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  1. Brilliant; they really are excellent cars. We have a 03 2.0 HDI here in Rome for gardening duties etc, yet I find myself going for the keys most mornings and taking it instead of my year old Lancia Ypsilon. 275k and still going strong!
  2. Two from Rome yesterday evening and today. The Focus is driven by plain clothes rozzers from the Vatican. They have a pre facelift mk3 mondeo too
  3. 1200 miles covered in this over the weekend, Rome to Lyon and back. 5 up with baggage and we were snug. Will be looking at a roof box next: What can I say about it? I did Rome to Aosta (450ish miles) with a stop outside Bologna for LPG and Milan for lunch, and no real complaints. For a 1 litre 3 cyl loaded up to the gills it performed very well. I have no other experience of new 3 cyl engines, but I can say that if I knew no better I would think that this was a 1.6. I took to the passenger seat for the last leg of the journey and did Bologna-Rome yesterday on the return, so all in 650ish miles at the wheel. What can I say about it? The seats after a while can get a bit uncomfortable, I think the material is a bit tough/hard. Other than that, nothing really. I’m still really surprised at how well it drove. Whatever about the longevity of these engines remains to seen I suppose, but in the meantime I’ll call this a good “an car”
  4. A few Sunday cruisers from Hône this morning
  5. A few from between Rome and Lyon yesterday:
  6. My berlingo was in good company today in the train station car park:
  7. One from Dublin from a while ago; early Moggie convertible. Its a daily driver too:
  8. This old thing at Mass today
  9. Think share your sentiments OP. Here in Rome I have use of a 02 Berlingo HDI as well as my own 2023 Lancia Ypsilon. In the first six months of ownership of the Lancia I had only put about 600 km on it (by comparison, in the last 6 months I've put about 7k km on it). Given the choice I always took the keys to the Bingo, but eventually got sick of its quirks. There is a lot to be said for a decent heater, decent brakes, nice tight gear change etc.
  10. Mk1 and 2 Puntos; they were everywhere until a few years ago. They may not be extinct now, but they have seriously reduced in numbers. In Italy I see them everyday, but when home I take not of each one I see, such is their scarcity now. Ditto for the Mk3 Mondeo.
  11. This is outside my door in Rome. The sign in the window says its not abandoned, but it hasn't moved in a year or so:
  12. There is the great story of John Taylor in Dublin who has been driving the same ice cream van in Dublin since 1968 (for eagle-eyed viewers, the reg is indeed from 1971...back in the day there was no real hurry to register your new vehicle). He is still going strong AFAIK. Photos (except the last one) are mine:
  13. When I was at school I had a girlfriend who obviously didn’t drive, but whose dad had a 71 Merc w115 200. He daily drove a Jag S type too which was also quite cool at the time. We got on well. I used to see him at local shows until only a few years ago and he had a Daimler Dart then. He used to greet me still, and if with friends etc would say “this is the fella who broke my Joana’s heart”, and that would always inevitably direct a few stares at the chap in the clerical collar..
  14. Yes, I was initially going for a pic of the Lada and the Alfa got in the way!
  15. This is probably my favourite hearse. From Ireland:
  16. It’s a 1.0 mpi, so 75 bhp non turbo. I think I was a bit harsh; it’s putting the kms away with no issues and sits steadily, albeit noisily, at 130 km/h on private roads. Even saw 140 at one stage!
  17. Currently in Poland and has this as a rental. Complete poverty spec 1.0 3 cylinder. 545 km done and still I’m still in one piece though..for now:
  18. https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1689623 A 1.6 106, bet this goes well
  19. https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1697783 Early 3.0 manual S type. There's something very appealing about an early example
  20. https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1707269 Have we had this? A 3 door 214; a bit spenny at £3.5k mind
  21. Bit of a milestone in this today
  22. A very nice 3 door 5n Polo with rare undented valance! Vatican diplomatic plates
  23. Diplomatic 5n Polo from the Vatican in Rome!
  24. Come to Rome to see the sights:
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