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  1. Not yet mate. I just used flux wire to superglue the hinge together. Thick enough bit of metal and you can't see the join as its out of site. On the to do list! Off next week so I might get a chance.
  2. Update The ls400 has moved onto pastures new. The Mx5 passed its MOT with no major issues. Toledo - I dropped the oil again and replaced with halfords 20w50 to see if seal swell snake oil helps with the rear oil leak (I know the answer already I suspect). 1100: The bonnet is awful to open and drags across the OSR part of scuttle chipping paint in the process (it really is a painful noise). I removed the bonnet. I couldn't get the hinge out from underneath the scuttle due to space constraints and seized screws where the hinge sits into the bulkhead. Dremel used to massage the hi
  3. Your can't be arsed efforts put my work to shame. Keep it up man!
  4. Is there a bogof offer available? 😁
  5. *Stalker alert* There is no giveaways on your ad that I can see to link up to what you have on your driveway? Creep.
  6. Used to take great pleasure in texting Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes to my mates landline (when ebaumsworld was king) until one day one of my texts dissapeared into thin air... only for it to reappear the next day at 4 in the morning. His mum was not amused either by the disruption or picking up the phone to hear "get to the chopper!"
  7. ☹. I've lost count of the number of times I've caught the bloody door handle of the patio/ garage door on the side slits of my dickies boiler, whipping the whole door into my side. Hope you get to the bottom of it. Nothing worse than an issue you haven't sorted tickling the back of your brain!
  8. Fairly local, I'm game. Will bring at least 1x car.
  9. Fleeto Update - new arrival. I'm the new custodian of the Austin 1100 previously owned by @SiC, who was a gentleman in sending me tons of info and video before purchase. Another delivery courtesy of @worldofceri. Top chap. Will get a fettling list together as I have some minor cosmetic plans, but mechanically she is in fine fettle thanks to SiC. Don't worry I won't be spraying this one satin black!
  10. That is flipping gorgeous Pete. I couldn't resist it looks so right!
  11. Just catching up with this thread. What a magnificent wagon this is. 😎
  12. It's tired in places but it looks good. I'm still in awe of the colour. Shamefully not, I acquired another suitably bedded in damper from fb marketplace to match the passenger side. It's a 179% improvement over the coilovers. Floaty but not jiggly if that makes sense? I think I was in denial there wasn't much difference with the coilovers...because I'm a closet V.I.P'er.🤫
  13. The boss has a VW Up! You're right it is about perfect. But there are plenty of other boxes I need to tick! (Hopefully including an XJ one day!)
  14. Mx-5 given the once over prior to MOT now booked for Thursday. Can't see any issues so it should hopefully be smooth sailing. I've bought a set of dollies for the garage to shove cars about as and when required. My thinking is there is enough room for locking up 3x cars over the winter. Lexus back on standard suspension. Sill patched using my finest pigeon shit. ABS lights has stayed off too for the last week. Still need to fix the blowing exhaust (the Y pipe) but I may just leave it. Gave it a clean to take some photos as I think it will be going up for sale in
  15. Yup, same as the lexus.
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