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  1. Not many at all, although many Metros were just used to pootle to the shops. I've done 11k since the last MOT.
  2. A smidge under 70k. I'll probably hit it within the next week.
  3. It's been nearly three months since I posted on here, and that's mainly thanks to Melvin being nice and reliable. However, he started getting a little too hot on motorways last month. Not scary hot as I have an IR thermometer to keep an eye on the real life temperature, but enough to make the gauge look scary. I assumed the thermostat was sticking, so a new one was fitted and I used the opportunity to gift Melvin something he's needed for ages. A new radiator! As they're practically unavailable brand new, I bought one in really good condition for about £40. The old wa
  4. I'm going to have to mention one thing about that Polo. I love the 'never been' sticker purely because it's the pre-1983 layout of the Nordschleife. That is all.
  5. I certainly think so. I think the K-Series cars look much more stylish than the A-Series ones, but the older cars have that 80s charm.
  6. Hi folks. Haven't put anything here for a while, so thought I'd update you all. As per usual, no problems, so just tweaks to keep everything happy and some small mods. The first thing was more maintenance. I was missing the splash guard from the drivers' side wheel arch, so bought one from eBay for something like £15 as well as some scrivets to fit it. All went on smoothly, but the thing does rattle quite a bit. You can't hear it while driving, but you can shake it about slightly. There's no danger of it falling off though. While I was in there I did some cleaning. Another thing
  7. That sounds bloody awesome
  8. Well I've been doing some more spraying. It's come out pretty well considering I'd never tried this before. As per, I only took two pictures, and they aren't on this computer, so I'm sure you'll be okay if I just post the video version? Promise I'll write something properly next time xxx
  9. The C was bottom of the range. It had a number of different seat patterns over the few years of production, so each individual one is quite rare. My trim is 'Harlequin'. You couldn't choose which trim you wanted, they just came how they were on the C. My car has a radio and sunroof as dealer fitted extras, 4-speed 'box, no rear wiper, and the lino type boot covering rather than the carpet you talk about.
  10. I ought to have a look. I decided I didn't want to take out that layer partially because I might wreck it, part because I don't want to find any rust, and part because I don't want any less sound deadening! At least from underneath, everything is solid. Of course, that isn't an indicator of the true condition but it's a good sign.
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