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  1. Yes I suppose they are better but that is not the point, if you want better, just buy a Lexus.
  2. Least of your worries! Have you felt the weight of those Halfords bikes?? Got my lad a Frog bike, half the weight of a Halfords boat anchor!
  3. I hired a Magna 20 years ago in Oz. Did a lot of miles in it. Thirsty and rather slow considering the engine size is all I really remember if for. Think it was a 2.4 or 2.6 four cylinder. I have a picture somewhere, I'll dig it out.
  4. Yeah buy it. These are as reliable as an old Toyota, you don't need any skills to run one on a budget. It will get an easy 35mpg round town, and will never attract any attention in a dodgy part of town I'm sure. Budget motoring at its best.
  5. Shit luck but to be honest I would expect nothing less of sods law. Should be easy enough to find a replacement though. Post a wanted ad on a banger forum? You know there is a Sierra only non contact series called lightening rods? Well, they won't be needing the rear windows
  6. Presuming it has the original locks, Toyota should be able to cut you one based on the VIN number. The cheapest option would be to get a non electronic key cut and tape either the remains of the key to the barrel or take the chip out and put that there.
  7. They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness but I think I disagree. I'm going to have a word with myself later and see what I have to say about it.

  8. But you don't HAVE to read or comment! Although neither do I suppose.. back on track (!) though, sometimes racing a car is the best outcome for it. Often parts will be saved for better ones. For every couple of rigger booted meat heads there will be a car enthusiast who has a better example in the garage, whilst the ELV gets a good send off.
  9. They say having a word with yourself is the first sign of madness but I'm not so sure, I'll have a word with myself later and see what I think

  10. This has been left here for a few months now. Smashed windows happened last week. Surprised it hasn't been removed, although I suppose the verge is private land so the council won't get involved?
  11. Indeed. They should have words with themselves!
  12. The most fun to be had with this Rover is to get it running. Strip all interior, lights and sell them on if possible. Paint it beige. Enter it into a banger race. Lots will be drawn to see who gets to drive it. Weigh it in after and give the spoils to charity. A great end for it, as one day it will be bean tins anyway so it may as well give smiles rather than stress and bickering. Other opinions are available.
  13. Indeed, let them carry on, why are people trying to spoil their fun just because it doesn't tie up with their own ideas? To quote our great leader: " I think they should all have a word with themselves" This has the makings of a great thread.
  14. Looks like someone already did...
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