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  1. Final Update: Just the respray to sort now but the two local bodyshops dont seem to be in a rush to take my money so the car is pretty much finished
  3. I was interested in this until i saw the price tag
  4. Thanks for the tag... I tried all day to secure this starting in the early hours of this morning it was ten minutes away from me but the seller didnt respond to my messages when he eventually did it was to inform me it had been sold and collected just after dinnertime I then began a search and managed to track the car down as i knew it had been bought by a local and i wanted to prevent it being crushed or dismantled... I discovered it was purchased by a man known to me for less than £500. He is going to list it on ebay for 2k and if it doesnt sell will most likely break it for parts. This is sadly what happens when the cars fall into the wrong hands unfortunately there is nothing i can do now 😢
  5. Ive watched that video so many times and the one were Pond wraps one round a tree
  6. No joy on the forum its looking like il have to wait until the end of the month and pay silly money for a new one
  7. Yup your right there it could have been alot worse. I am abit low and frustrated at the moment but il get over it especially once ive found a new rear bumper
  8. Hey, Settle down okay? I was under the impression it wasn't road legal without a bumper also i dont wanna drive around looking like steptoe and son 😆
  9. The rear bumper is completely smashed and the support bracket has snapped so its hanging off at one end. Its illegal to drive without a bumper is it not? If i found out who did it i would certainly kick there cat haha!
  10. My SD1 was a respray away from completion and as that's booked for the end of the month I've been driving it everyday enjoying it as much as i can. Daily commutes to work.. school runs... trips to the supermarket you name it.... been getting about 26 MPG and although its burnt a hole in my pocket and made the wife's face resemble a bulldog chewing on a wasp I've enjoyed every moment. So imagine my utter heartbreak today to discover someone has clipped the back of it smashing the rear bumper and denting the rear quarter panel. The chap doing the respray thinks he can sort the dent but finding a rear bumper is proving problematic on a budget to get the car finished. Does anyone know were i can acquire a series 2 rear bumper without paying the £200 Rimmers and Ebay are asking for. Rimmers have new rear bumpers but they are £195 plus £37 for the chrome trim both of which are on back order anyway according to there website.... Ebay isnt much better with only one bumper being listed at £150 unfortunately i dont have that kind of money till the end of the month as i have other plans for other cars and dont really want to take the car off the road after all the hard work I've done on it over these past few months. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers 😔
  11. Manual sadly but thanks for the tag 👍
  12. SKYNET!!! Dum dum dum, dum dum. Dum dum dum, dum dum...
  13. Motown

    E10 Fuel

    No but now i want to find it and watch it.
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