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  1. Pretty much every BMW ever manufactured including the one series which was a Rover design I cant tell you how frustrating it is to see BMWs smugly driving down the street knowing how Rover suffered. The only good BMW is a dead one or one viewed from the rear view mirror of my Rover Vitesse Fastback as i fly off at speed.
  2. ***Update and my final post on this thread*** Car passed MOT today with only an advisory for light misting of oil on the shock absorbers. I drove the car from Sheffield to Manchester and back to pick up some parts for the wife's Rover 25 and experienced no problems whatsoever. Admittedly there are a few niggles to sort out as the rear windscreen doesn't demist but i am sure this is down to a dodgy fuse and will be fairly straight forward to sort out. Very happy ive managed to save/restore another Rover and will enjoy driving it daily. Merry Christmas everyone!! fog SD1.mp4
  3. I would happily daily that and have the mistress refer to me as Alan 🤣
  4. Must be hard for my neighbors living next to the flying squad! The car is ready for its retest on Thursday if it passes it will join the rest of my fleet and be driven daily. The Sweeney.mp4
  5. If it wasn't for the suffragettes she would be in a kitchen were she belongs 🤣
  6. My wife will see me out as she will most definitely be the death of me Shes very much like an old car in some ways... massive boot (arse) drinks alot is rusty around the edges and constantly needs attention.
  7. ***Update*** MOT TEST Just got the car back from MOT and sadly it failed.... It blew a fuse on the way to the testing station which meant the wipers and screen wash stopped working (ive yet to investigate why) it also failed on both front roll bar linkage bushes.... To add insult to injury despite knowing the previous owner accidentally filled it with diesel its not smoked at all in the time ive owned it but as soon as i pulled into the garage it thought it was the flying scotsman..... Thankfully the tester was very understanding when i told him about the previous owner putting diesel in the car and he agreed it simply needed a good run but obviously without an MOT i couldnt do this... So i have been advised it will need the bushes and fuse blowing issue sorted before it can get through an MOT.... Ive ordered the parts so fingers crossed for the next test the tester did note it was a very solid car and didnt need much to get it through but clearly hes never shopped at Rimmers before because the bastards just charged me £64 posted for the bush kits...
  8. ***Update*** So rather than sit crying into my weetabix this morning i decided to take another day off work in an attempt to fix the fault with the SD1. It was absolutely pissing it down and colder than a witches tit outside but i couldn't let that stop me... I live in South Yorkshire so if i stopped for the rain id never get owt done! I first tried to fit a spade connector to the wire but it didn't make a firm connection on the terminal so i removed the ignition barrel from the car and examined it. Although only one wire had come away were the old solder had broken down some of the other wires weren't in the best of condition so i decided to resolder any that looked loose or past it. As mentioned on an earlier post my dexterity isn't that great and after burning my fingers several times i managed to solder well enough that all the wires were held firmly in place. I tried to cross my fingers in the hope it would work when refitted to the car but my fingers were to badly burnt to cross without me yelping like an upset dog so i muttered please work and reattached the ignition barrel to the car. Imagine my surprise when it started with the first turn of the key the car seems alot easier to turn over now than it ever did before. I held the car on the choke for a few minutes then flew down the road to the petrol station and filled the car with fuel ready for tomorrows MOT. The car pulls really well and sounds tremendous although i prefer my Vanden Plas with its extra comforts the S will definitely make a good daily. Wish me luck for tomorrow! 😉👍
  9. Its funny you should post this. I bought some of that today and applied it to the roof right before it pissed it down.... I can confirm it works though as i have no more leaks!!! Hopefully when the better weather comes i can fix the sunroof.
  10. Love the SD1 you have a very beautiful clean example there you should be very proud. I have two myself one of which iam currently restoring so if you can assist in anyway please comment on my post. I bidded on that Tomcat at the time it was listed but was concerned about whether i could arranged transport or not for it so didnt put up much of a fight. I am glad it found a good home and is being driven daily. All the best
  11. Thanks for being so kind good sir! I am still getting over Gresley and still go to bet at night wondering if the Maestro is still there.... Its put me off selling any cars in the future ive put such a large amount of effort into. Not even spooning upto the warmth of the wives large arse at night can ease the pain... Nor can observing the flexibility and natural beauty of Jet from Gladiators... The aftermarket security alarm and immobilizer was fitted within the last 18 months as ive spoken to all but one of the recent owners. I would like to remove or deactivate it at some point although thats not the problem currently i simply need to resolder a wire to the ignition barrel but i have poor dexterity in my hands and as such iam fucking terrible at soldering sewing and Jenga! I might just stick a spade connector on there and see if that works failing that i may have to seek help from a sparky or someone off this site.
  12. No worries mate hope you feel better soon i will stick a spade connector on the wire tommorow see if that works.
  13. @sierraman You live nearby dont you? Are you any good at soldering and willing to pop over and resolder this wire to the ignition barrel? il happily pay you for your time and effort.
  14. I have found the source of the problem which is the hazard light switch is sticking breaking the circuit to the indicators. Ofcourse i only discovered this after id removed the cowling steering wheel and stalks. In doing so some of the wiring has broken down specifically the solder connecting two wires which go to the ignition barrel as such the car now wont start and il have to resolder the wires. (Note) The car will start if you hold the wire in situ risking electrical shock... Secondly the existing stalk couldn't be completely removed as part of it has been rewired into the loom something to do with the after market alarm and immobilizer... However i did remove enough of it to fit a replacement stalk to confirm it wasn't the stalk at fault.... Which is great but that means should the existing stalk ever fail i have the nightmare task of completely rewiring the car because someone has spliced in an after market immobilizer and alarm. il post some pictures tomorrow hopefully i can get it sorted and off for MOT before Christmas!
  15. ***Update*** Well these things are definitely made to test us.... MOT was due today but has been postponed due to my indicators not working (front and rear) All the other lights work including hazards. Ive checked fuses and relays all of which seem to be fine so my guess is its the indicator stalk that is at fault. I have never removed a steering wheel from an SD1 before so the next few hours should be interesting if anyone can offer any tips or suggestions it would be much appreciated. Cheers 👍
  16. Sounds like a plot from an 80s film Hell id watch it!
  17. Pretty sure this guy rang me last year to inform me there was a pigeon stuck in my bank account and needed my account details so they could release it... 🤣
  18. One of my car was listed and a silver SD1 belonging to a fellow club member is constantly being listed.... The car is currently under going a full restoration so hes doing all he can to make people aware thats its his and not to fall for it. Heres what we know so far..... The scammer is only listing cars previously advertised or sold through Ebay... In some cases genuine ebay accounts have been hacked and then used to make listings. Ebay are investigating but are having a hard time finding and removing them due to this and the sheer quantity of listings the scammer is making. (make of that what you will) Several people have been purposely bidding up in order to get them flagged and removed... With some ebay users even speaking to the scammer/seller via ebay on one listing he claimed the car in question was located in the outer hebrides... convenient for viewings then....
  19. That might work il give it a try 🤣 Ive took the day off work to try and sort the power steering issue although ive just realised the issue may actually be a result of the cold weather so i am wasteing my time.... Just come back in for a biscuit and a nice warm cuppa! Ive been a member of the SD1 Club for awhile joined shortly before i bought my silver SD1... I wouldnt say TGP looked ugly without a spoiler but the car certainly looks alot better now
  20. The restoration begins here! The car starts with choke every time without fail everything seems to be functional electronically and the engine sounds lovely. I took a closer look at the sunroof and figured out the leak is coming from the passenger side edge of the sunroof panel due to corrosion so iam now on the hunt for a new sunroof. Cleaning out the car i found £1 a copy on super mario for Nintendo DS and some old tax discs I also found what could possibly be the cars original dealership tax disc holder the car has a London plate and the tax disc holder says Cobworth Motors, 356 Crinklewood Lane which is in Northwest London and only a stones throw away from the old Bentley factory. Sadly Cobworth Motors no longer appears to exist and the building is now a Islamic Centre Cobworth Motors today I took the car for a quick spin around the block and surprisingly it no longer smokes like it used to so my guess is most of the bad fuel (diesel) has passed through the system. I decided i was going to put some fresh petrol in it but suddenly became aware the steering was rather stiff so pulled back onto the drive. Upon inspection i noticed the power steering pump whines if the steering wheel is moved while the car is stationary so i popped the bonnet and took the cap of the PS pump to check the oil level and this is what greeted me It has the consistency of strawberry milkshake so i believe air is getting in somewhere perhaps through a loose or split pipe? I decided i was going to drain and refill the system and make a good attempt to find the leak so i began making preparations to climb under the car but then it started snowing... Rather than mess around in the cold wet snow i decided to check the boot only to find two boxes of new and used parts. I took them into the house were the wife was waiting with a cup of Bovril. il continue work once the weather clears up abit so more to come soon All the best 👍
  21. ***Update*** Pictures to come shortly The car arrived today it seems to have had a rough time with the previous owner as my silver Vanden Plas is in better condition overall and believe me that is really saying something... I am sure many of you will have seen from my posts on the forum all the work it took me to get it right... Although to give the gold SD1 the credit it deserves its solid which is great. I honestly dont think the car would have survived without the intervention carried out by @rob88h during his ownership. I can see he spent lots of money on it noted in the very small amount of paperwork i got from the previous owner. I have noticed the following and will begin work on the car tomorrow.... The sunroof leaks but strangely only the panel area of the roof interior and the front passenger seat is wet (waterlogged) everything else is dry (headliner foot well glove boxes etc) so my guess would be either the sunroof panel is corroded, the seal is leaking or the sunroof wedges require adjustment as its the manual sliding sunroof type... It needs a new fuel pump and filter due to the previous owner sticking diesel in it... It runs but is very jerky almost like a misfire feeling no doubt due to having diesel put in it..... Its got half a tank of fuel according to the gauge but i honestly dont know if thats diesel or petrol 🤔 The limited history ive received would suggest once the previous owner purchased it from @rob88h it wasn't driven much before it was accidentally filled with diesel and taken to a garage to fix but covid hit and it sat for a year in the garage. The owner was then issued with a £500 bill which he paid before putting the car up for sale. The only issue that is concerning me and is immediately obvious is the sunroof leak which has put the fear of god into me.... I once owned an 827 with a sunroof leak and it was a nightmare to sort out... In fact thats an understatement.... The period in which i attempted to sort it was one of the most stressful and frustrating periods of my life and ive been to places like Barnsley and Iraq 😆 Its also a real kick in the bollocks as i can see @rob88h is a complete MADMAN and paid out for a brand new Rimmers headliner which il now have to replace.... I salute your efforts and commitments to the cause Sir long may you live and live well! I would really like to get the sunroof sorted before it causes significant damage to the car and interior which is near immaculate ( a rare thing for an SD1) if anyone is willing to help or fix the leak please get intouch or comment on the post i will happily rewards your physical efforts with cash tea and gariboldis... I might even include the wife with the deal free of charge... She is an amazing cook but i am sick of her and we exist in a time were i cant just leave her by the roadside in a remote location fifteen miles north of the M18 like i did with my ex wife 😉 Now i appreciate this may all seem a little negative but really its not..... Basically all ive got to do is fix the sunroof leak check the fuel system service the car and MOT it.... WISH ME LUCK! 😀👍
  22. I managed to finish it off in my opinion it was mechanically sound.... Cosmetically the paint was bad few dents and rust spot from the vandalism also abit crusty around the sunroof.... It could have done with a respray but i didnt bother as i was planning to daily it.... Booked in it for an MOT twice.... both times it was cancelled due to covid and restrictions at the time.... Shortly after someone looking for an 820 saloon who had seen the car on youtube offered to buy it with the intention of giving it a fresh mot and paint... I just wanted to see the car back on the road so i sold it receiving more than enough to cover what id spent on it.... If anything it only cost me my time as i worked in all weathers from my drive restoring it I didnt spend that much on parts as i had a loft full of spares at the time.... However the body shop rendered it to far gone with sunroof and chassis rail rot.... They no doubt qouted the new owner a daft sum of money to sort it so i believe he cut his losses and broke it up. Ive lost sleep over it and completely regret selling it i only have myself to blame. I only found out recently and didnt want to post its fate in fear of causing a witch hunt!
  23. I think its had manual choke conversion but the cable hasnt been mounted so il hook it upto the inside of the glovebox
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