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  1. PS - I had this back from the Federation of historic and veteran vehicles. Executive summary: if its modern shite, they're not interested and won't help (but you knew that already ;))
  2. Coolant leak could be many things - but the bad bit is that the coolant tank is empty and has likely been driven like this for a period of time. This can quickly = scrap head - but fingers crossed this isn't the case.
  3. Yes. Any 4-cylinder K-series from 2001 is ULEZ compliant. If TfL ever gets antsy and demands Eu4, then the Chinese built TF was Eu4 compliant and the hardware is essentially the same. Just need to re-flash the EU with the later calibration. Of course the problem could prove to be getting the DVLA to accept the changes? Sit Rep on the current ULEZ situation: Been discussing things with Charlie at CCW - he's going to run some more articles on the ULEZ situation that could lead to some clarification on how to move things forward in terms of retrospective exemption. (That may not be for the better to be honest - this is officialdom we're talking about here, but who knows?) I've finally had a reply from the federation of vintage and historic vehicles. They're not really interested in modern classics that are less than 30 years old, but at least they did give a detailed response - albeit one that tells me what I knew already... I'll let them know when I make progress (in one direction or other!) I've still not heard from the private IVA testing centre. This may be an "email thing" - when I get a chance I'll pick up the phone in office hours and corner them that way. However, there is a chance they don't have NOx analysis equipment. This is available, but I guess not cheap - but since they certify import vehicles under IVA rules, I would have thought that they would have the kit necessary? Basically, I am still chipping away. As things stand, I've nothing to lose and everything to gain *if* retrospective exemption can be extended to cars as well as motorcycles. [PS is it me, or does anyone else thing that there is someone in TfL who is a classic motorcycle nut and as engineered a loop hole for two-wheeled motor vehicles? Question is, how rigid is this hole and can it be enlarged to include cars?]
  4. The early ones with the chrome bumpers are definitely prettier - and offer even more astonishing colours from the decade of real colour: the 1970s!
  5. KGB standard issue? I thought that Bond's DB5 had a choice of 4 different plates?
  6. My MGF is EU2, so no post-cat Lambda sensor - but the function of that sensor is to confirm that the catalyst is working correctly and has no bearing on the emissions the vehicle emits (that's the function of the pre-catalyst sensor). The K16 engine was actually homologated in both EU3 and EU4 form (the latter work undertaken by Riccardo, paid for by the Chinese) - there's next to no hardware difference between the two. For my EU2 engine, I have absolutely no idea what its NOx emissions are like. My hunch is that there is little material difference between the early and later catalyst - the principle difference being the later one has a boss for the post-cat Lambda. Interestingly, on the earlier car's ECU, fuel and timing advance trim can be set through software, which is why I am speculating whether the engine could be made to duck under the 0.08g/km NOx threshold? The engine was designed to learn burn and run without a catalyst (before the German manufacturers lobbied for compulsory cat fitment). NOx goes up with a lean burn, down when you enrich. Might be worth a punt to see whether the standard or slightly altered fuel/ignition could get it through. Otherwise, I'd be happy to convert over to the later ECU (and different fuel injectors etc.) - not a too difficult task if you take the necessary parts from a later, scrapped car
  7. Wow... not sure I'd have bought one new in 1982, but in 2019 that starts to look interesting! Full of tango-goodness
  8. Awesome, that'd be handy! Thanks @angle, that would be really helpful. Thanks for all the suggestions chaps. You'll not be surprised if I hadn't already thought of a few of them I've looked into hiring a lock up on the other side of the north circular (I'm not that far from this road, which makes the charge feel particularly punitive), and I have a hunch that there may be gaps in camera coverage, but I don't know until they're installed. Heck, I've even thought about rotating number plates! A little sit rep. I've had a few conversations and some great ideas. Unfortunately Riverbank Motorcycles were not able to provide me with contacts with TfL with whom they collaborate with to get the TfL database updated for retrograde compliance on older 'bikes. Slightly disappointing, but I can understand the various reasons why they can't do that, but at least they took the trouble of responding to me! Where I am now is waiting for a response from one of the privately owned IVA test centres - this could be a potentially nice little earner for them. My feeling is that we shouldn't be trying to change the V5 details, as I get the impression that the DVLA will not be interested in retrospectively altering homologation details of older cars - but since the London ULEZ (and other proposed ULEZ) are not directly controlled by the DVLA and are only using a 0.08g/km NOx threshold, this could meet the green credentials required (and not require more carbon in the manufacture of a new car in Asia).
  9. I've dropped you a PM about the ZTT Dan As I have two MGFs, and one goes racing, spewing CO2s and HCs into the hedgerows, I will be paying the ULEZ charge when I drive that as strangling it with emissions tune won't be making it any faster. For my other MGF, if I can find someone who can do the same as Riverbank Motorcycles (who definitely are not VCA) and can do the test on smelly 35 year old two-strokes for £175. then that's my preference: that's little over 10 days' usage. But it may cost more for cars. Let's see. I've contacted a privately run IVA approved test centre to see whether I can get them to bite
  10. I contacted Riverbank Motorcycles to see who their contact was at TfL. Unfortunately, for confidentiality reasons, they could not give me this information. Understandable, if a little frustrating. I'll try and contact one of the local IVA test stations to see whether they would be able to undertake NOx emissions testing on road cars. And then work out who'd they'd need to liaise with at TfL to get retrospective exemption...
  11. I have had a really useful conversation with Charlie Calderwood. There is no proven route for retrospective approval, and all TfL are prepared to accept that it is "possible". Charlie had the good suggestion of using an IVA test centre for measuring the emissions - that might be a good way forward as there does not appear to be an alternative option available for us with cars. But at the moment, I don't know who at TfL would be responsible for taking this "proof" and getting the APNR database updated with your now "clean" car's details? I may need to give Riverbank Motorcycles a call to understand the process for bikes, as one might imagine the process ought to be similar for cars... Will keep you all updated!
  12. Thanks - that's exactly what I thought would be the case, thanks for posting this Ian! Unfortunately, what the article does not indicate is HOW to prove to TfL that your car is compliant. I reckon my old MGF will be compliant with its EU2 engine - particularly as the ECU enables tweaks of ignition and fuelling to get the NOx levels "just so". I know Dave Andrews - I'll drop him a mail, and I'll see if I can get hold of Charlie Calderwood to see whether he is aware of the process of retrograde exemption [PS - could move out of London: you don't know how many people have suggested this! Kids would kill me however LOL And I already have a Mk3 Triumph Spitfire and a really nice and toxic 1929 M-type - so that'll be fun! Want to keep the shite old MGF though - I bought it new in 1996 and it has too many happy memories associated with it :D]
  13. To get approval, I think the approach will either be: Get the exhaust emissions tested by a TfL approved testing location. The protocols and the emission limits are different between cars and motorcycles, so unfortunately it would seem that Riverbank Motorcycles is not going to be the route that will work. Work out a way with the DVLA to get the car certified by retro-fitting a later car's ECU and emissions equipment I have a sneaking impression that Euro2 K-series may have a low NOx rating out of the box, but proving this may be prohibitively expensive Is there another approach anyone has used?
  14. A little update, I contacted CVRAS via TfL. You'll see my original email below Colin's response below. He was trying to be helpful, but I wasn't asking about Euro4 conversions, as K-series (and I gather some Ford engines etc) are compliant with ULEZ based on their already-low NOx levels (<0.08%).
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