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  1. As far as I know it can be a bit of a pain to export cars from Ukraine. Something about needing to be a Ukrainian citizen to get export docs IIRC.
  2. No, welder looked over it and apologised and said he couldn't quote because there was so much to do! I'm expecting about 3k.
  3. Pretty much par for the course for Hondas, they just rot for sport, particularly the sedans. One of my friends has two 4th gen sedans, one which has been fixed and the other which is being fixed, both looked exactly like the one in the ad.
  4. Depends on work but if I have time I'll be there. Thanks, hopefully it'll look decent when it's finally finished! It needs arches, sills, a bit on the o/s/r quarter and a whole bunch on the rear floor, it didn't look too bad until everything came off. Could have probably got a better condition one for the price in the end but now I've got it stuck in my head that I need to save the car.
  5. So a brief fleet update: The ZR spent about a month in decent mechanical fettle before the alternator decided to stop playing ball. It'll be getting fixed once the Civic is done as there's no events for me to do this year. Got the full set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2s on there now too which makes it look a bit smarter. Friend had the film photos he took down at Portsmouth developed, proves you can polish a turd. The Civic has now been fully stripped and gone off to be welded, no idea how long it'll be there for but probably a while! Only
  6. Well done on getting it on the road!
  7. This is what your Longchamps are going on right?
  8. I really like how it looks to be honest, compared to how a lot of other cars are modified it really doesn't seem that over the top to me.
  9. It's an Express 160, the car derived van version of the ZR. As the ad says they made very few of them. TBH I think it's more than a fair price considering the regular Express 101 diesels change hands for similar money (presuming the ad is honest of course) and the work that's been done to it. Edit: Just seen it's on bids, d'oh.
  10. Glad to hear it stayed in the UK and yeah it is of course completely understandable that lads from EE would pay top dollar to get rare UK market cars. I'll just have to hope there's a Denem hiding in a lockup somewhere!
  11. I'd add 12 car rallies to the grass roots list to (I'd argue even more grassroots than targa!). 2-3 hours of competitive navigational rallying for less than the cost of a restaurant meal! Was planning to start doing it last year to tide me over til stage rallies but Covid put paid to that.
  12. Any idea if it went back to Romania or not? Would be a shame to see yet another rare/sole surviving RHD eastern bloc car leave the UK. And fwiw I found the aforementioned Belaz 256B photo I mentioned earlier, though I think this may be a crop of a larger photo.
  13. I wonder if any UK Belaz/Kraz trucks still survive, I saw a photo of one rotting in a field in the 90s and that's been it. Dream Truckshite. What's the story with the unregistered tipper?
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