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  1. @LightBulbFun I was looking up some of my local history, and this came up in a short film about Tagg's Island. I guess it was a postcard originally. No shots of the factory unfortunately, but I thought you might like it anyway.
  2. Good luck with it, they do sometimes come straight out with no trouble.
  3. You only need to get the broken one out, that is quite enough trouble. The others can be used again. You can buy a replacement stud from someone like Moss or Rimmers, they are standardised. The thread is different each end, UNC and UNF, so threaded rod isn't an easy substitute. Use a stud extractor to grIp the stud, or you may get away with a Mole wrench applied horizontally, if that makes sense The danger is that the stud will shear at the base, so turn it very cautiously and just try and shift it a fraction of a turn to start with. It is likely to be tight, probably rusted in.
  4. I suppose it's a minor detail, but wouldn't you need bespoke driveshafts to mate the VW gearbox to the Allegro hubs? TBF the ad does mention "not connected up....."
  5. Built in the 1930s. and working until the end of Bournemouth trolleybuses in the 1960s, so must have been operationally necessary, but yes, you would have thought a bit of re-routing would have avoided it. I remember seeing it in use. It is now a listed building!
  6. I didn't know that was a Unipower. They also made these, which were a bit more sensible.
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