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  1. That would be brilliant if you could put me in touch if he's got some bits. Would be amazing to try and see what ones Mr Murray had and if they were still around. Glad someone else noticed the plate in the auction, I'd requested it specifically around 6 months ago and I was absolutely dead set on having it. Also a slight update on the thread, the most recently acquired espace is back on the road and in the hands of a shiter. A chap called Tom. I don't know his username though! So I'm down to 6 now. Due to alarmingly low numbers in stock I have another arriving this week. And leads on another 5, hopefully this year I'll hit double figures and have a well deserved trip to the loony bin.
  2. I believe this may be one of the leads I already have! Someone else has it now I think. Keep me informed if you hear anything though.
  3. Been a while! The funny red and silver car has passed an MOT with minimal fuss and is due to be rehomed very soon. I have two more on the hit list that I am organising to view, which no joke are almost 800 miles apart. That'll be a very busy day for my maroon espace running me about. In the meantime, number plate acquired. What a pillock. Deciding which car to put it on but if my 800 mile day proves fruitful then this one might have to wait a while...
  4. Not yet on the car, but since I now have 7 MK1 espaces in my possession I figured I should accept my inevitable demise into lunacy and speed up the process somewhat with a surprisingly expensive number plate. Couldn't think of anything closer. What a wanker.
  5. It's not gone well. I've landed myself with number 8 mk1 espace now. Needs a head gasket but at 750k she's done well. Lhd French import carb model, 6 inches of service history with her. I'm going to get this one back on the road for sure.
  6. Still on the hunt for a quadra. Becoming desperate. As a means of coping, I've bought another. I'm now up to 6. I also bought a multipla for a bit of variety, but that's not for this thread. This espace has some strange things about it. The chap I got it from had a heart attack and never finished it. Bought it from a market trader in 2017. It appears it may have been a taxi or maybe airport transport? Or a runway vehicle? It's very odd. The paint job is peculiar. It has one cream seat belt, others are all grey. It has lots of screw holes in the dash. It has some sort of aerial hole in the front window. It's also got some giant pre-cut carpet lining cover thing which seems to have been there since brand new. The carpet still has plastic on it mostly. So bizarre! Enjoy some dark photos when it arrived at 2.45am Tuesday morning (Monday night) Still hungry for more...
  7. Just bought this 😂 Will be added to my thread of espaces.
  8. Blimey that's a while ago! That was indeed his local shop. Amazing find!
  9. Haha, where and when did you take that picture? I have had it for a while now, previous owner had it for around 9 years and lived near Brighton.
  10. It wasn't me, it was the previous owner. I sold it to him a few months ago, he took it out for some photos at the weekend as a final goodbye, dropped it off to me on Monday! Funnily enough he's also called Robin... They did indeed. The quadra system was good but unsure how strong it is. The viscous coupling in the middle is the achilles heel unfortunately. They cost about £1500 to have re-made, as the parts aren't available at all This weekend I fettled a lot: FIXED THE HEADLIGHT WASHERS OH GOD YES (video below) Fitted a head unit that works Changed cambelt and tensioner Changed power steering belt - Renault in their infinite wisdom decided to put it BEHIND the cambelt on a separate pulley. Incroyable. Changed alternator belt Changed dizzy cap and rotor arm Changed drivers brake caliper and carrier Skinned 3 knuckles changing the crank position sensor Changed air temp sensor Changed air filter, oil, oil filter Adjusted ticking valves Not all of it was necessary, mostly preventative I think it might need a clutch before next summer but that's a problem for another time. The blower motor is also seized and I'll need that for winter. But unfortunately to get at that I have to dismantle the entire dash and fascia, drop the steering column, then hope I have one's of 3 types of blower that were seemingly fitted at random throughout different years. Pray for me. VID_20220811_234926(0).mp4
  11. They did sell quite well but less so over here, I have been thinking of finding one in Eastern Europe as a last resort
  12. More spam for you. This is a really nice car this one, the one I bought back. Its not the red one in the barn seen below. That's another one, I'm currently fitting a Rover KV6 onto the original gearbox somehow, I'm in too deep to go back so it's happening now.
  13. Here's some bonus maroon espace p0rn
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