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  1. Gerrymcd

    Mk1 mx-5

    I'm sure if you wind the locks down you'll be lowering the height of the spring on the shock and the height of the car?
  2. Superb effort. Mine are utterly shit. Sausage fingered rather than green fingered.
  3. Ooft. Don't tempt me man! Ooft, don't tempt me man!
  4. Small update: MOT time today for the 406. Failed on a few discoloured bulbs otherwise it was a PASS 🙂. Rewarded the 406 for it's good behaviour and treated it to a new battery as it was getting tired.
  5. Was full of crap, but built a 12x6 shed behind it last week to ram that instead (was fitting hasps to it just before I set of to yours!)
  6. Other vehicle in the fleet. 2000 Mx-5. A rare pre facelift sport edition. Which is basically skirts/ front splitter/ air conditioning and blue interior ontop of a 1.8s. Had it since 2016. No plans to get rid. Amazingly it's not riddled with rust like most of them. Stainless exhaust and frame rail covers (because like lots of mx5s they've been squished to feck) and that's it for mods. Did have coilovers but got fed up having to drive over every speed bump sideways.
  7. How to begin? Purchased the 406 from @davehedgehog31. Resisting the temptation to do any sort of fettling until I put it through its MOT. Headlights were a bit yellow so sanded back and polished. Not bad but not brilliant. She is really bloody clean for her age. Next - the indicator stalk was very floppy. Right turns cause the left indicator to come on when it self cancels and gravity takes hold. Culprit is a wee plastic plunger within the stalk that wears. Wheel off. Stalks off and apart. Plunger replaced. (Will skip the part were I had to take it apart another two times to fix the clock spring and the airbag light). Now the indicator works with a satisfying click. Yeah the photos are crap. I'll try and get better at this.
  8. The volvo I had on lease. Was BROWN to boot.
  9. Hello. Just purchased a 406 coupe from a forum member. Thought I better come oot from the shadows and say hello. So hello! 👋
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