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  1. Cheers, yep I found it a while ago now. It's an unusual colour, has a very odd name! ROUGE D'ENFER NACRE
  2. V60 and XF given a wash and a quick wax in the lovely English weather today, its a shame the V60 is really quite a lot better paint quality wise than my XF, which would have been not far off 2 and a half times more expensive when they were both new, and it has special option Pearlescent Black paint. Volvo really do paint cars well. Ordered full service bits, air, oil, pollen, fuel filter, 8l of OE oil and new rear boot light as its a bit melted. My wife keeps having a big hiss fit about it having an electronic handbrake, to the point of being quite angry with it, my laughter may
  3. Another change of vehicles! The faithful old Silver bus was delivered to its new home this morning! I then had the pleasure of an empty train, it was brilliant, first time on public transport for about a year! It's unheard of for Leeds train station to be so empty, or rather it was 🤔 Then the lovely new addition picked up and home, ready for duty next week 😎 Lovely to have a nice colourful car on the drive again, and a pleasure to meet @Shandylegs again, I guess me selling those wheels to you ended up as more of a quick borrow of them 😂 Now, as i
  4. So I ordered, cleaned and fitted a parcel shelf as it was looking very bare back there; I also ordered some mats as you can see! Sadly, they don't fit, they're about 3 inches too wide and 8 inches too long! But the gear knob and gaiter fits after a bit of fettling, it's horrible quality though, but better than what was there! When I can find a proper one it will be replaced. Also my brand new bonnet turned up for it, very surprised to find one Also a bit of a Fleet change, picking up a V60 of this parish on Saturday and then I need t
  5. Managed to buy a brand new bonnet today which is nice. I think I may be joining the home respray club as well, I can't stand the lacquer peeled, faded paintwork as it is. Hmm, Sunset or Chili?
  6. Even our 2012 and 2015 Peugeot's have shit Auto wipers so don't worry about that 😂
  7. If anyone does book in a hotel let me know, I'll probably be on my own so would be nice to have a few beers with people 🍻
  8. Hopefully I won't be but is it best to double book incase?
  9. I'd be tempted to stay for the night and have a few beers if there's a decent hotel somewhere near? I might be in the XF rather than the Activa depending on its MOT status at the time, I presume I can still park somewhere if that the case?
  10. Mine doesn't shuffle once it's at normal height. I was playing with the lever in my video 😀 It's a very early car, I have an electric sunroof instead of AC by the look of it, my dad said his had both which must have been a cost option I guess? But his was a 96 and mine was built in 95. I think I'll order a remote key and program it to see if I can disable the alarm, that should stop the light I think. Just ordered a parcel shelf and some other interior bits and it will be done inside then 😀
  11. So that's the alarm light. I don't have any plippy fobs, only keys. Next job will be to inspect the alarm module. And finally, a car I don't need to lower 😂
  12. Day 3. Central locking now all working, the module under the center console had been unplugged 😂 OSR Door now opens and closes as it should as well, must have been deadlocked. There is a light that remains on the dashboard no matter what I do? Any ideas what it's for anyone?
  13. If you have a look at the last page of this pdf it shows you the basic principles of its operations. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.activa-club.fr/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Citro%C3%ABnXantiaActiva-1.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjp1KjBlqvwAhUGQUEAHZ5bDEQQFjAHegQIHRAC&usg=AOvVaw0C_kxqhByEGbUoWIB209Ep And the rest of the article shows how much better it was than its contemparies 😎
  14. 20210501_145753_1_1_1.mp4 Day 2, mechanical tinkering. Fitted a Hydractive repair kit, put a fuse in the system as the old one had blown and, when, we have Hydractive, we have sport mode, we have working suspension! Just need some brake light bulbs as I noticed they were blown earlier and to sort the central locking, and I'll put some miles on it and see what else it needs! 20210501_145753_1_1_1.mp4
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