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  1. The best car i have driven was a puma 1.7 vct Honestly it had a feel that no other car had All the controls pedal perfectly balanced. The steering you could feel everything that was going on. Not harshly damped and loads of grip with minimal body roll. And a snick snick gearchange with an engine that reved with ease. In the mid to late 90s no one could hold a candle to any ford on a b road blast. Again its the typical ford rot thats kilked almost every single one of them.
  2. My two cents on the focus mk4 golf debate as an owner and mechanic. I had a 3 door 1.6 zetec focus that was around 6 years old many moons ago. That was a wonderfull car and never ever put a foot wrong in the 6 years i owned it. I brought it with 70k on the clock and sold it with 140k on it. All it required was servicing and tyres. Every year all the arch liners came out and was jet washed and waxed every summer. Hence no rot on it at all. It was great fun to throw around and the gearshift was a delight. The 1.6 zetec se engine was slow as hell though.. My current golf is a 1.9 gttdi 11
  3. So ive managed to get the guy to agree on £300 and he keeps the focus. So i guess this will now turn into a thread about this now? Suprise suprise the focus will be ending its days round the ring.... Its left a bitter taste in my mouth
  4. Ive done that welding before. I can see it from his point of view but it still owes me £350. Im trying to not be a nob about it. The trade is hard enough as it is. If he gives me £300 ill wash my hands with it. And spend the money on the golf.
  5. The golf would of been sold or scraped. Its abit tappy but still pulls like a train and does 50mpg every where.
  6. If you have a look at this picture the headlineing almost caught fire. Scary close to being a real disaster
  7. So far its to have the welding for free or he gives me scrap value. As it stands she owes me £350
  8. Within 30cm of seat belt mounting point. Not worth my license and thats why testers lose there jobs. Theres only one way to repair that and thats a countinous seam weld.
  9. I stripped all the rear interior out before i sent it off to be welded. Ive got all the other mot fail parts to fix her. Tomorrow is the decideing day. Im abit miffed but thats sods law..
  10. So this got sent for welding today and this happened. Thats that then!
  11. Yeah its got discs on the rear. Im not pissing around with the brakes its having discs and pads all round and new handbrake cables , osr caliper. I maintain my cars to a very high standard.
  12. The golf on isle of weight camping last year
  13. Honestly ill take a picture of them both when shes done!
  14. Massively so. A mk4 is so small in that department.
  15. Its very rusty and that maybe its undoing. Going to the welders this tuesday. Great cars but boy the know how to rot!!
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