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  1. Super Duper!!! Nice choice young Sir If you ever struggle for interior trim pieces and electricals the Rover 800 shares a few of the same parts
  2. The new relay was made up using a standard 5 pin relay sadly i dont know what sorcery the chap in America used in order to bypass the issue but i do know he used the MK1C wiring diagram to make the relay so i imagine its not beyond anyone who has electrical knowledge and can read a wiring diagram (i mainly just look at pictures) I wanted to post some detailed pictures of the new relay internals so people could see how it was made but its been sealed and i dont want to risk breaking it . You wont experience this issue unless you own the Mk1c 827 with the slim trip computer and they are rare cars now so this problem need only worrie a small number of people. However i might send the chap an email and ask the specifics of what he did. The wiring was fairly easy as its just colour to colour but labels were put as time faded some of the colour and i didnt want to get mixed up and be back to square one!
  3. Pictures of the original relay and the replacement have been posted on this thread
  4. Added some silicone to the relay contacts and wrapped the wires the best i can. I am also temped to tie wrap a food bag over the top of the relay like a condom but this might be a little to far haha!
  5. ***Final Update*** The homemade relay works and the car is now back to its winning ways ive simply gotta take it for an MOT on Monday as it expired yesterday. Thanks for your interest support and advice guys. Long live Rovers and all who sail in them!
  6. ***Update*** Parts arrived from America yesterday its looks more like a homemade bypass than a re-manufactured relay but either way am hoping it does the job. I wont know if it works until its wired into the car so the sparky is due today to fit it. I would have fitted it myself but i rewired a toaster once and it burnt down a B&B in Whitby as such ive never been offered a complimentary breakfast since. Fingers crossed the car will be back on the road next week its currently clocked up 180k but the Honda V6 (C27A) engines are practically bomb proof so theirs no reason once this is fixed i wont get another 180k out of the car.
  7. I am not exaggerating when i say right now this is literally my fave picture in the world.
  8. As a chap who has rescued and restored countless Mk1 800s and currently owns two 827s. If you lose your patience il happily take it on @ThePollitt
  9. Still very much on my cars to own list! Came close to buying one a few times now but finding a decent automatic within my budget has always proved tricky.
  10. @jamescarruthers Its very difficult to find a picture of one with a fully working screen for comparison as the cars and the units themselves are so rare now but here is what mine looks like... Like i say the display varies with tempature and use i believe the ribbon connector needs resoldering but theirs thousands of the little pins so i dont imagine its an easy job... Situated under the radio
  11. Neither of the two in my 827s have screen bleed although i know this is a common problem as ive had ones in the past with bleeds.... Currently they work perfectly fine and are fully functional other than the screen is fragmented no doubt due to ribbon/flexible connector you mentioned. Strangely it improves with temperature so the warmer the car is the better the display is. I will take some pictures tommorow and post them here I have approached numerous companies in the UK with a view to getting it fixed but not one said they could or would be willing to fix it due to parts availability or lack of knowledge with the unit. The unit itself is crucial to the function of the car ive always put up with it simply because id rather have a functional car and an intermittent screen than the unit being broken or lost and the car being useless.
  12. Yeah the one i have has a trip clock also displays information such as mpg... brake status... fluid levels... lights... what doors are open/locked etc. It still works but the screen is slighty fragmented in places thankfully not over anything important such as brakes and fluid warning levels etc. Its actually German made by Borg in the 80s and 90s I have contacted them before with regards to getting the screen repaired or sourcing replacement parts but they basically told me to gefickt werden which i think means get fucked in german! 🤣
  13. Cheers me to haha! Its a vehicle condition monitor it has a trip clock also displays information such as mpg... brake status... fluid levels... lights... what doors are open/locked etc. Very much like whats on alot of modern vehicles but this one is german and from the 80s abit like Falco... Amadeus Amadeus COME ROCK ME AMADEUS! 🤣 i dont know why but alot of stuff seems to be wired through it or rely on it being plugged in.... ECU the cars lighting and numerous other functions i dont let go of it if i ever remove it for maintenance as the lights and certain aspects of the car dont work without it 🤔
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