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  1. Thanks mate, very kind of you to say!
  2. Being sold by a friend of mine. Sat in it last week. Not a bad thing.
  3. Hey everyone, my latest video is on this gorgeous Humber Hawk, which is probably far too nice (and too posh) for AS. Either way, here it is.
  4. Not many at all, although many Metros were just used to pootle to the shops. I've done 11k since the last MOT.
  5. A smidge under 70k. I'll probably hit it within the next week.
  6. It's been nearly three months since I posted on here, and that's mainly thanks to Melvin being nice and reliable. However, he started getting a little too hot on motorways last month. Not scary hot as I have an IR thermometer to keep an eye on the real life temperature, but enough to make the gauge look scary. I assumed the thermostat was sticking, so a new one was fitted and I used the opportunity to gift Melvin something he's needed for ages. A new radiator! As they're practically unavailable brand new, I bought one in really good condition for about £40. The old was FUBAR'd. I'm keeping it though, as there's the possibility I could get it re-cored in the future. I did a 40 mile test drive on the motorway at 75/80 and all seems perfect! In other news, I bought some Metro GTa steels. They're the same design as Melvin's steels just wider and therefore better. I'm going for 'OEM+', so this is another mod I'm going to do once I respray them in the appropriate silver paint. Or maybe I'll do it properly and send them off to be powder coated. I fitted them just for a few pics, then refitted the old, narrower wheels.
  7. I'm going to have to mention one thing about that Polo. I love the 'never been' sticker purely because it's the pre-1983 layout of the Nordschleife. That is all.
  8. I certainly think so. I think the K-Series cars look much more stylish than the A-Series ones, but the older cars have that 80s charm.
  9. Hi folks. Haven't put anything here for a while, so thought I'd update you all. As per usual, no problems, so just tweaks to keep everything happy and some small mods. The first thing was more maintenance. I was missing the splash guard from the drivers' side wheel arch, so bought one from eBay for something like £15 as well as some scrivets to fit it. All went on smoothly, but the thing does rattle quite a bit. You can't hear it while driving, but you can shake it about slightly. There's no danger of it falling off though. While I was in there I did some cleaning. Another thing I'm going to have to order is a new crank pulley. Ever since I got the car it's had a chip out of it. That'll be throwing the crank balance out slightly and will probably be the cause of my alternator belt working its way loose every 6 months. Here's what Hydragas does when you jack a car up I ordered a number of other parts as well, including some brake pads that I don't need, a wiper stalk with fibre-optics (fancy), and an upper timing belt cover. The final thing that I really did need was some new number plate screws. The old ones were severely corroded. He does look very fresh with no front plate: You can see the extended version in my video here: Next on the agenda were mods. Not big ones, only little things. The first was the steering wheel. I'd been hunting around for a three-spoke Austin Rover wheel for a while and found this Mk1 MG wheel for £13. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted this wheel on a Mini/Metro, so I've been planning this one for a few years! I'm not a massive fan of the MG look, as I want it more for the ergonomics, but as the Rover centre cap doesn't fit, I'll live with it. Again, you can find the video version here: The final mod was brought on by a fail. I decided one day to clean around the side repeaters. As I snapped the first one out, I found it was held in with a cut down 3M adhesive pad as the clip had broken. Bugger. New lenses on the way! But I thought I'd bling it up a little and go for clear ones instead, and I quite like them. There will be a video version of this out tomorrow! Apart from those little bits, I've just been doing a whole lot of driving! Aside from the cars, I've been doing a little Hi-Fi maintenance. I've had this Denon DRM-550 tape deck for about six years and shoved it in a cupboard as it was running far too slowly. Today I got it out and had a fiddle. The belt is fine and I adjusted the speed through the hole on the back of the motor. It's a decent deck, so I added it to my main system in the place of an old Sony unit. It's no fancy DRM-750 with Dolby S, but it'll do!
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