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  1. Despite the mess, I can see where they are coming from. On some rear facing child seats there is a vertical metal pole that rests on the floor of the car. It needs to be secure and I doubt the plastic cubby hole lid is strong enough.
  2. Great thread, I'm all for keeping cars on the road no matter what. I would far rather see some old car cobbled together in some third world country, using corrugated roofing sheets and home made brake fluid than see trailer queens at pebble beach. I think a separate chassis car even if the non structural bits are full of wob , driven gently for very few miles a year will be far,far safer than some PCPd to the eyeballs idiot rushing about the place, probably without an mot as it will be too new to have it's first one... Go Eddie, ignore the haterz, crack on, summers nearly over.
  3. Seriously though, what a great find. Other than the rot and tyres, oh and I suppose fluids, nothing needs changing. Lovely.
  4. Nah,plop an XUD in it. Nice and simple. Anyone can fix that
  5. There is a Honda Civic 07 plate in Upton on Severn with a 7 day removal notice on it. Looked way too tidy.
  6. Is that just the quality of my small screen or are you actually adding rusty metal to the car?? I've no issue with the bodgery, I think it's great but surely clean metal would be better?
  7. £400 is a bargain! I would be interested in buying that when you are done with it
  8. Oh wow, I like that! Never seen one here. Seen several on Russian dash cam videos though. What's that worth if you will excuse my vulgarity?
  9. I know now, I was corrected earlier... See post above... ?
  10. Renault Safrane V6 with two flat tyres in Upton on Severn marina car park. No tax or mot. No photos either, got to pretend to be normal amongst my boaty associates... L5 VNE
  11. Single point fuel injection, so basically an electronic carb...
  12. Well,in a mongoloid hammer head shark kind of way. Maybe I just mean different. Yes, that's it. I really like individual looking cars.
  13. Beautiful looking car. Who was the hero who took the initial depreciation hit on this?
  14. Yes you are right, I had forgot about them!
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