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  1. We've had snow showers here and a lot of ice about, so the gritters have been out in force. I had to get the BMW over to a garage for a quote, so buckets and sponges were scrambled in short order when I got home. The soapy water (which came out of the house warm) had frozen before I could rinse it it off and I couldn't feel my hands. Can't remember the last time I has a car I loved enough to do that with. I can't clean the underside so I'll have to find a car wash over the weekend. God, I hate salt!
  2. My X308. Constantly broken and left me stranded three times. Wasn't that quick despite having a 4.0 AJ-V8 or wasn't really that comfortable. Only good thing about it was that the air-con worked, and I don't even use air-con all that much. Seen here being recovered from my drive to be taken away to be repaired after the output shaft fell out when I was driving home. Happened when I was in bum-buggering nowhere at 2am, with no signal. Managed to limp it home, but go knows how. Cured me of Jags. It averaged 1,000 miles between repair bills, normally at £1,000 a pop to put right. It's why my current barge is a 7 series.
  3. You can go one better than that. One of my school friends bought an RX-7 in the '00s (and still has it). 2,000 mile interval. He buys a lot of oil.
  4. I change my oil every 3-5k, if it's something I care about. Guess I must be American.
  5. You know in petrol stations, they have a picture of a little phone with a cross through - that actually looks like the phone in the picture.
  6. You'll probably end up paying more for the alloys than you will the car! For some reason those Alpina things are worth more pound per pound than gold.
  7. It is indeed Biarritz. Would have preferred Orient, but you can't have everything you want! Handy to know it's a Nokia phone. I don't think it's the screen itself at fault, from the digging I've done. Which will probably make fixing it more of a pain, but never mind! Yes, I am aware of the fuel tank leaks This one seems alright - but I'm fully expecting it to go at some stage in my ownership.
  8. All were actual colours, but people only ever seemed to buy silver, blue or green over here - there's loads of glacier green ones around, which has always baffled me.
  9. That's what I'm thinking. It can be moth balled rather than fucked off when it does it break if I need to save up to fix it.
  10. I'm sure it will be back. Maybe without a dented door because I've just got a quote to fix it.
  11. Funny you should say that, I was talking about that with a friend about that last night. And you have no sense of adventure. The first thing a do with a new car is launch it off a multi storey. If it survives, I keep it.
  12. And it's funny how a lot of people seem to feel that way. I agree that the sports are a bit too new money looking and gauche - "proper" BMWs are best enjoyed understated.
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