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  1. my favourite of the gathering, with the Lincoln and the colt next inline.....
  2. Was the 74 shut after J12 or was it an out of date warning? you see them pillocks in convertible n fugly painted KA's or what ever the fuck they were?
  3. Is that why a few of you had stopped at the garage on the way out of middleton? I thought you were all just fuelin up again? T'was good to get back to the old home turf as it were, I do miss riding on them roads....
  4. depending on timings I'll either go to middleton via alston or yours, will leave mine around 8am, so yours 2.5hrs later ish......will be on a silver 400cc scooter, couldn't be arsed with changing the oil n wheel on the cub today, too feckin warm.....lived in the arse end of nowhere too long n aclimatised to cold weather the nooooooooo!
  5. A74 , M6, brampton, alston, arse end of nowhere (for nostalgia reasons), middleton, pour moi.....
  6. look up 'ooracing' website, top left of their page 'parts by bike' n scroll down the list..... they do chaly parts
  7. I shall be on 2 wheels me thinks......unless it's torrential.......
  8. any time you can get in n out of northampton in one piece or without wanting to kill any of the fuckers is a win......
  9. me , loved the mental winters.......# not my celica.....although who ever it was was very very lucky, coming back down from langdon beck into st johns.....
  10. I might pop down on my bike, use to live just over the hill at the arse end of nowhere (half way up to the tops near Ireshopeburn). what time do people normally turn up n bugger off (unless camping) for these do's ?
  11. I always thought that Brian/messiah bloke was a brunette..... he should get a bumper sticker made up sayin jesus drives a Dacia..... and await the looks as they overtake......
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