. Well, I've ordered a new foam for it (75! QUID) but made a quick fix with a plastic sheet
  8. So, this is still very much a novelty. Big, very torquey V6 twin turbo + icy roads = Sideways shenanigans. Still on its original tank of fuel after 550 miles! This is a novelty for me on non long journeys! Sound system remains emphatically the best I've heard SQ wise, Including the awesome S60 uprated one and The Mark Levington LS460 one, it does take it out of the battery though! My dad is somehow well enough to think about driving again after a unheard of turn around after his operation. Thankfully we haven't sold our 308 yet, however, helpfully the 3008 has developed wat
  9. It’s great stuff, brings rubber back to new if it’s not falling apart. I used to use Krytox but it’s very expensive, this stuff is much cheaper but protects and softens rubber and stops door seals etcs freezing.
  10. Only thing I'd say is both a 3.0 manual or a 4.0 V8 will both be pre facelift. The post face lift, and especially the post 2nd facelift cars are vastly superior, in both reliability, interior quality and in how they drive. If you have any chance or option, definitely go at least post 2002.5 MY. X350 XJ's aren't far off the same money to buy, and don't rust for obvious reasons, but they do corrode! And the suspension, although mainly reliable, can throw big bills.
  11. The 6 Speed manual isn’t a great box tbh! It’s ok if you don’t try rush it, but was only offered for a short time, only on the non dpf as well iirc.
  12. 3.0 is no worse on fuel than the 2.5 but has quite a lot more performance, the S is a heavy car. I'd go 4.2 over the rest, less high maintenance than the R or 2.7d, same MPG on a run as the 3.0, but a bit worse round town, and a lot more easy going, doesn't kick down all the time when asked to get a move on.
  13. If its a pre DPF 2.7 then if you blank the EGRs and leave them in place it will be fine. I did it on my Disco 3 with the same engine, made it much less sluggish from cold and had no negative effects. They do have form for crankshaft issues these engines, though if its quiet when running I think that can be ruled out, they're generally very vocal if there's any issues there Edit: I see from the exhaust pipes its a pre dpf one. They're very reliable normally!
  14. I'm not sure, but the Silver one looked a lot better than the red one he chose! The 2.0 was probably better for towing the caravan though! It had glass windows and weighed an awful lot!
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