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  1. I'm aware of this company, and heard good things about them. They have a number of different styles of early 90s Rover stickers, so I'm sure they could modify an existing design to read 'Epsom Rover' with the correct phone number.
  2. Got back to doing a bit of work on Melvin today. My mission while we're in lockdown is to give him a decent enough look over, a good clean of his underside, and repair all the superficial rust that has appeared over the last twelve months and 10,000 miles. I started the other day with checking everything I could think of in the engine bay: dizzy, carb, manifolds, pipes, etcetera. Today, I gave him a good clean and stripped away all of the wax on the bodywork to reapply in a little while once I've completed all the repairs. I know the first rule of washing a car is not to do it in direct sunlight, but I couldn't resist. As I haven't done much that you can see, have a couple of beauty shots post-wash. In the background of that shot, you can see my Dad's Rover 75 that I 'gently' coaxed him into last year. Safe to say, it's a beautiful car with a great soundtrack, but it hasn't half cost a bit to keep it on the road. Note the original dealer plate on the back. I'd like to get a dealer sticker and tax disc holder made up, but I think I'll wait until this chaos has blown over. If anyone's got any suggestions for people that make this kind of thing, do let me know. Cheers everyone, and hope you're all taking care of yourselves and your families. ❤️
  3. In true Rover fashion, it cost them more to make the three-piece bumper than it did to make the standard one. They were selling too many 1.1Cs apparently, and wanted to shift more 1.1Ls and 1.1Ss. Rather than make the L and S better, they made the C worse by putting on that bumper and those hubcaps.
  4. Following the government's MOT announcement this morning, Melvin hasn't had his MOT. So a bit of an anti-climax there. Thought I'd do something though, so he had an oil change.
  5. That certainly will come up again, but it hasn't got any worse so I'm hoping it won't fail on that.
  6. I'm pretty sure the aim is fine, but of course it's one of those things you don't really notice unless you're blinding some poor oncoming car. I am pretty sure the emissions will be wayyyyy too high though.
  7. We don't do that here. Nothing to do with the dice as such, just the inherent distraction of having something dangle in your line of sight.
  8. Right lads. MOT tomorrow. Which is amazing considering the current circumstances, but there we go. It will fail, I'm pretty certain. I'm guessing emissions and something front suspension related. Place your bets. What do you lovely lot reckon it'll fail on?
  9. I've never really got the whole "it's not a real Porsche" thing. Apart from the whole VW/Porsche connection back to the 30s, a car is a car is a car. If it's cool, it's cool. No matter if it's a Lada or Lambo.
  10. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be coming. I just think it would be a little unwise considering the current climate, so I'll be there in spirit.
  11. I don't know what it is, but there's something so deeply satisfying about a well laid out instrument cluster.
  12. Blingy I'd assume. That isn't a look I desire to be honest.
  13. Indeed, we need to see a good bit of automotive archaeology.
  14. Yes I've got the clip on and sorted now. When the weather gets warmer I'll give the hubcaps a blow over, but for now I'm living with them as they are. Of course, I have the fresh ones for shows and the like.
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