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  1. Out in all weathers, and my daily drive - about 80 miles a day. I just keep it dead clean, and make sure i wash down the underside every time I clean the car.
  2. Thanks for the support guys!
  3. Here we go then. Another video on Melvin. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Nearer Ormskirk than Southport. Thanks for that, although I'm currently editing the Maxi video and I'm not very pleased with myself to be honest.
  5. One thing I've learned from his videos is that 'tea shelf' doesn't seem to be the universal term for it! ahahaha
  6. Love all of this. I'm gonna have to own one of these big barges one day.
  7. Here are the great rubber mats in the back of the car. Just wish I could find a set for the front. ...and here is when he was significantly cleaner than he is right now (and no that isn't my house).
  8. While on a trip to record some videos, here's Melvin with a 1936 Wolseley and 1979 Maxi. Pwoah. I love that Maxi.
  9. The perfect place for a cuppa when working on it when it's inevitably broken, or a phone while on the road.
  10. He was proudly christened as 'Melvin' by one of my mates!
  11. Love AXs so much, and this is proper bangernomics. Top job!
  12. As a few people have eluded to, I do indeed make terribly low-rent videos on YouTube. I'm still figuring it all out at the moment so every video is slightly different, taking on slightly different styles to find one that suits. The aim of my videos is to talk about the history of development and production of individual cars. To me, that's part of what makes them interesting. If you watch my videos I think you might be able to notice that I'm currently doing a History and Politics degree! Anyway, I'm a massive nerd, so here's the link if anyone's interested. YouTube.com/TwinCam
  13. I've been told that too many people were opting for the 1.1 C in 1990/91, so rather than making the 1.1 L and 1.1 S better, they made the 1.1 C worse! That's when they put the metal rear bumper and old-fashioned hub caps on, to encourage buyers into a higher spec model. Only Rover... only Rover...
  14. Two years prior yes, but by 1991 a passenger mirror was standard. I think that's known as exotic!
  15. Don't worry everyone, it's staying exactly as it is. I bought this particular one because I'm in love with the wheel trims and metal bumper.
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