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  1. And some NOS. Down lighters. Imagine this on Need For Speed Underground, with tribal stickers on it.
  2. This is just crying out for a Rover K-Series engine in it. Sod it. Go for a Rover KV6 instead. No no no no, ROVER V8!!!! Make it the car it should've been!!!!
  3. Ah I haven't been to Newcastle in years. It's like Kryptonite to me. Well, the women are. The men less so.
  4. Ok so this moved on a bit over the weekend, and I apologise for not coming here to check all of this information first! So I remembered I had the ISO adapter in the Corolla, like I sad, and thought why not splice and cut this to shreds instead of the harness for the stereo. So that's what I did last night, and got it all wired up. I found a document on pin outs, like what you sent @Rod/b so thank you for that. The colours on the adapter harness more or less matched up to what was cut up in there and the document. I also noticed a plug that wasn't connected up, but had four wires cut off it. So I plugged that in, soldered the wires together for the rest, meaning now you can plug 'n' play whatever head unit in to the car going forward. I take that as a win. But... the rear speakers still aren't coming in to life. I don't have the photos on me at the moment, but as I was peeling these things off I noticed that there was a spade connector spliced in to the rear wires. Genuinely felt that in a past life that this may have had a beefier sound set up, like a boom box or something, so they either disabled the rear speakers completely or just removed them (then didn't bother putting them back when they moved the car on). But I know the rear speaker wires are going straight in to the dashboard and wrapped in factory tape, so it wouldn't be cut off further back than that. So I think now it's a case of the speakers being disconnected most likely. Thing is I have "better" Pioneer speakers which I was going to use on the Corolla, and then the Lada, but actually they're probably better on the RAV4 so the rear trim will be coming off regardless to fit the speakers. But I'm happier now that I don't have to listen to f**king Greatest Hits Radio whenever I'm driving now. Hateful station. Oh and the head unit was Panasonic!
  5. Mine ended up worse. Rear driver's window is now slightly flapping in the wind, and the other window is held on by good luck and fresh air. Just add it to the list of jobs to give other people the hassle of doing this.
  6. Actually I take back what I said. Just checked the rear windows and they haven't stuck either. Literally the glass to the window rubber is what's holding them there. You get what you pay for with £10 window film from eBay. I'll get it done properly next month. For now the windows will stay closed and Mr.Insurance will be happy!
  7. The speakers behind my head don't seem to work. But I don't know if it was the balance on the head unit set to turn them off. But I played with it and can't seem to find a fader. So I'm assuming the rear speakers aren't wired up. I'm thinking that I might be as well to hack up the wiring harness I have for my Corolla instead of attacking the harness for the head unit. As it still has the separate block not wired up, and with a document I found earlier the pin out it gives references rear speakers on that unused block. So that's what makes me think the rears aren't wired up. I'll look at it Sunday. The head unit in the photo is - amazingly - Panasonic. Who I didn't know did anything with MiniDiscs, I always thought it was just Sony and Sharp that made players. As for the window tint, the rear two windows seem to have taken well and look good. The rear window though just fell off, which isn't good. So I might see about getting the rear done by a professional, as I quite like the shade of tint I bought on it.
  8. So I threw the window tint on the car yesterday. The rear two windows look OK. The rear looked OK, until I went to it this morning. But sod it. Two windows tinted satisfies the insurance. I'll take it to a proper place later to get the rear done properly. Anyway, I had time yesterday and my DAB head unit. So I set about changing that over, and I'm presented with this: Now, being what you would call a "millennial" (other bullshit terms are available), I've never been presented with this. I buy the ISO harness and jobs done in a few minutes. How do I even begin to splice my head unit to this? Can anyone give me a hand?
  9. The best thing was the lady on the phone encouraging me to do it! The first drive was that 3 hour trip back from Joe's to mine, mostly on the motorway. I've got enough padding on my arse to make it comfortable. I think with 4x4's matching treads matter, which this one doesn't have. I think if it had the same tyres all round it'd ride better. But I'm used to long distance driving on my Corolla, and the seats are similar. So I'm biased.
  10. She's said she sees herself driving it, and because she knows I put her on the insurance I'm not sure how I can stop her. This has definitely not worked out as planned! I got to say yesterday when I drove to my mom's, it reminded me of the CR-V and Subaru Legacy I had (both 4x4's) and how much better they drove than the 2WD I ususally drive. And the great thing is the height of the vehicle so I can check underneath a lot easier than the other cars! There is some rust but nothing major, I may sort it out before the winter. The chinese air filter has turned up, so this weekend will be lots of fun making this suitable for the insurance. Still insane that mods brought the price down!
  11. Where did it fail? Near creases on the underside or on flat panels? I'll get to a point where I have to reinstate the underseal/rubber chip thingymabob on my Lada, so was interested in the Raptor stuff. But if it doesn't last then I plan on throwing two coats of the Isopon rubberised paint underneath it instead.
  12. First official job on Jack, well two jobs, was the chip in the windscreen and the busted lightbulb. The DIY windscreen kit is a bit naff. But then again, I can't actually remember what it looked like before. Followed the destructions to the tee, and it doesn't fill me with confidence. I think Halfrauds do it for £30, but then again I think they'd only be using the same DIY kit so might save the pennies up and see if Gavin at Autoglass will do it (or equivalent). The light bulb, oh my GOD the brake light bulb! Such an easy job to sort out, three screws and the cluster is out. Only car I've known to be that easy to do is my Peugeot 107. The window tint came today, so I'm going to attack that this afternoon, try my hand at that this evening. Either that or actually swap over the door lock because I've been caught out by not having the proper key with me twice already! Also found two 5 1/4" and two 4" speakers I bought for my Corolla in the garage, so I think they'll be going on shortly too. The only problem I'm having with this car though is that it's too damn good, better than what I thought it would be. And better than my Corolla. So the Corolla may end up moving on regardless of me breaking the Rover. Took some photos of it yesterday so I'll upload them later this week, when I get round to developing the roll of film I used for it!
  13. I think actually that's their legal obligation. They don't have to contact every purchaser about the product. Like @Jikovron said, these are lethal. So it shows how much they're actually that bothered by it. Best thing to do would be, if you have one obviously, to attach it to a spring and bring it in as such. "I was half way through using them when I saw they could kill me, so I thought it would be best if you dealt with it".
  14. It's been a month, and I've still done feck all with the Lada. I've a new welder, sat in the garage in the box, I just haven't had chance to do anything. But I finished the video documentary on the removal of the dashboard from the Lada. It really, really annoys me that there used to be a resource freely available on the internet where you could find information about the Lada in english. Now that's under lock and key meaning you're left to either your own devices or asking on Facebook. Doesn't seem fair or right really, so hopefully these videos help people who are considering buying a Lada or just want to see some poor clown with more enthusiasm than brain tackle one of these things.
  15. I didn't test it without the wife, as she's on it as an insurance. Years ago I played rugby and broke three fingers, and drove myself 20 miles to hospital. I lived in Brum and played in Coventry, so drove to Solihull hospital. Called my sister to come and get me and she drove the car back, then later found out her policy didn't cover her driving other cars. So ever since I've reasoned the wife can rescue me in such an event, whether she likes it or not. The journey up there was fine, hardly any traffic to be honest. It's only on the way back things got a bit hairy. Met no traffic on the way to Joe's on the single track roads, but as we left about 1pm we met the tourists so that was good fun. On the way back the motorway was full of gobshites who weren't there in the morning. Too early for them! I've not got any CD players, the one in my Corolla is a DAB unit with bluetooth as people (well, the wife) tend to call me when driving. It's good for me though as podcasts and spotify are on my phone so I don't miss the CD's. Thanks for the offer though!
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