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  1. My first experience of doing drums was following a haynes book of destructions which recommended using a string tied in a loop and using that to pull the spring with your hand which would start to quickly feel like cheesewire. Worse then car drum brakes was fixing a handbrake on an old International 855 tractor. It has a wet band brake inside the gearbox… So to do it properly means splitting the tractor in 2 halves, supporting the cab, rolling out the gearbox and rebuilding the gearbox. My shortcut* was to take the hydraulic pump assembly out the side of the gearbox to gain access inside without taking the whole tractor apart. There was just enough space to stick in a mirror, remove mirror, go in with hand wishing I had more joints in my fingers to reach round behind the layshaft and cut the pin in the band and work the band out. Then install the new band and reach the mig welder round to spot weld the pin in place. The worst part is that the handbrake could barely hold the tractor when they were new, so hardly worth repairing in the first place.
  2. Ah yes I used them for the first time last week for another customer. Part was in stock, infact they showed having 40 of them. Order confirmed, and then dispatched exactly 7 days later (yesterday)… so still waiting for it to be delivered.
  3. You are right in that he needs help, but I think in more ways then just running a business, since he cant even work a ruler when I ask him to measure the diameter of a hole, so that I dont have to drive half an hour there and half an hour back to determine which version of a part fits his strimmer. Since Im only a mobile mechanic and not a dealer, I had pointed out where and what to buy. But he has neither got the money (living in a sink estate) nor even heard of such lofty brands as john deere or husqvarna…
  4. Shouldnt really talk about my customers but… this one deserves a mention. I have visited him twice to service and repair his mower which he had bought second hand and it is of a cheap B&Q own brand variety. Not so bad if its just used every other weekend, but no, he uses it everyday to earn a living. He then asks me to repair his 4 month old strimmer of same brand and origin. I then point out that the parts he needs are only available through a warranty claim which I as an independant mechanic am not allowed to do (rant within rant). So anyway, next appointment is arranged to repair something else on his mower, parts are ordered and visit arranged in one weeks time. Then in the meantime I start getting phonecalls from him 2 to 3 times a day every day including late evenings and weekends. His strimmer is broken again but still usable and he has found a second hand obscure chinese branded one locally to buy, should he buy it he asks? No I tell him because the brand has disappeared and parts are an arse to find, so lets just fix the other one when I come for the mower. .. OK… Next day… the strimmer is cutting out… wait until tuesday when our appointment is I tell him… 2 hours later… it doesnt start anymore, seems to be siezed… right make a warranty claim… 1 hour later… B&Q wont accept it anymore so he just went and bought the one I told him not to… next day…can I come and fix the new one… yes on tuesday… ok… monday evening 7pm… A customer just booked him to cut grass tomorrow morning can I reschedule the appointment… Sorry fully booked until my holidays and I dont come back until mid august… „ok I‘ll wait until then“…
  5. yohan

    LED bothering

    I recently bought those driving glasses that make every car look like they have those old french yellow headlights. Why? Because my eyes physically hurt from the intensity of modern lights and Im only 33 years old.
  6. Had a similar incident when I borrowed my brothers old merc and the throttle pedal stuck whilst driving through Aberdeen shity centre. Redlining and coming sideways out of a junction wasnt planned...
  7. Replacing the porous fuel tank and noticing that the rear suspension arm next to it had daylight shining through it... When I started taking it off to replace it, half of it fell off as I undid the first of the 2 bolts holding the rear axle to it. I had bought the car a week earlier and driven alot with it before noticing these minor details...
  8. I have had hydraulic brakes empty themselves twice in my life, both times I was going downhill... But luckily both times were empty country roads within a mile from home so it wasnt as scary as it could have been. I would say looking up between short bursts of welding and seeing the entire bulkhead of a landrover engulfed in flames was my biggest crap in the pants moment.
  9. Yesterday my business insurer phoned to remind me about my upcoming renewal. I explained I was changing the way I worked and would be doing more work on site and less at my workshop. I was told that was fine and then the proposal came through with a special endorsement saying I wouldnt be covered for working away from my premises, well thats a bit pointless then! Then today I ran out of welding gas, rang up my local welding equipment supplier who said they stopped selling gas because of their insurance. tremendous, a 2 hour round trip this afternoon to return my empty bottle to the next nearest SGS agent and look for a new supplier. I should better check if my car insurance actually covers me for driving my car on a road...
  10. I'm up for having one too now that father jack passed his MOT and will live on a bit longer!
  11. I had a nice one where someone sent a message and offered a 3rd of the asking price. I told him that I can get the same amount he offered from a scrap yard, to which he replied asking which scrap yard he could expect to see my car in. At that point I simply laughed and told him his comeback was excellent which made him happy as well. He didnt buy the car but at least it was one of the very few conversations that didnt end in frustration.
  12. Ordered a new sump for my ignis over a week ago from poland since it was £70 with postage as opposed to £140 for a new one in the uk or £90 for a rusty second hand one. It has now sat for a week in a UPS warehouse in poland „due to a brexit related disruption“ despite having cleared customs at the beginning of the week... wouldnt have been so bad if the MOT wasnt booked for tomorrow...
  13. They need a grey miserable soviet city to film their latest movie in. Yep Aberdeen will do. Some fantastic cars are driving around the town just now. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/tetris-aberdeen-filming/
  14. Not been on here for a while but I thought I would share the annoying new scottish low emissions zone scheme. So next year, 4 of the scottish cities will have a low emissions zone. This includes Aberdeen which I visit at least once a week which often feels like once a week too many but anyway... There is a grant available from the government for those within a certain radius of the zone, which gives you £2000 to scrap your non compliant car and buy one thats compliant. So since the deadline for applying for the grant is the end of next month... I made an enquiry. To be eligible, Are you within 20 kilometres of the city centre? yes but only just. Are you on benefits? yes since I have children and a low income. Does your car fail to meet the minimum euro emissions rating? Yes its only euro 3. Have you owned the vehicle for more then 12 months? Oh for goodness sake! They then offered an alternative option which is an interest free loan for buying a new or used electric car... but it has to be from a dealer... OK fair enough all this stops potential fraud abuse, but I cant afford a car that will let me into Aberdeen (what a terrible shame...) and I cant make my partner go instead because her 6 year old Dacia wont be allowed in either.
  15. I remember reading a haynes manual for a motorbike where I needed to fix the electrics. The chapter on electrical systems started by saying „you probably wont have a multimeter so you should take it to a specialist workshop.“ REALLY!!! in a REPAIR manual!!
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