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  1. Whilst attempting and failing miserably to get a better view of a Volvo 240: This was sitting behind: Probably still worth a million pounds even though it's gubbed.
  2. This was said to me before and it went right over my head. Should I hand in my card on the way out the door?
  3. Cars are such ungrateful bastards. I feel your pain man. Hope the garage sorts it easily enough. πŸ₯Ί
  4. I've regretted selling plenty of cars, but I've never sold anything I've marked as a keeper as they weren't in that category when I sold them if that makes sense?
  5. Welcome to the Bank holiday Weekend. Every. Single. Time.
  6. Susanna is probably the sort that would eventually arrive 5 hours late to pick it up in a Smart Fortwo.
  7. Sensible me should flog the 1100 and Toledo to get something else. What will likely happen is I'll continue to be indecisive and do nothing, then on a whim I'll buy something else and double down on my dilemma.
  8. Same one I've got. Had it for years. Lasted well.
  9. I'm having a similar-ish dilemma. I really want another car as I'm itching for a change but I need to be sensible and get rid of something first. Need to make my mind up what!
  10. Up early at 4am to drop my wife off for a 7am flight to Palma for a Hen Doo. They've delayed the flight for 7 hours. Fucking useless bag of dicks. This maintains our recent high failure rate at Prestwick with Ryanair. Fight before last to Malaga was delayed 3 hours then cancelled completely πŸ˜‚.
  11. Cleaned, rotary polished and waxed the 1100 this afternoon. Didn't go mental with the polish as the paint isn't the best. Pictures flatter, but I think it turned out well. This evening I put Β£40 of super unleaded into it at 1.67p litre. My brain still can't comprehend that super is 10p less than run of the mill diesel I put in the Navara.
  12. Got out of shopping commitments (yay!) to wait in for a delivery. So I replaced the disks on the red MX-5 this evening. The disks on it were put on very recently. They have no lip, but they were starting to pit and try as I might I could not clean the face of them off. Β£48 for "quality" unipart branded discs. Will see how I get on.
  13. I know our mothers taught us not to judge a book by it's cover but the one advantage of marketplace is that you can at least have a quick snoop on their profile beforehand to get a feel if its worthwhile taking their enquiries any further. Getting a full name and photo is even better. Jackpot if they leave their mobile number to Google. πŸ˜‚ Poundland Magnum Pi. When I looked at selling the 1100 last year one of the guys wanting to come see it was convicted of possessing something silly like Β£200k of heroin and had other previous convictions for assault. Maybe he was a lovely guy when he wasn't flogging smack, but was I fuck giving him my home address.
  14. Oh I get where you're coming from man, but the local Lidl is terrible, which is why I'm assuming it a local environmental or even handling issue for the local store. I'll buy from other Lidls just not here!
  15. I don't buy Milk or Fruit (especially apples) from our local Lidl anymore. Milk turns to cottage cheese within 2 days of opening (if I'm lucky) and it's russian roulette whether or not I'm going to bite into putrid mush. I swear they must leave the stuff round the back under a patio heater or something.
  16. Up super early thanks to the F1, so had time to polish the Blue and fit the seats to the Red this morning. What a lovely pair. I'm 96.3% sure I spotted @juular in HMS 240 this afternoon heading to Dobbies Braehead...(or was it WBAC beside it 😁) I zipped back round after I was finished in Currys but I couldn't find it in the car park to get a photo!
  17. Picked up a decent used mohair roof for the blue MX-5 this morning. The hood on it was the original vinyl one and starting to break up above the drain rails. (In typical fashion I forgot to take decent before pictures) Spent this afternoon fitting it. Needs another clean and seal but looks a million times better. Also picked up a set of seats that I'm thinking of putting in the red one. Gave them a clean and feed.
  18. I like this far too much. Previous blue forum owner too. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/204982/early-mileage-1989-525i-auto
  19. 😁Don't you have a million of them already? ..I think AS needs to stage a intervention! Best price? I'll need to have a think (and get an ad up). Its got a full tank of super unleaded πŸ˜‚.
  20. "Front Registration plate deteriorated but not likely to be misread" "Rear Registration plate deteriorated but not likely to be misread" Or in short ...perished.
  21. Piece of cake . 600 miles between MOTs. Terrible effort. Advisories for perished numberplates, minor oil leak (rocker gasket) and floor rails being slightly squished (same every year - I put jass reinforced rails over them years ago to stop them getting worse) Anyone want a really tidy low mileage Mx5 with 1 years MOT? πŸ˜‚
  22. MOT time for the blue one. I'm confident... probably jinxed myself now.
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