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  1. I have always thought 1999 as well. Ride quality was still a thing, BMWs didn't look like gargoyles, the market didn't seem to be catering to the wannabe gangster black alloy wheel cunt brigade. Yet, cars were mostly safe and reliable and generally had decent technical specifications. I have little interest in anything made after 9/11, anyway.
  2. I MIGHT be there with my 605. Club Peugeot UK have been offered a pitch.
  3. Awww, you'll make me blush.
  4. Why, thank you! If bits of the car are falling off when its on the ramps, one would say that the MOT is a forgone conclusion...To be honest, I didn't think it would be returned to the Nasty MOT man, by rights it should be dead by now! The 306 is being worked on as we speak, by world's cheapest, nicest, but slowest garage.
  5. It probably managed to be AS the second it was launched. I like the colour and spec too "exists only in old magazines" spec.
  6. Pinin did the interior, but surprisingly, Peugeot did the exterior themselves. Pininfarina submitted proposals which influenced the finished car, though.
  7. I lost my password some months ago. While sorting out my old laptop, I found it, alone with some pictures of last year's moronic, ongoing activities. Enjoy. I've not been posting about any of my cars anywhere for a long time - to be honest I've been quite happy just driving them, and haven't really done anything that interesting with them anyway. 14 months ago, a fairly disgusting 605 SRDT came up for grabs on Gumtree in the middle of a pandemic. There was no way to legally view it, so my partner and I bought it blind and had it Shipley'd over, communicating with the seller only via email. It was a leap of faith, but if you don't have faith in 90s diesel Peugeots, quite frankly you should give up on life. A week later, this was deposited on our driveway. It was owned by the same lady its whole life, as the blue V5 was testament too, but I don't think she washed it very often. Odd, as it's a well known fact that old ladies dig car detailing. But still, let us worship at the altar of originality, and praise the holy dealership sticker, clinging on for dear life in the back window. Lo, thou interior may be tidy, if be brown where once was grey. First impressions were of a car which drove very well and had been well looked after, which happened to have not moved for quite a long time. A binding calliper at the back was the first sign of a long slumber. During covid I volunteered to do prescription runs for older people in our village, which gave me a chance to actually drive it. Oddly, the air con was still working. If it wasn't driven for a couple of days, the battery would go flat. Ever have those: "what am doing with my life?" moment? Thankfully, the '90s battery charger was called upon to rescue the '90s car (and probably '90s battery). A weeks later I decided it was time to address the binding calliper. It turned out the calliper had rusted onto the disc as one ancient rusty blob. Just as well I threw it the garage who were happy* to take on the challenge** of hellicoiling snapped bolts out and attacking it with a blow torch. Here's some pictures of when I came to bring it some grapes and a get well soon card. I attempted to MOT it, then both front coils snapped on the ramp. I don't have any pictures, but I counted four pieces on the floor. Had it fixed, after going to NCIS lengths to track down the right coils (it turns out 308 springs will fit) and we passed. Deep cleaned it , and found it to be quite nice under the ming: So, what is it? It's an SRDT, which means you get more wood trim, the posh radio and air-con. However, being shod on plastic covers and lined with cloth seats, you, and the outside world are reminded that you're not quite good enough. DT denotes that its a turbo diesel (living up to my user name). This is the 3rd 605 I've owned, and probably the best. I can see this sticking around for a long time with us, and after a year of ownership its still my favourite in our little fleet. But it's weird. I've always wanted a phase two, dark blue 605 with cloth seats and wheel trims (I'm aware that that sentence is a portal which allows you to look into my mind, and see just how perverse I really am). Don't ask me why, I just have. The amount of time I spend cleaning, polishing, and looking at this thing probably looks a lot like mental illness to the outside world and Asperger's Syndrome to my ever-tolerant partner, but there's nothing better than making a dream come true - even a dream as pedestrian as this one.
  8. We've had snow showers here and a lot of ice about, so the gritters have been out in force. I had to get the BMW over to a garage for a quote, so buckets and sponges were scrambled in short order when I got home. The soapy water (which came out of the house warm) had frozen before I could rinse it it off and I couldn't feel my hands. Can't remember the last time I has a car I loved enough to do that with. I can't clean the underside so I'll have to find a car wash over the weekend. God, I hate salt!
  9. My X308. Constantly broken and left me stranded three times. Wasn't that quick despite having a 4.0 AJ-V8 or wasn't really that comfortable. Only good thing about it was that the air-con worked, and I don't even use air-con all that much. Seen here being recovered from my drive to be taken away to be repaired after the output shaft fell out when I was driving home. Happened when I was in bum-buggering nowhere at 2am, with no signal. Managed to limp it home, but go knows how. Cured me of Jags. It averaged 1,000 miles between repair bills, normally at £1,000 a pop to put right. It's why my current barge is a 7 series.
  10. You can go one better than that. One of my school friends bought an RX-7 in the '00s (and still has it). 2,000 mile interval. He buys a lot of oil.
  11. I change my oil every 3-5k, if it's something I care about. Guess I must be American.
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