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  1. So as per various breakages here; The XF should be home today after been at Jag all week, whilst they waited for an Intercooler to come in for it, all paid for under warranty. Quite a common issue with them, surprising for one to last as long as this one did tbh, 70k miles on it now! Fitted new rear calipers, that come with the EPB motors, and new rear pads to the V60 on Monday, bobbed some new fluid in, and off it goes, back to being a reliable Volvo *touches all visible wood. Back to the caravan this afternoon, hopefully a more successful weekend this time 😂 Think I'll take the XF, mainly due to the fact the rear DVD system will be keeping our little passenger entertained!
  2. Have you got a can of tyre slime anywhere knocking about? They have one as part of the kit. My XF has one with its inflation kit for this reason as well as it has no spare wheel. Worth a check if any of your cars don't have a spare wheel.
  3. Is this a regular thing? Are you guys all camping somewhere together? Can you come in a modern car, I have modern diagnostic shenanigans I can bring to diagnose stuff with, whats it all about 😃 I don't trust the Activa enough to take it anywhere far until I've put new brakes and spheres on it 😬
  4. Managed to get some headrest screens for the Jag so I'll be plumbing them into the front screen DVD/TV outlet so we have screens galore, should make for quieter journeys to the caravan! Also going to put my old Xbox One under the boot floor and use it as a media player and we can play Forza on the move then as well. Not done anything with the Xantia as I'm really busy with work now, so might be a while. Volvo keeps on Volvoing, they're great everyday cars, can't beat them in my opinion for a safe, reliable do it all car, wouldn't be without one! Also manages 44.2 MPG average on my wife's commute of 6 miles each way, and it's basically a small mountain she goes up and the down every day, so that is superb. Treated it to some new wiper blades at least!
  5. I'm sure I've seen that in Scarborough recently
  6. How did I miss this! #peelinggood
  7. Just went to get some Pizza for tea and took the Volvo as I couldn't be arsed to move it to get the Jag out. It's a different animal now, torque steer through 2nd and 3rd and it kept up with a new Fiesta ST on the bypass from 50-*** which surprised me. Might need to be hit with the lowering stock at some point, just don't want to ruin the ride. I also want some 18's or 19's for it as it has massive arches to fill I bought some Volvo 17's but they didn't look great so I've sold them back on. Was tempted to try the 20's from the XF but i think they will be too wide. Would give me an excuse to buy wheels for the XF then though I'd they did fit 🤔
  8. Let me know if you move the Xantia on, might get a bollocking for having two though 😂
  9. I dont think a D4 existed in this model year, it was 163hp as standard? It also cost me much less than it should have!
  10. V60 went for a recall and a software update. The software update turned into a Polestar upgrade 🤔🤣 I can't even find one offered for the D3 so I'm not sure what they've done, but I got a nice little badge and it certainly goes well, should be 203hp now and 440nm so not far off a D5 would be. It certainly pulls better and sounds better somehow? 2 new Seatbelt anchors fitted as well and they even cleaned it for me! Battery has died on the Activa, mainly as its been sat unused for over a month I'd guess, need to put some miles on it before MOT time in July, then decide what to do with the paint 🤔 XF hasn't been used that much, took it for a blast to make sure if it needed a regen it could do one, gave it a clean, birds thanked me for that by shiting all over it the day after 🙄 Think I need to order some sanding discs and upol primer and attack the Xantia now its getting warmer so I can see whats needed.
  11. Well, oddly I've been offered another Activa, that doesn't need a respray, but mechanically it's not as sound as mine. Aaaaaaaaargh 😂 I think I'll keep mine, but I'm no painter, and will happily fix anything mechanical. Hmmph 🤔 I also nearly swapped the XF for a V8 S80, but then common sense prevailed 😂 Full service on the V60 done last Saturday, new oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter and replaced the TMAP sensor and the TCV which are seemingly almost service items over 100k as well. It pulls a lot better upto about 3800 - 4000 rpm now whereas before it died off at about 3200 rpm, seems to be, not a common problem, but a wear related issue. It also sounds very 5 cylinder Volvo at higher revs, maybe a bit of Induction noise wouldn't go amiss... Bought a set of fitted rear blinds and a set of Dynaudio speakers and amp for it. Off into Volvo this Saturday for its seatbelts replacing as part of a recall and a software update to the ECM. I may have also bought a R Design twin exhaust and yet another set of wheels for it, but don't tell the wife 😂 It's so shiny 🤩
  12. Yep a D3 163hp 6 Speed Manual. It's a T3 version so makes peak power a lot later than the earlier T2 engine. Apparently the TCV wears quickly on this engine, and the TMAP sensor was caked in carbon so I've purchased, and have ready to fit brand new OEM ones of both. Might have a cheeky remap as well....
  13. The V60 is a 2.0 5 Cylinder 20v Turbo. Much like a dirty version of my previous S60 petrol T5!
  14. Having a V60 alongside the XF has made me question the Jag a bit. Obviously it's a quick car, it'll keep up with a lot from 60-100, it's a great handling car, its a looker, but...its not a Volvo 😂 I love it, I'm not sure what to do, I think its too good which sounds weird. I think I'd instantly regret selling it as there's not another with the same spec or low mileage, most XFS' seem to be premium luxury, not many facelift Portfolios with heated/cooled seats, 1200w hifi, extended leather etcs, but, I'm not sure if its very me. Maybe I need to play with it a bit, lower it, XFR bumper, bigger Turbo's maybe? All my V60 service stuff is here so that's tommorows job, then it's off to Volvo the Saturday after for all the software updating and a seatbelt recall, ordered a 13-7 pin adapter for the towbar electrics and that should be happy for the next year then!
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