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  1. Temporary company car coming very shortly, so looks like time is up for the Jag, and then the V60 (which I think has already found a new home). Anyone want to buy an XF 🤷‍♂️ Will have to take my plate off it and then get it sold as there's not room for all of these cars now. Getting a Qashqai 158 MHEV until the order fulfilment is done for the Cupra, can't complain, looks decent enough. Will miss this old beast though 😔 I'll miss the V60 as well, it's been a very good car, never let us down, and is comfy, practical, very economical and quick enough when needed. Also handles leagues ahead of my old S60, which I'd spent a fortune on Bilstein Dampers, Polestar Springs, poly bushed arms and anti roll bars to try and improve. It's also a good looking car, especially on its winter wheels.
  2. Heated/cooled seats and the 1200w of Bowers and Wilkins speakers Being comfortable and having floor shaking music on demand are probably my two biggest wants in a car now.
  3. Well, no fun updates as such. Both V70 and XF will be off to pastures new this year, as I'm ordering a Cupra Formentor VZ3 245 eHybrid as a company car 😔 Makes sense from a tax perspective, and I've put it off as long as I could. So i'm hoping to get a 184ps Octavia Scout or VRS 4x4 estate to replace the XF and V60, and a Porsche 924 or Boxster. I really miss having a proper fun car, and an older car, so ideally 924, but Boxsters arent exactly new now, so either will do. Both Jag and V60 just went for MOT and passed witb no issue as always, i'll miss them both, V60 more so, weirdly. The V60 is a proper Volvo, and feels like both a new, and old Volvo, which is hard to explain. Its very well built, but also handles in a way the P2 never could. A P2 R wouldnt see which way the V60 went down a b road, unless it had some very big straights. The XF is a beautiful car, powerful, luxurious and fun. But its also massive, and my wife hates driving it due to its size, so no point keeping it, its not exactly a weekend car, even though thats basically what its been! Only done about 7k miles in 2 years! So, we shall see, coukd be a much different year for cars this year!
  4. Keep going, it's been a great read so far, and these are absolutely superb cars, first car that ever made me actually laugh out loud at WOT. If it makes you feel better I've just dropped 1100 quid on a set of tyres for my XF, after it having about 4k of work in the last year. Jaguars get under your skin!
  5. Mk1 Mondeo in Ilkley on Saturday.
  6. Mine did all of that when the alternator shat its biscuits. Battery light come on when you put the ignition on then goes out when its running?
  7. Why would you never use full throttle out of interest?
  8. Honestly, if you can find the same car, without that engine, do it, but avoid that engine, it's proper shite. It takes a lot to make me get rid of a car I like, but the R56 JCW I had was shocking for stuff going wrong, and it was always powertrain related, nowt else. What car is it?
  9. I did 300 miles each way to pick up a borked Activa, but Prince engined 😬 Been there done that, avoid!
  10. 80 Miles done in the Jag today, roofboxed and fully loaded up. A roofbox is a very loud addition to a car, I had no idea how noisy it would be above 60! Computer says 44.2 MPGees for the journey, and it's pretty accurate so it has made a fair difference to economy. Especially so, as I didn't go particularly quickly as I was been careful as the roofbox was full, and we had the dog, who is sick when you put her in the car, before you even set off, let alone when your yumping over the moors. Car behaved impeccably, love it 😀😎
  11. Comfy seats + reliable = XC60 D3, the fwd, 2.0 5 Cylinder version, Drive E I think they were called. Great seats, great engine and gearbox reliability wise. Our V60 which is the same, but lower down has been superb. This one looks good http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202208028387525?atmobcid=soc3
  12. XF ended up in the garage again as it decided exhaust fumes would be better served in the cabin, rather than exiting at the rear of the car. Thanks to this; Exhaust Manifold Crossover Pipe, a common failure point on the V6 diesel in all flavours, and a twat to fix, as you have to take the left hand Cat off, which bolts to the turbo, and all the studs snap, which is fun. It was also apparent I had a broken spring on the OSF, and the NSR arm had play in it, so two more jobs where nothing would be seized. 🙄 That's the OSF arm, which the bolts ended up all being seized into. So 2 front springs, a new front and rear arm, and it's alive again. The pipe must have been blowing a while I think, as its much quieter now, and less likely to gas me, which is nice. 4 wheel alignment has sharpened it up no end as well. Tonight I'll give it a tickle with the old Karcher and then fit the roof bars in readiness for picking up a roof box prior to our holibobs next week, never seem one with a roof box fitted to it! Nothing to report with the V60, it just carries on being a great all round car, Volvo really do know how to build cars. In other news, my old Activa is being looked after, and has been fully resprayed by the new custodian, it looks ace 😎
  13. Before you start taking your wheels off, check you can get a socket on all the nuts. Swollen nuts are painful common on JLR stuff sadly, I've recently bought 20 new ones as a few of mine had swollen up.
  14. Me too, looks like it's going to a good home, which was much more important than making any money on it!
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