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  1. Agree about rose tinted glasses, but you are comparing apples with oranges. The Minor and the MIni were advanced designs when they came out, and compered very well with 1950s Fiats and NIssans.
  2. I looked at this when it was for sale a while back. Amazing car, complete white elephant, but an interesting story and well worth restoring. The front wings are completely flat on top - handy for your tool kit, or your pint if you happen to stop at a country pub. Murad built the whole car in house, including the engine, but oddly bought-in the gearbox which you would think would be an easy thing for a machine tool manufacturer to make. In fact a mate offered to go halves with me, but usual story, too many projects, where do we put it, etc. More info on the Lathes UK website.
  3. GMC 1007 also fitted to MGB, 1967 onwards, so there should be a few used ones around, not as risky as a used brake master.
  4. Sorry to be a misery, but from your symptoms - if the slave cylinder is working a bit, but not leaking, I would suspect the master cylinder not the slave. Is there any improvement if you pump the pedal?
  5. Citroen Traction? Quite neatly done, but why?
  6. All of the above. P40 is your friend, a bit pricey but it is surprising what you can make out of it.
  7. Even so, I doubt whether it is commercially viable at that price.
  8. Is anyone seriously going to pay £224 for an inner wing which won't get a second glance once assembled - and will probably need a bit of fettling anyway - when a pattern part at £80 is perfectly adequate? I am a member of 2CVGB because 2CV and ex Dyane owner, but I'm not sure I want my subscription wasted on that sort of thing.
  9. It can only be a secondary live for the LED, so you can either wire it as a telltale, or as permanent illumination. BTW you will need a bigger switch than that for battery cutoff.
  10. I think you'll find that classic parts suppliers like Moss and Rimmers use a mixture, but mostly the car manufacturer's numbers. IMO a decent parts list with sources and equivalents is about the most useful thing you can do if you want to keep the cars running.
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