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  1. Thanks, I see now. I originally searched on "Qingqi" which gave me the manufactures story, and I assumed SINNIS was a global (non Chinese) brand name. I’ve now found the SINNIS site, but I find their strap-line “Riding from reality” a bit ambiguous. 😕
  2. I couldn’t understand why the bike is branded SINNIS on the tank, but is referred to as a “Qingqi” on the MoT document. I think I have the answer: There’s an unrelated company called “QinetiQ” which I understand is pronounced “Kinetic”. If you use this wordplay on “Qingqi” you get “Kingci” or “Kingki”, and when pronounced comes out sounding like “Kinky”. Would you want to ride a bike called “Kinky”? I could of course be wrong on both accounts (the pronunciation and whether you’d be prepared to ride a “Kinky” bike).
  3. I love the look of those Bedford RLs in an unhealthy way, especially the green goddess. If they had a gender it would be female, and would be best described as voluptuous (Definition: A voluptuous woman has a soft, curved, sexually attractive body). Maybe it’s the rounded front. Anyway, it’s a shame they’re stood outside. In the cold. With nothing on. And with very pert looking radiator caps showing. Oh God, I’ve got to get out more . Damn this Covid.
  4. "Unsure on millage original cocks present just not with me at this time " I suppose the "cocks" are to go with the balls needed to drive a 3 wheeler with a 5 cylinder turbo engine?
  5. A wreck of an Allegro for £500, but it's what is in the background of a couple of the pictures that is interesting I think (I can make out a Ford Anglia and an old BMW(?). Its my idea of heaven. He also has a Triumph Dolly for sale in his other items https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-Allegro-L-SPARES-or-REPAIR-1980/233740456890?hash=item366c0453ba:g:G9cAAOSwcgdfgFaF
  6. 1987 Maestro 1.3L anyone? £750 (open to offers), MOT to July 2021, 57,000 miles, no headlining, spares or repair, and two mean looking dogs in the background. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/257687699119255/?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined
  7. OK, the 2CV may not be your thing, but in the sellers other listed items (32 pages) there must be something to take your fancy: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/citroen-2cv-special-nut-and-bolt-restored-galvanised-chassis-low-milage/233851548568?hash=item3672a37398:g:KzYAAOSwjFtf-bJf Odly they all finish on the same date and all only have one photo and a note insisting you contact them outside of eBay. I wonder why? 😁
  8. Its a "3 wheeler", but with stabilisers! (which seem to be missing from the one on eBay, although they are on the spare engine) See the example below. I can only assume stability must have been a problem.
  9. Advert says: "Kawasaki 550", DVLA says : A501LVC RELIANT RIALTO VAN Colour Blue Fuel type Petrol Date registered 16 April 1984 MOT expired on 20 July 2007 BUT Cylinder capacity = 553cc Hmmmm
  10. Anyone have an idea what the car is under cover behind the Snow Machine in the attached piccy? The headlight looks familiar, maybe a small Fiat?
  11. MOT expired on 31 January 2015. A diesel showing just under 92000 miles at the last MoT test and a pretty good MoT history (but that view may just be a reflection on the cars I've owned) Polishes up nicely though.
  12. Or if you want pictures of the interior and a price of £32,500 +vat try here: http://usedcoachsales.co.uk/Vehicles/View/4289 And if you look under the Vehicles tab on their site there's some interesting stuff (to me anyway) for sale e.g. Routemaster, RT, Atlantean, Titan, Olympian... Aplologies if you already know about this site.
  13. Mini Clubman Estate in a state anyone? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLASSIC-MINI-CLUBMAN-VAN-ESTATE-SWAP-SPARE-OR-REPAIR-MINI-COOPER/233759494112?hash=item366d26cfe0:g:9HYAAOSwlIZfmAxB Already painted, just needs a bonnet, seats, bumpers, a rear door, sills, the engine got running and the jobs a good one. Maybe. Cat C some time ago but what do you expect for £2500?
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leyland-aec-routmaster-London-bus/174493897605?hash=item28a0a59385:g:GQEAAOSwBylflhM8 Routemaster (spelt Routmaster in advert) RM1643 reg no 643DYE for sale at £35.9k in Wigan. Only 5498 miles. No pictures of interior, but side look like set up for vending maybe.
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