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  1. The driver looks like Elton John!
  2. Scottish hire cars 1. Rover 1995 2. Ford Ka 1996 3. Renault 1995 4. Ford Mondeo Estate 2007 5. Fiat Tipo 2008 6. Ford Fiesta 2009 7. Seat Leon 2010 8.
  3. Jersey 1989 1. My wonderful Datsun Stanza on its hols 2. Step aside Bergerac 3. Something weird
  4. Aussie hire cars in 2005. 1. Holden Commodore, 2. Hyundai Santa Fe, 3 & 4. Nissan somethings
  5. My Brazilian bird and our cars. Fiat Stilo and Beach buggy
  6. I listed 100 matchbox cars on here a while ago (see page 1061 onwards) and still have a lot of them if you are interested. There are also some majorette.
  7. I am off to the Philippines shortly and they appear to have quite a lot of model vehicles for sale like the iconic jeepney. I am not going to spend too much time searching but I know they still have ToysRus and I would be willing to bring back some models if there is any interest. All appear to be boxed and the jeepney is 5" and comes in gold or a variety of colours. There is also a Hot Wheels jeepney not shown. They also have a large selection of Tomica models and I have posted a few below. If there is a particular model you are after I will check. Pricewise to be confirmed but I anticipate £10 each including p&p. If more than one perhaps £7 each. I have also posted in For Sale.
  8. King10 Ford F-150 - unknown Range Rover? - unknown Mercedes Benz SLK - Newray Dodge Charger 1/48 - Zee Volvo XC90 - Teama - This is plastic.
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