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  1. Spotted in my garden, in miniature 😂 Got a bag of old cars out my parents left for my little boy to play with, there's some corkers!
  2. They're so responsive to drive, never had an R50 until now, my R56 felt a lot more modern, this feels more like driving the 924, in a good way, it's very responsive, did about 20 miles in it today to get some petrol and it's great!
  3. It won't be staying forever, just a little lockdown project for now, keeps idle hands out of mischief. But, my wife has taken a shine to it and it is great fun to drive so it may end up staying 🙂
  4. Cheers, I dont think theres an issue with the BCM now, i think it's been replaced in the past due to all the insulation tape where it shouldn't be! Everything works but the sunroof so we will see when the motor turns up next week what happens!
  5. So the Mini got Vax'd today Before on left, after on right. Looks a lot better now! Smells better too as the last owner had a small dog she took places in it, amazing how much dirt comes out of seats! Just need the mats to turn up on Tuesday along with the Aux lead and the interior will be as new pretty much! Also had time to fit the Dynaudio subs from a C70 (I think?) to the S60s rear shelf. Fitted them under the holes in the rear of the shelf then dynamatted the whole lot, thought I had an after picture but apparently not ðŸĪĢ Anyway, it's made a big difference to Bass response, especially very low down and means the rear view mirrors are now even less use at high volumes ðŸĪŠ A productive day!
  6. I think the R50 Cooper feels more fun to drive than my R56 Cooper S, has less mechanical grip, but flows better through corners, steering feels much more direct. It's less refined than the R56, the engine is harsher towards the redline than the Turbo unit in the newer car, and the NA version of the Prince unit I have in the 308, but it has a decent amount of mid range for a little NA engine. I do miss the reach adjustment on the steering which the R56 had, but the seats are more supportive in the R50 and it feels more like a Mini, not a BMW, which makes sense having read about its development! Once it's up and running I might swap it for a R53 Cooper S, but we shall see!
  7. I've ordered a tested working motor off ebay for 20 quid delivered as if it works great, if not, its 20 quid. Can sell it back on to help someone else.
  8. Yeah my thoughts are the Motor or what ever sends the signal to it (BCM?) Not sending the signal as the mechanism is spot on. Will do some wiring diagram hunting on autodata tommorow!
  9. So I had a bit of time today which was spent removing all the sealant from the sunroof, removing all the a and c post trims and checking the sunroof drains were all attached, which they were. Then I thought I'd have a look at what's wrong with the sunroof, I used an Allen key to manually open it and all the mechanism appears fine, opened smoothly without any excess force needed. Removed the parts to access the motor and found the switch and the motor had both been disconnected? So I plugged them both back in, power is up to the motor and the fuse is present, tried it and.......nothing ðŸĪŠ Will need a wiring diagram so I can see how it's supposed to work as with earth on it there is a live to the light in the switch when the headlamps are on, but moving the switch shows nothing else is happening. Check BCM and its dry, but the amount of tape down there around wires and the fact the retaining nut was loose makes me suspect someone's been in there before, all fine now though. Will break out the wet vac tommorow, remove the seats and give it a good old clean!
  10. So over had about an hour spare since I washed it, I replaced the rear sidelight/brake and indicator bulbs as a couple were out, cleaned up by the NSR lamp connector as it had a but of crude in it. Fit new front sidelight bulbs as they were both out. Next job is to remove a and c post trims, make sure sunroof drains are still attached, then clean all the silicone out of the panoramic roof and work the motor open/closed a few times manually, grease everything up and then see what happens! Every thing seems to work as it should other than that, just need to get it up in the air and see what this noise is!
  11. When I was about 11/12 I got Max Power, Fast Car or Revs sometimes as they had some interesting free gifts. I remember fitting a free sun strip that came with one to my Dads Xantia Activa 😂 But back to the point, you dont see the weird stuff they all thought looked great, I remember the 'Jap Look' phase where they all fit badly made fiberglass Veilside looking wide mouth bumpers to everything from R5s to Saxos, then MK4 Golf Headlamps seemed to be fitted to everything, and so did TSW Venoms. I'll have to see if my parents still have all the old magazines to see if I can find some of the worse ones 😂
  12. So what does a 300 quid Mini look like after a quick wash? Not bad I reckon! So I've been through some of the receipts and in the last year and a bit its had a new clutch, new NS driveshaft, all discs and pads, all 4 (budget) tyres, an inspection 2 service at a mini specialist, a new exhaust, 4 coil springs, an inspection 1 service, the roof drains unlocked, a new battery, and a 4 wheel alignment! One of the invoices also states, 'c/o inspection 2 service, customer complaint of noise at NSF since driveshaft replaced.' Car was recovered for loss of drive 4 month ago to a dealer after snapping its NSF driveshaft, previous owner was a lady in her 60s so not a boy racer. Wonder if it's the wrong shaft?
  13. But if it was diff when clutch depressed should still be noisy.... Hmm.
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