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  1. He's gone all bloody Michael Palin too. Bristol bound are ye? Don't you know there's a pandemic on?!
  2. They always have X% off them, although today seemed to be as good a day as any to buy. Pity I didn't do this last week, they'd probably turn up next week in time for a week off I have coming up. With the brake lines, I've got some cunifer pipe in the garage so I could make them up myself. If I'm that bothered!
  3. All of the top brass at the Beeb drive Audi's don't you know.
  4. He'd approve anything to become president. This guy, however, approves. I approve hard.
  5. So after spending the weekend stewing over this, I've got the nearly maxed out credit card and spunked £154 on brake pads, discs, caliper repair kits and a catalytic converter. Based on the STARKK braking components I got given for my Corolla, the RIDEX things that Autodoc are selling for cheap will do. The next day delivery cost of the catalytic converter made me chuckle though. Nah, you're alright mate. I'll wait for 48 hours. I bought a lambda sensor just in case, as it might not come out of the hole it's been so fond of for God knows how many years. Going to take the co
  6. Addendum: Celtic got beat by Sevco. Fucking. WONDERFUL. day.
  7. I am having a wonderful day today. I've snapped off 5 of the 7 bolt/screw that hold the underneath splash guard thing in place, and the replacement ones I bought are too damn small. Plus I'll need to drill out the remnants of the screws to put the new ones in. So while I waited for the 5 litres of old, disgusting, smelly gearbox oil, I laid there and looked at what's under it. Remember that rattle? Well I thought it was the heat shield as it was falling off! Took the loose bits off, strapped a jubilee clip around it. Turned the engine on and.... No. It's deffo the cat.
  8. Soaked in hand sanitiser?
  9. Yeah, I've seen them. But I'd have to factor in someone changing it because I've done the whole exhaust on the driveway thing and I hated it. Plus the bolts look crusty AF.
  10. More fool them, what did they expect to have happen? A car fixed up for Top Gear to come back unscathed?
  11. Gratuitous use of lubrication of nuts and manipulation with long poles, all by one cocky gent in a bad mood.
  12. I got round to condensing the rear differential oil seal replacement in to as short of a video as I could get: Could be applied to any vehicle that doesn't use an english axle I think, but it's there for people to keep these RAV4's on the road. In other news, as you'll see in the video I mention there's a rattle from the exhaust. The rattle is coming from the catalytic converter, and unfortunately it isn't a heat shield. It's rattling inside the cat. I'm tempted to decat it, but then we have the issues with emissions which it already failed on (probably because the cat was
  13. Quick question: did you get the answer for the Lada Riva thing on Facefeck?
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