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  1. While it was on my mind I thought I'd talk about the biggest surprise I got when I started driving Melvin. The K-Series. Oh wow, the K-Series. Before you ask, no. The head gasket hasn't gone. But it's just so smoooooooooth. A proper little gem of an engine. Despite this one being a relatively simple, carburettor-fed, eight valve engine, it's remarkable. Not only does it produce an adequate amount of power (60 bhp), but it delivers that power in such a way that is endearing. It's amazingly rev-happy and a zingy little thing that makes a great high-pitched wail when you even look at the throttle pedal. The character of it perfectly suits the Metro. It's a fun, zippy little engine that feels refined. As I've mentioned, it's smooth. Like almost six-cylinder smooth. As Melvin only has a four-speed 'box, it does need to rev a bit on a motorway, about 3750 or so. But even at those revs it's quiet, refined, and just buzzes away up front with no dramas. Then at the end of the day I average 52 mpg on the motorway and 45 combined. Beautiful.
  2. Well, not much has happened to Melvin the Metro recently. Another 1500 miles and no problems. But considering this is AutoShite... I think you might all be interested in my latest video. It's @OliD-E's CityRover!
  3. I'm sure making the CityRover run on all four cylinders may be more important than shiny bolts!
  4. Apologies everyone, but I forgot to take any pictures of all this so you'll have to put up with the video version. In this one I fix my rattle, get a few new bits and pieces,, talk about my newly fixed valve cover gasket, and new tyres!
  5. Love these little cars. There's just something so charming about a simple car, especially a Daihatsu!
  6. I have a copy of car magazine, testing the Metro C against the Citroen AX and Pug 106, as well as all the brochures!
  7. Of course the packaging is staying! I'm a bit mad for things like those boxes. I made a replica service book for God's sake! 🤣
  8. This isn't really an update as such, but I have absolutely no self-control. I've just spent £75 on some new hubcaps. They're becoming really hard to find and my ones are a little tired. I like driving with them on the car so I don't want to feel so scared about losing one.
  9. Out in all weathers, and my daily drive - about 80 miles a day. I just keep it dead clean, and make sure i wash down the underside every time I clean the car.
  10. Here we go then. Another video on Melvin. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Nearer Ormskirk than Southport. Thanks for that, although I'm currently editing the Maxi video and I'm not very pleased with myself to be honest.
  12. One thing I've learned from his videos is that 'tea shelf' doesn't seem to be the universal term for it! ahahaha
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