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  1. That’s exactly what I said when it started to fall from the sky. It’s been two days now the kids have had there fun I just want it to melt so I can crack on with the restoration
  2. We are already aware of each other mainly due to his incredibly good taste and gentleman like manner. Infact he's the only chap i know that has a collection to rival my own @Lord Sterlingis a gentleman and a scholar sir!
  3. Yes very lucky i got it done when i did. Maybe it was fate who knows πŸ˜†
  4. Are you sure its not just indigestion? πŸ˜† I don't have the best of the facilities but i make good use of what i do have and it hasn't held me back yet. I have a driveway that has space for about four cars a loft full of Rover parts (various models) and an old ammo box with a selection of tools in it. Last year i rescued and restored seven Rovers five of which were Rover 800s all from my driveway. Admittedly the Gresley car has been the biggest challenge yet but i determined to get it back on the road πŸ‘
  5. ***Update*** I won’t be getting any work done today πŸ˜†
  6. All Rover pumps from that era seem to be pretty much the same it’s only the actual pump that changes between engine sizes. So for example a pump in a V6 will have a different output to that of 2 litre but other than that they do all seem to look very similar to eachother
  7. ***Update*** I woke up quite early this morning with the intention of doing various job on the Gresley car (such as electricals) and fitting a new door handle on my Vitesse which snapped recently. However i wasn't outside long before it started raining so here's what i managed to get done. The car will need a paint job at some point but it hit me today that if i get the door trims and wing mirror on the exterior of the car is just about complete. video-1610538413.mp4 I always find it amazing how such a little job can make such a big difference to a car video-161
  8. Thank you! Its looking even better now made some real progress with it lately. What's wrong with South Yorkshire? Even Peter Sutcliffe loved the place πŸ˜†
  9. In the future when its convenient and the lockdown lifts i might bring the car to you once it has MOT for abit of welding (rear arch) which il pay you for as we discussed. il also provide paint for the wheel arch i was very impressed with the last job you did so if you still want to help that would be great. I think the car looks so much better on steelies than alloys πŸ‘
  10. ***Update*** The car is coming together nicely and as you can see from the video below its now sealed and secure video-1610465899.mp4 I spent the majority of yesterday morning removing broken glass from the bulkhead then in the afternoon i sanded back the scuttle panel and closing plate coating them in red oxide and black paint. Once the paint had dried i decided to tackle the windscreen trimmings video-1610467594.mp4 I then started to fit the scuttle and closing plate to the car watching this video back i could have done a better job at treating and pa
  11. Some updates coming over the next few days as I've made more progress on the car however for now a quick appeal regarding electrics. Is anyone on the site good with wiring willing to come and give me a hand? (all rules on social distancing etc will be adhered to) I simply need to connect/crimp a few wires together in each of the doors but i am struggling on my own mainly down to poor dexterity in my hands and the fact I've been busy with other things on the car. I would very much like to get the wires connected up so i can see if i have assembled everything correctly within eac
  12. Oil has been changed flushed and changed twice for good measure. Belts will be done when its in for MOT πŸ‘
  13. Yeah thanks for the suggestion πŸ‘
  14. Thank you! Agreed il save the other pump for future use i dont like to throw anything away as so many parts are NLA now. Its not far off an MOT now hoping to get the rest of the glass and interior sorted this weekend!
  15. **Update** Work will continue on the car this weekend so should have more updates here soon Part 3 is now on YouTube however this was filmed before the lockdown and if you have been following this thread you will know the car has come on along way since then still a good watch though. More to come soon. All the best
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