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  1. Hi All! I've been playing about with my car, sorting a few wee bits and bobs out- to keep it looking good and hopefully pass another MOT. All the inner arches were thoroughly cleaned out, with the million tar deposits and iron fallouts removed. The rear drum brakes were wire brushed down and sprayed silver with high temperature resistant paint. The rear inner wheel arches were then coated thick with Hammerite Waxoyl to protect them from future rust, and a rusty bubble on the offside rear arch was sanded down and badly painted over Painted the front callipers the same colour as the rear drums, fitted Brembo pads on the front, tightened the alternator belt to stop it squealing, cleaned, polished and Ceramic Coated all wheels. After putting the car back together and lowering him back down, a quick test run round the village confirms that I am a genius! Drives like an absolute dream. It's great to get under your car and learn more about it- what has everyone else been doing to keep their cars healthy? Enjoy all of the before, during and after pics
  2. The previous 2 owners have been good enough to keep all the invoices for everything in a folder, I've filled the online order invoice and hand signed and dated it - I know it's not a stamp in the book but I don't plan on selling the car. Also made a spreadsheet and smartphone reminders for everything for my own keeping
  3. I borrowed a friend's ramps last year, but he's sold them since- also had to rev the tits and burn the clutch to get the 67bhp Toyota up them 🤣 Whilst I was under, I did do a good check of the tyres, brakes, rust, suspensiony bits . Ah I get what you mean- lift the front of the car up- then place ramps underneath
  4. DIY Annual Service- just £42. Oil and filter change, air filter change and spark plug changed on the Aygo after 7,261 miles and 350 days since my last DIY service.Currently on 48,626 miles.The air filter hadn't been changed since September 2012 and that was 31.5k miles ago! Wow it was really disgusting.The mighty 1 litre Toyota is running like brand new ready for another year of motoring! Never going near a dealer again! So much cheaper, you get to learn about your car and you know exactly what has been done.
  5. Puddle of oil? I had just washed it in the photo and me, and reversed back in the drive
  6. I'm glad someone has compared it to an original Mini, I often say that myself! Hopefully it'll be worth something one day, because I'm keeping it forever
  7. Group 1 or 2 I believe- for an 18 year old with a year's experience , PassPlus , Dad as a named driver with not a single claim, living in the suburbs with a driveway it's £550 a year. I know people couple years old still paying upwards of a grand for a Fiesta , Corsa or Polo (2008ish upwards) After a quick Google, I have decieded that "Woolarding's is a bad idea- I'm and 5ft4 and don't want to scratch the car, and the 1 litre plastic engine is nothing special to look at 🤣
  8. Hi all! Thanks to Twin-Cam who introduced me to this forum- he's a great Youtuber Here's my first and only car so far, he's a 2008 (my own reg) Toyota Aygo+ 1.0 VVTi 5dr- and I absolutely love it! Group 1 or 2 insurance, £20 tax and 50mpg. What I love about the Aygo is that you can drive it flat out everywhere and still not break the speed limit whilst having a massive grin on your face- listen to the 3 cylinder engine sing away with the dual Overhead Camshafts and Variable Valve Timing - clever stuff. In fact, the 1 litre Toyota engine was the lightest car production engine when launched in 2005.You can seat 4 people and their rucksack with comfort, or use it as a van to empty your shed, or run a mobile car valeting business- the possibilities are endless!It'll sit fine at 70mph on the dual carriageway, and the heater is good.Yeah, the interior plastics are bit rattly and the inside door handle falls off sometimes, but I couldn't think of a cheaper car to run and have a laugh with. Thanks!
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