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  1. Evening all My new daily steed comes in the form of this rather curious looking piece of American shite. 3.0 V6, very comfortable seats, hilariously flimsy plastics, acres of space, key from a 1986 Ford Fiesta........it is all there. Resources regarding the Maverick are very limited and there appears to be no owners group in the UK. Apparently, they sold eleventy million in the US as the Ford Escape so at least we got the good name over here. The car has 106k on the clock, 6 months MOT, quite a lot of recent bills and is in nice condition. I am sure the fuel bills might cause the odd raised pulse but that smooth American engine with those smooth American seats are winning the keepability stakes. Does anyone have any experience with these curiously likeable cars? Parts supply seem a little scary for a kick off.
  2. Tom C

    BX Roll Call

    Here is my steed! Currently at Chevronics at the end of a long run of many things to make it work! Looking forward to getting it back in a couple of weeks, I do feel a little bad about attempting to run it as a daily, in fact I don't think I will so its back to the classifieds for a new daily!
  3. Well, here goes............. . Firstly, here is XWY476X, new to West Riding then purchased by Metrobus of Orpington (my interest) for use on their extensive Croydon network. Also spent time on the Isle of Man, this very well travelled old girl ended up with Confidence of Leicester before I took her on last year, She runs very well and is actually quite presentable. Seats need a retrim and a repaint but all in all, a very tidy old girl Next is, T747 (OHV747Y), new to Gillingham Street garage in 1983 and decorated in a special gold livery to celebrate London Transport's golden jubilee. After the initial year of stardom, she settled down to a mundane career, passing though Camberwell, Catford, Muswell Hill, Finchley, and Bexleyheath garages, She is preserved as you see her. My first buy was former LT M1100 (B100WUL), a 1984 MCW Metrobus. Unlike most LT Metrobuses, this beast was equipped with a Cummins L10 engine from new and is the only survivor of the batch. She is seen here on her first outing after being renovated at the East Grinstead running day a couple of years ago And finally,,,,,,,,,,here is the last member of the bus fleet. Former LT L150 (D150FYM). She spent her entire London career in South London working out of Norwood and Thornton Heath garages. She is pretty tired and needs quite a bit of work which will be starting before the end of the year. She is seen here in Hastings on her first run in my ownership, Sadly, it was found that the 6LXB engine is breathing rather badly which will mean a rebuild is needed along with work on the tired bodywork. And here is the car..........currently at Chevronics in Hitchin. She has had a lot of work done and is ready for me to take back which will be in the next couple of weeks. She is MOT'd and had extensive work done. Still needs a respray down the road and also will need a sill done for the next MOT. So there we are.............thats the lot!
  4. Hello. My name is Tom and I have a problem........ Currently my car fleet has just a 1988 BX TRS estate which is pretty tame compared to some of you fine people however I also have a collection of buses as well. Currently this incorporates a 1981 Leyland Olympian/ECW, 1983 Leyland Titan, 1984 MCW Metrobus and a 1986 Leyland Olympian/ECW. As you can imagine, I live in a world of dodgy electrics, rust and poverty. Please help me!
  5. Tom C

    BX Roll Call

    I have a 1988 BX TRS estate that I might actually get to drive when it stops going wrong. Despite this, I still wouldn't change it for anything I mean, who needs money?
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