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  1. Thats Correct! I offered him what he was asking for even though i know the previous owner and the fact the car hasnt moved since it was purchased the new owner also paid far less than what hes currently listing it for. We arranged transport and payment details before he started talking about purchasing my V8 it was only ever a consideration but i made it very clear i wanted the cavalier he ghosted me soon after.
  2. Motown

    The Wild Rover

    Ten years in the army two of which were spent in the reserves brief spell in the police and prison service i now work for the MOD. My wife and three children make me utterly miserable so i fuck about with old Rovers and do a spot of archaeology as hobby now and then to perk me up abit. Am 6ft 1 with a 36 inch waist mucky blonde hair and blue eyes i like whiskey curvy women and good old fashioned rock and roll..... I hope that quenches your curiosity you nosy basterd 🤣
  3. Motown

    The Wild Rover

    Dont worry with roads like this its likely il hold onto it
  4. Motown

    The Wild Rover

    I have debated with the wife whether i should swap it for a 4x4 with an autobox but i dont know anyone with a 4x4 who wants an SD1 🤣
  5. Motown

    The Wild Rover

    Its hard to say the weather seems to be dictated by the Atlantic take yesterday for example 3 hours of sun followed by 30 minutes of rain and then winds of 70mph for the rest of the day
  6. Motown

    The Wild Rover

    Plenty of underseal and regular maintenance it will be fine they arent nearly as bad as people make out. My previous SD1 was driven daily for almost 3 years and parked in all weathers the only thing that started to rot was the exhaust so it was prompted swapped out for a stainless one.
  7. Motown

    The Wild Rover

    Not exactly ive been wanting to move to the outer hebrides for some time a position with work came up in Uist and they owed me a favour so i jumped on it. Came with some sacrifices though all but one of the cars have gone and the wife is worried il run off with one of the locals but iam not welsh so sheep arent that appealing to me!
  8. Well ive been here for a week now and have settled in well and despite having to sell most of my fleet (7 Rovers) before the move the SD1 made it to North Uist from Sheffield without issue. It was a nine hour drive with two fuel stops and then a five hour ferry ride the car has then got me to work and around the isles for the last week. It just goes to show despite having terrible build quality and being a forty year old Rover with the right maintenance they are perfectly reliable for daily use. Quick snap at Loch Lomond my wife thinks it looks like an 80s press shot and she might be right! The drive isnt quite as big as the one i had in Sheffield accommodating only one car but i dont think i could maintain seven Rovers out here anyway. I am having to wait two weeks for a set of new tyres 🤣 Perhaps i can squeeze a 4x4 with a green oval on there if i am lucky
  9. I dunno i was lulled in to a false sense of security i rang them up and my call was answered by a lovely welsh lady who was helpful and knowledgeable. i thought to myself she sounds fucking beautiful and i do love a welsh accent. I went to pick up my items weeks later and there she was before my eyes she was beautiful polite and had the glow of an angel.... I wanted to take her home with me or at the very least take her for a pint and lunch. Then she handed me the bill i layed my eyes upon it as i did her suddenly i became short of breath and thought she would be better off in a ditch. Robbing Basterds!!!!
  10. Id say its more likely that than the cable i had one fail on my old Astra sport couldnt find an OEM one at the time so gambled an fitted a cheap aftermarket one off ebay didnt have much to lose as it was only £20 and to my surprise it worked perfectly fine
  11. They are still going although they are quite pricey
  12. I was gonna offer him £500 and hope that i got a decent qoute from a mobile welder.
  13. Arranged with the seller to go back but when i did there was no answer. £875 is abit steep but i guess he just wants back what he paid for it a quick google search reveals it was on Ebay few months back. I reckon he bought it had it transported and was put off by the amount of welding needed when it arrived.
  14. Hello there! Ive owned a total of eight 827s three 820s and saved and restored countless others i truely wish you all the best with this and follow with interest... My trusty Mk1 827 Fastback which ive had for a number of years was recently sold to a member of this site. I have owned mostly Mk1s (XX) but as yours is a MK2 (R17) with the Honda lump the following tips should apply and be helpful if you choose to keep the car long term. Wheel arches fuel filler pipes and sills are available from the 800 club (Thats the Rover 800 club not the Rover 800 Owners Club) Fuel filler pipes are a well documented weak spot on both Mk1 and Mk2 road dirt and other shite builds up and gets trapped behind them and they rot out. Often you dont realise until its time to fill up with petrol and it leaks all over the forecourt and dumps rust in your tank killing your pump. Brakes are notoriously hard to bleed due to air getting trapped in the modulator and the somewhat awkward shape of the calipers especially the rears air pockets often develop in the calipers themselves. If the calipers are shot and you struggle to find new ones the rears are identical to MGF calipers and are more widely available than 800 ones. Alot of parts or either very rare and pricey or NLA but there are a few alternatives such as the Honda Legend Rover 600 and previously mentioned MGF i even went as far as to import spares from America. The Mk2 is plagued with fusebox issues be sure to check it then check it again just to be sure the solder breaks down with age and can cause a whole host of issues from flickering lights to a completely dead unresponsive car thankfully the fusebox isnt expensive to get resoldered. Electric windows try and use these as much as possible or they will cease due to lack of use the switch pack/instrument panel in the drivers door may also fail meaning they will be completely inoperable again this is down to the solder/contacts breaking down thankfully they are easily fixable if you can solder. Rover 800 wheel nuts are notoriously SHITE and hard to find new change all of them immediately for somthing more hardy the Ford looking aftermarket ones are good. It will save you a tonne of nightmares when changing wheels/tyres at a later date I speak from exprience as ive lost count how many times ive had to drill them out. Never throw any relays or electricals away if broken again the most basic of parts are NLA and it makes more sense to have them repaired than replaced. I once threw away a blown headlight relay which turned out to be a very rare part it took 5 months of searching and a £200 cheque to a chap in America before i managed to find a replacement. Rear light gaskets break down allowing water or dampness into the boot and rear seats. purchase some 6mm neoprene off ebay and cut to size/shape using the old gaskets as a template this should solve the issue. Dont let any of this put you off the cars are very reliable very comfy and still fairly quick by modern standards. As for the C27A Honda Lump you could riddle it with machine gun fire and drive it through Rufford Ford and it would still work it will easily reach 200k with very little attention. il search my loft to see if i have a brake master cylinder for you if you still need one. Feel free to drop me a message if you need help with anything
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