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  1. Don't be a cheap cunt like me and buy a Hisense. If you have problems with it you'll spend WEEKS back and forth with their customer support team only to be told "not our problem m9". I have one of their 65" jobbies and it will not play UHD content through Netflix or iPlayer without it flickering intermittently.... software issue that isn't covered apparently (telly has a Netflix button on the remote FFS). PXL_20211008_202805939~3.mp4 Then there is the issue with bluetooth headsets regularly losing audio stream / stuttering (even though they work perfectly fine with my other TV/Phones)...they don't guarantee compatibility. Make sure your telly is also backed by a reputable warranty from the likes of Richer Sounds. This fucking thing would have been thrown back at Costcos front desk if it wasn't for the fact I'll need to hire a van to take it back πŸ˜‚. Going through the rigmarole of an online return just now.🀞
  2. I am impressed. It looks pretty blooming clean. I had it pictured in my head it was going to be minging πŸ˜‚. Those seats look a very inviting place to sit ones bahookie. Top adventuring!
  3. Clio away for scrap. 7 years exactly to the day (thanks Facebook for making me feel extra guilty) from when I bought it. That'll do pig, that'll do.
  4. Donated some coppers. Thanks for all your efforts in keeping this place goingπŸ‘
  5. Look like Mazda 2 Sport wheels to me? If you split, gies a shout. Bigger brakes, 6 speed and a decent hood are on my watch list πŸ‘.
  6. Broon and fake wood in an Astra. Mint.
  7. GT looking great πŸ™‚. You seemed to have had a good bit of dry weather for it too, it's done nothing but tip it here for the last week.
  8. Picked up a wee 10 plate Micra for the MiL as her 04 Clio is getting old in the tooth. Spent this afternoon cleaning it in-between getting soaked. I'm worried I've made it look too nice, she might actually think I like her πŸ˜‰.
  9. Pity this is in Torquay. I'd have bought it for the MiL as her new runabout to prove how fond I am of her. Shame.
  10. Cheapest was the 406 coupe of many shitter's. Bought it for Β£400. Did bit of work to it, Motd and sold back on here for Β£450. It then proceeded to do it's best shitting Peugeot impression and have a complete electrical meltdown for the new owner. A real shame as it was really tidy:
  11. We have white goods on order (Skoda Scala monty python spec). Was due for end of month but with no build slot yet it will probably be next year before it arrives. I would like a winter run around but as always I'm struggling to make my mind up. Something tall & 4x4 or 6 cylinder & smooth. But knowing me I'll end up with fuck all or something totally different.
  12. Hate the stuff as I can never get it looking flush either and the mess it makes does my nut.
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