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  1. They spent a lot of money in just getting the brand and a factory though. According to this NYT article they spent billions buying Rover and the same again investing in it. Just seems very very odd.
  2. Absolutely. I've got a Rover 25/MG ZR (the previous owner threw everything he could at making his 25 be a ZR. Including not telling the DVLA about the 1.6 engine he stuck in it replacing the 1.4 it should've) and it's plenty spacious enough although the suspension is quite firm. Don't know really if that's indicative of the Rover 25 or the previous owner did some funky stuff with the suspension. But looking at it now out my window, I can see why they would've made the 211 a metro replacement. And as you said with the BMW saga muddying the waters, they took the designs for a replacement for the Rover 25/45 with them along with the MINI and created the 1 Series. It's hard to see, and for them to be honest, what BMW actually wanted with Rover. But it's fair to say BMW didn't do half as much damage to MG Rover as the Pheonix Four did to it. Bastards.
  3. I sort of think what Richard Porter said should be taken with a silo of salt. However you have to remember as well that Top Gear at the time, James May was a replacement for some annoying guy they had on there and it was in a weird halfway house between the old Top Gear and what we've come to know. And around this time they apparently had Lotus spend £100,000 on a Lada. So maybe there is some truth to that. But Porter has also recounted the time he wrote off an Audi TT on a roundabout on the outskirts of Birmingham. I use that roundabout daily, I have no idea what he was doing to write anything off on that roundabout but I digress. As for the CityRover, I have vague recollections at the time that this wasn't a Metro/100 replacement. Rover didn't say it was. But the Metro/100 had been discontinued due to a piss poor NCAP rating and had nothing to replace it with. So in essence the CityRover was the replacement for the Metro, but was never marketed as such. So one could argue that if Rover had marketed this as a Metro replacement then it may have sold better. I also think if Rover approached Tata on the basis of a technical partnership the car would've been received better. Things are different now because of the inevitability of the situation and that Tata own JLR (and in fairness have done well with them), but at the time I don't think anyone liked the idea of paying good money for something produced in India. I think though that Rover could've produced gold plated cars for £200 OTR prices at the time and it wouldn't have been enough for the British public. I was a teenager at the time, and had hoped to go to MG Rover on an apprenticeship to do car design but I decided to go and do computer stuff instead. But I remember everyone being negative about the company. Rover's were crap, they weren't reliable, they were poorly made and expensive. That's what you would hear really at the time, at least around me. Then I remember after a year of the computer stuff, I went to a careers fair at the college I was at and MG Rover were there. And I thought screw it I'm going to apply for it. The very next day they went bust. I had half the form filled out too. Oh well.
  4. Yeah it is. That's why I'm keeping the costs low as much as I can in case I need to go to a professional welder or write the whole thing off. In fairness though I didn't do any major suspension work until I did the whole lot on my Corolla. I'm properly stubborn, so it will work. But there is varying degrees of a good outcome too 😂
  5. Oh she would. She went mental at me when the catalytic convertor on my Peugeot 107 cracked and it sounded like a two stroke dirt bike. The MX5 Mk3 one is yeah. The Mk2 one I have isn't. You're being very polite about your French shitebox 😂. Bloke up the road from me had a Riva Estate when I was growing up, think he had a Cossack Niva too. Now he's downgraded to a Kia.
  6. Sound! Keep us updated.
  7. If you happen to be passing through the midlands I'd be up for meeting. Not at a Travelodge though. I'm married.
  8. I got the MX5 gearbox for £40, and the cheapest I can see for an RX8 box is £130. So I think at this point I'll end up spending the same amount of money either way. With the adapter plate I'm going to mock it up with 18mm plywood , trace the MX5 and the Rover 25 gearbox either side and see where I'm at with that. So hopefully then I can hand that to an engineering firm and get them to cut it out for me along with a spacer for the flywheel. I'm slightly mad, quite a bit stubborn, but I'm not a masochist 🤣 Plus I think the wife quite likes an RX8 as her next car. I don't want to upset her by buying one and then promptly breaking one.
  9. Maybe at one point in the future, but not for the next few years at least. I did look in to using an RX8 gearbox, but I got put off with talk of them not being able to handle power. But forgot all about it then bought a BMW 320D gearbox which wasn't right and then bought a Mazda MX5 box last weekend.
  10. Thanks all! I may ask Sam Glover myself for a poke about his rotary, and use this K-Series Lada as leverage. Anyway, BIG NEWS! As we all know, when the brown envelope comes through the door hearts start to sink. Especially when you can't see HMRC on it, so it could only mean a tax reminder or you've been a naughty boy and got a selfie taken with your car by a Gatso. But no. Nikita the Lada is now registered in the UK! I've got the log book Which is great - because I couldn't understand why it spent so long in the UK with 3 other owners and not get registered. But here we are! The only bad bit is that it's a P plate, I thought I'd get an R plate, so it'd match with the Corolla. So yeah, I'm buzzing! And it didn't take all that long either, around 2 weeks?
  11. I spent time, money and effort on sorting out the seals on my Corolla's gearbox - for me to pinch one of the driveshaft seals and it's started leaking again. I'm going to drop out the oil, and fill it with sunflower oil just for you. It only needs to last for as long as it takes to get my Lada done. And even then I'm going to do a 4WD conversion on the Corolla afterwards. So I'll lose nothing. As for bodge jobs, I held up the splash guards on my Corolla with cable ties. It stood up to the MOT, didn't stand up to a pothole.
  12. No idea. I just know it can flex the bulkhead to the point the bulkhead cracks?
  13. I do like a Saab, I just don't have enough roll neck jumpers to justify owning one. Have you checked the bulkhead for the steering thing? Apparently it's a huge fault on Saabs?
  14. Sweet! When you've got the link put it here and I'll subscribe
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