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  1. Who needed a people carrier in 1990 to carry a family of four and a mountain of shite down to cornwall? All you needed was a 60bhp italian stallion and a trailer about the same size of the thing that was pulling it. Me in the bushes. Pre or post whizz.
  2. Royal mail. Every single time. Due today (Saturday)by 7.30PM. Where is it currently? Good job I'm not in a rush for it.
  3. Update. Not done much of late as I was waiting for ball joint splitters to arrive to maintain my sanity. Pile of bits creeping up: Removed both front dampers and springs. Passengers side damper good. Drivers side damper bad - can push it back with no effort. In discovering this joy, in the process i managed to strip the thread of one of my spring compressors when untensioning the drivers side spring. Artist impression: Felt like bomb disposal loosening the other spring compressor with an angle grinder as the other compressor was now jammed solid (I sat
  4. Fleet update - scope creep. Car gets a wobble on when breaking. Main thoughts are it'll be the front discs that are warped.... Ordered 2x 315mm dinner plates and pads - done. This has turned into... - Caliper rebuild (4 pots = 4x the fun) - done Started to vactan the front suspension before redfitting....oh look the front spring is snapped..... Additions to the shopping list: - 2x new springs - 2x new arb drop links (because seized. They always bloody seize so i bought them in advanced) - 2x upper control arms (because seized i
  5. AM on the radio. Front fogs. I switch them on to check they are working prior to MOT time and that's about it. Dual zone mode on any climate system as the numbers have to match or it annoys me.
  6. Nice to meet you dude, glad you got up the road awrite. A sailboat would probably have been a more appropriate choice of transport today!
  7. Love these. Top buy. Looking forward to seeing new developments 😊
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