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  1. 3 on the drive, all taxed, MOTd and insured. 2005 S60 T5 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 2012 Peugeot 308 VTI I really don't like the Peugeot as its so boring but its been so reliable and in the family from new so 🤷
  2. Well we have unexpected fleet changes! A 165 mile each way collection happened today! Bini loaded up with supplies for a 6:30 start! The service were happily lovely and empty when I popped in to investigate why the exhaust helpfully started blowing 90 miles into the outbound trip! Couldn't see what happened but it sounded like the back box fell off! It hadn't and is still there but its definitely noisier! New arrival picked up and fuelled up for the journey back! It came up for sale on here and I've never had a diesel, a 4x4 or a 7 seater so it t
  3. I snowfoamed all my carpets and mats of the S60 at the weekend as I had the osf seat out to replace the amplifier with a C70 one so took the other seat out and then thought, well, I've got this far ? All carpets out, seats out, console out. Dynamatted all floor under sound deadening, vac'd everything, glistened all seats and left them in garage, snowfoamed then wet vac'd all mats, boot carpets and actual carpets. It took 3 days for the carpets to dry! Smells amazing inside though now, and the beige mats and carpets came up like new! Also I think its looking pretty good
  4. Always liked these, they look to have aged better than the Z3 of the same age I think. A bit like late 90s VWs its a car that wouldn't look out of place at Morrisons, or parked in front of the Hilton. Hope you get the charger working properly, should be a blast then.
  5. Well, I should be able to see at night for the next 15 years now hopefully! its amazing how much difference new headlights make to a cars appearance! New speakers fitted also as the osf door one stopped making any sort of correct noise.
  6. New headlights day at last! 2 brand new headlights for less than 400 quid! Can't argue with that! Cost another 65 for all new bulbs as well though! Amazing the difference in clearness in the lenses compared to the 15 year old ones on the car, they look quite clean after being polished up, but next to these they look opaque!
  7. New Wheel Day! They definitely fill the arches better been an inch bigger and and inch wider, rare wheels too, Volvo Capella's. New headlights turn up tommorow, some 8 inch front door speakers and 6 inch long throw woofers for the rear doors should be turning up this week as well. Just need bumpers spraying still for me to be 100% happy with it!
  8. S60 updates. Well I spent an hour rewiring a Instrument Pack for the sake of some shiny tings and LEDs ?? It does look nice though so all is forgiven, even the burn on my thumb which means the fingerprint reader on my phone doesn't recognise me anymore. Also ordered some more wheels, as as lovely as the ones I've put on it are, they're not Volvo ones and that upsets me more than it should, so they can be winter wheels and ill leave the Crossclimates on them, and the new Capella 18's will be summer wheels, 4 Goodyear Eagle F1s ordered in 235 40 18 ready to fit once they're
  9. Well, now lockdown is over and we're back at work, I've added 3000 miles to the above picture in 3 weeks! And its not batted an eyelid at it, no oil used, no issues, it just works. Its great having a car you can rely on to sit for 3 months, then just drive it and it doesn't complain. Been getting 650 miles to a tank as well, which is a genuine, calculated 43 MPG. It can't be sniffed at for a big petrol auto, it does help that it sits at 2600ish RPM at an 80 MPH cruise. Will treat it to a wash at the weekend and get rid of some of the bugs I've acquired!
  10. 45000 Miles completed together, I dread to think how much that's cost me in Super Unleaded over those miles!! ?
  11. I see this every few days in our village if I time my walk right, sounds and smells like a proper car!
  12. Spotted in my garden, in miniature ? Got a bag of old cars out my parents left for my little boy to play with, there's some corkers!
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