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  1. A special-bodied SP250 seems a lot more likely than any of the other theories, although to me the wheelbase looks shorter. Is the photo 100% genuine, or has the car been cut and pasted from somewhere else?
  2. @AdgeCutlerGreat work on the chassis, watching it with interest. Are you really going to nickel-bronze it - do you know how much the stuff costs? Normal Sifbronze would be a lot cheaper, and just as strong.
  3. You can get very good results with coach paint. If you thin the paint so that it flows well, and brush it out properly, there will not be any brush marks or runs, and you can get a superb finish. For this reason you must prep the job properly, much as you would when spraying - filler, undercoat, flatting and masking. Otherwise all the blemishes will show through. It is quite a slow process and you need reasonably warm and dust-free conditions, I have coach painted a couple of cars and was pleased with the results, but both times I wished I had spent a bit more time on the preparation.
  4. Well the cable should be able to pull the choke lever all the way up to the stop.
  5. From your video the choke lever on the carb doesn't seem to be moving at all. It should have similar travel to the throttle, maybe not quite as much. Can you move the choke lever on the carb - where the cable connects - upwards or downwards by hand? You should be able to. There will, or should, be a linkage between the two carbs so that both chokes operate together.
  6. I think you will find that the shaft of the ball joint has a short flat section machined on one side. You will have to remove the cotter pin from the LH end of the steering arm to clear it.
  7. I don't remember that on the carb models, and on the injected ones I think it just cut the fuel pump
  8. Temporarily, you could insert a suitable blunt/square/tapered instrument into the barrel socket and turn the switch with that.
  9. Not sure about that. The cross Channel and Solent hovercraft were registered as aircraft - G-ABCD style, and I think the trips were referred to as "flights" rather than "sailings." I may have remembered that wrongly, it's a long time ago. Hovering is flying, innit?
  10. Absolutely. A brilliant car to drive. The problem is getting it to the state where you can.
  11. Tail light lenses (and most other parts) were unobtainable when I was involved with these 30 years ago and that was a very minor problem in the scheme of things. It looks like a nice early survivor, but should anyone be thinking about it, just don't.
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