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  1. @Lord Sterling is a good chap am hoping to meet up with him at some point anyway so i would definitely be up for meeting with some other shiters when the world rights itself...
  2. Clifford Henry Austin by any chance retired from Cowley in 1990/91
  3. Car arrived today and everything seems above board although it clearly needs a new fuel pump and service. Can we take a moment to remember Mr Clifford Henry Austin formerly of Cowley Works (Since 1946) who's car this was. He retired in 1990 and died in 2019 at the age of 90 i will restore this car in his honour and ensure it is loved and cherished. Especially as the history covers everything from the day it left the factory to the weeks before he died. video-1614093159 (1).mp4
  4. Ive upset many BMW owners in my 827. I cannot give the 800s enough credit your father was right they are amazing cars!
  5. Cheers! il watch this later tonight when the wifes asleep. Now where did i put that cigar and bottle of irish?
  6. Aye it looks like it gonna exceed my limit for that car still its not a bad thing though. Hopefully it will find someone who will appreciate it. You cant win them all and neither can i all the best 👍
  7. No no by all means post away we are all friends here! To see another Mk1 800 always makes me stiff as a board anyway!
  8. Ive been here long enough and haven't accounted any sex games yet! I feel this is unfair and we should hold a sex games event immediately so i can at least experience it and see it with my own eyes!
  9. 1 2 3 4 i declare a Rover 800 bid war!
  10. Youve got a fight on your hands good sir if you want the green Mk2 I think you would be more suited to the RetroRides one!
  11. That is disguising why would you post that here i know its autoshite but come on? Its an 80s slappers car i know this because my mother drove one and she was a slapper
  12. Is that some sort of sex talk? What does that even mean 🤣
  13. Yea i remember it family run i think!
  14. Its coming to me hopefully
  15. Why thank you! i will no doubt bid 🤣
  16. Well we should all meet up sometime in the near future! Here's my two 827 Vitesse and SLi
  17. Oh my that is a beautiful example and your in Huddersfield? There i was thinking i was the only chap in South/West Yorkshire with Mk1s.... I salute you! 👍 I have a few Mk1s and a few other Rovers maybe when this covid malarkey has gone away we can meet up
  18. Naah i find it incredibly difficult to let go of them ive sold a few in the past that i have restored and although they went to good homes it didn't feel right. I love these cars and Rovers in general so i desperately want to preserve the marque or at the very least the cars i own for myself. I think the Rover 800 especially the 827 is the best car ever built i can safely say its the only car i wanna drive and now i have several il still be driving one ten years from now... Well that's the plan anyway
  19. Thats true well unless you come to my house that is.. i think i probably have 40% of what remains 😆
  20. I wasn't aware of the black one until it was too late i was busy sorting this one out and only saw your tag after it had eneded. Its a real shame but you cant win em all. Ive been trying for an automatic SD1 for the 9 years 🤣
  21. Thats an amazing story thanks for sharing it could very well be the same car. The car has stacks of paperwork am hoping to find time to go through it soon so if i find out anymore information il let you know 👍
  22. Ive just bought one off him as well 🤣
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