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  1. I might also hate it, and want to go back to something 80s/90s like my Camry on the previous page 😅 time will tell
  2. Small bit of history about this particular car. It is one of 26 that were built in Ireland from CKD kits in 51/52, of which it is apparently the only surviving example. It has been known in Jowett circles since the 60s and was restored about 30 years ago. Spent some time in the UK before being repatriated by the previous owner. It also stated in a BBC drama called Ballykissangel in the late 90s where it was…the priests car. Fitting:
  3. Deal done, keys exchanged. Have known this car for a while, owner has always been keen on the 164 since I got it and he has another though in poor condition (that he might break, paging @wuvvum) Took a drive down not really expecting much, thinking that if anything I’d get to see one in the flesh at least. But I was pleasantly surprised. It’s in nice, useable nick, drives well (well for a 70 year old car) and comes with a book full of spares. It’s not an Austin 7 but it’s the oldest car I’ve ever had, so it’ll be an experience, and it might open the doors to the prospect of something older again in the future
  4. Potentially big update coming tomorrow. A bit rash, but we’ll see how it pans out..
  5. Yeah, I had a very brief drive once in a late Austin Big 7 which was a bit of a faff, but I liked many things about it and think I could get used to it. Also, as much as I love both the Volvo and Wolseley, they both kind of do the same thing; they’re both automatic saloon cars from the 70s, so I probably wouldn’t miss one of them.
  6. Complete coincidence today at Lidl in Colwyn Bay. The E30 was there when I arrived and the E34 was one spot over when I had come out:
  7. I recently watched one of Hubnut’s brilliant Austin 7 video and have fallen into a bit of a rabbit hole since.. I’m fascinated, and a quick look at the classifieds has only added fuel to the fire: https://www.adverts.ie/30586652 Now I’m asking myself if I really need two big, 70s automatic saloons..
  8. A few more from north Wales: and best til last 🙂
  9. Like I predicted when starting this thread; it will be boring. I’m afraid I just have nothing to report other than that it has been faultless, all day. Also, I just remembered that on Monday it will celebrate 50 years since it’s first registration: If I want to be picky, the fuel gauge stopped working an hour ago. A bit of a pain but I’ll forgive it that. Shortly beforehand I had brimmed the tank for the first time ever in my ownership so I’m wondering if that might be related. Still, no fret and I’ll look at it another time.
  10. Plain sailing for the Volvo this morning; same can’t be said for the ferry 🤢
  11. J reg is early, no? In Colwyn Bay this morning
  12. Washed, hoovered, fueled up etc. Leaving tonight for Wales
  13. Not too far, just Dublin-Wales. I’m over here for a month with work, and got a very reasonably priced ferry crossing, so figured I’d bring it over and enjoy it here too.
  14. But of a spruce up under the bonnet of the 164 in preparation for an international road trip this weekend:
  15. Two from Colwyn Bay this weekend, parked yards from each other. The Fiat looks a right dinger
  16. I’m currently on supply in Wales, and have been kindly given this 2016 Suzuki Baleno to scoot around in for a month while here. It’s only my second day but I’ve done about 200 miles in it so getting a good feel for it. It’s got a 998cc boosterjet lump under the bonnet and a 5 speed box, and it’s really good. It’s a 3 cyl engine with 110bhp and I’m not afraid to admit that it sounds fruity and has egged me on a few times at lights and on backroads. Inside, to my mind, it’s no worse than a similar year and spec Yaris or Jazz in terms of build quality and feel etc. Electric windows all round, electric and heated mirrors, mfsw, cruise control that beeps when I get too close to the car in front etc. There is an infotainment screen that could be from 2005, and I think the car would be better off without it. Sat nav is easy to use (why bother though when Waze/GMaps etc exist) but slow to load, Bluetooth connectivity just doesn’t respond at all when I press the button, radio is too complex and has to be used through the screen or mfsw, but has DAB. Loads of space for driver and front & rear passengers. Boot is huge and very deep (320 liters according to t’internet, which is more than a Ford Focus). Again I don’t think it’s any worse than a Yaris or Jazz on the motorway. A small bit noisy but perfectly manageable. Shite? Maybe in 20 years time. A really decent little “an car” in the meantime though. Feast your eyes: Little 3 cyl looks lost under the bonnet. Lots of room: Not a great pic, but it’s huge back here, and the seats fold 60/40:
  17. Picked up a starter today from a guy who really likes landcrabs..
  18. This has just come up for sale and now I’m in a crisis:
  19. To be honest, I’ve had no real need to use the heater since I bought it. It does still warm up; I never really imagined that it’d be much good after 50 years anyway. I never noticed that we never put the Lourdes on the new panel until the entire job was complete anyway…
  20. Thanks all for the comments. Re the Lancia: it’s a cheap car, the cheapest on the market in italy in fact, but after spending the day with it today I must say, it’s not as disappointing as I imagined it would be. It drives nice, and I dare say it sounds a bit throaty, has plenty of room, and it’s nice and simple. If it was my money, I’d probably have a new Sandero, but it’s not completely terrible. I think this is the 13th year of this model on the market!
  21. Lastly for today: I’m back in Rome for a bit, and picked up my new company car for while I’m here. Also my first brand new car, driven off the forecourt. I think it’s positively shite: 30 km on the clock, and that’s when I got home: 20th century tech: I peeled the plastic off the interior dome light and the whole unit fell out of the roof, while still sitting on the forecourt, so off to a great start. I probably won’t have much to say about it, but here’s its place in the thread anyway.
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