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  1. I had a Laguna with one "Uniglory" tyre once. No info was around online at the time, or any reviews, making me wonder if I was the first to survive them.
  2. I could never run a car on veg because the smell would constantly make me hungry. It was bad enough when I got wafts of steak frying from the pub over the road.
  3. Some cars from the era will be on fine E10 - I think most "autoshite era" BMWs, Mercs are fine on it, and I think most Jags are. There was some EU paper produced detailing which older cars could and couldn't be run on E10 -but I've had a look and I can't find it.
  4. That's what I used to think as well, but I asked an engineer if it was worth using, and that was the answer he gave me. Apparently some of the heat generated by the engine can cause this to happen, meaning you can lose a very small amount of fuel before reaches the combustion chamber. We're probably talking very, very tiny amounts but I tend to err on the side of caution. I assume this is true, as I've noticed a small increase in MPG on most of my cars cars. What was the additive that Shell used back then? I'd love to read about that!
  5. I see what you mean now, sorry. I'm talking about people being warned off lower octane stuff. I'm not saying anyone "should" be warned off cheap stuff, but that's the reason garages are probably getting at when they tell people to avoid Supermarket fuel. And don't get me wrong, I don't judge people as inferior car enthusiasts for using cheap fuel (an oxymoron really, there's no such thing as cheap fuel in the UK). The little Fiat gets run on any old stuff to be honest, it's nor old nor worth the extra investment of posh fuel.
  6. Which fuel station? Fareham branch in Hampshire. No longer local to me, but it was once.
  7. Everything on my fleet bar the Seicento is near enough 30 years old, so I run them on super to protect them. R.E garages warning against "supermarket fuel" - what they should be warning against is "lower octane". The higher the octane rating, the higher the temperature the fuel will ignite, meaning more of it actually combusts in the combustion chamber, rather than on the way to it, reducing carbon build up and coking the engine up. Run a car for years on cheap fuel, and it will come home to roost in one way or another eventually. Momentum/V-Power and Ultimate and whatnot isn't really worth it if you see it as rocket fuel, because it really isn't, but it might make your engine more efficient. Even though our fuel does come from the same ground tanks, I avoid ASDA like the plague. A few years ago one of their filling stations local to me had issues with contaminated fuel, damaging a lot of customer's cars. To their credit, ASDA paid for every repair which resulting in people filling up with the iffy batch of fuel. I'm aware that it could happen anywhere, but it has always stuck in my mind.
  8. £600 is crazy cheap for even a rough XJ40 now, and that looks quite nice. I've seen breakers go for more than that. Even after the engine rebuild and exhaust work, you'll still be in clover. The XJ40 has always been my favourite Jag too, in fact, it's the car which got me interested in old cars in the first place (a family friend had a Kingfisher blue XJ6 which sparked the interest) so there's always a bit of nostalgia involved when I see these. If I was asked what colour I'd like my engine painted, I'm not sure what I'd reply with..."Engine colour, please.", perhaps.
  9. Last time I checked 8 were on SORN. Two of these resurfaced on Gumtree some time ago, both too far gone to be used for anything other than parts sadly.
  10. Thanks for tuning into the PSA Channel. Update time. The V6 605 remains vaguely broken. It still has that air of a car which is on the brink of catastrophic failure, but somehow still feels like it will outlive its owner. I decided to start using it again, and have finally been giving it more attention. It hasn't really done anything since the last MOT, despite this, I still feel like there's loads to do on this beforehand. Oddly, the power steering is better behaved at the moment, but the new ram is still going on. The garage have it next month, or at least they did. I don't think my trusted mechanic will be talking to me for a while (more on that later). Over its "winter slumber" to use the vernacular of a bottom feeder car journalist, the coolant has gone rancid, as if the engine has soiled itself in protest at not being used. The expansion tank now looks like it is filled with something which has leaked out of a corpse that's been decomposing on a motorway verge for six weeks. The V6s have gearbox coolers, and I'm not confident changing the coolant so they will be doing that when they have fun with the ram. Other than the coolant turning into rancid death juice, the car hasn't really suffered. It still smells of coolant which makes think it's OK to drive it until I get it changed. In the meantime, I have started to improve the cosmetic aspects of the car in order to restore the E X E C U T I V E A P P E A L. The yellow headlights have always aged this car, and gave the lights that '90s French car "two glow worms in a tea towel" thing for some authentic PSA night time danger. Two Christmases ago I was given a kit to restore headlights, but never really had a use for it until now. It took me about four hours to do it and two cups of coffee, but it was worth it: Funny how something reasonably small can make such a big difference to a car's looks. Have my efforts improved functionality? I don't know. Haven't driven it in the dark yet. Yes, that foglight is still broken. No excuse really as I have two spare sets, especially during lockdown! Another area which always let this thing down was the paint. I've started to learn how to improve car paint during lockdown. The first steps are to take off the flaky, rough lacquer which just made the car look worse than it actually is. If this was something yuppy like an '80s Merc or 944 I'd make some joke about the car being so Thatcherite it makes its own coke. But it isn't. It's a car for the adulterous sales rep, who would refer to this as a "bastard of car", who flirts with intent with the 19-year-old company receptionist, who holds your eye contact for just that little bit too long and is overly familiar with you at the buffet table at conferences. Peugeot 605. The official car of unironically playing Richard Elliot albums during your commute. Peugeot 605. The official car of paying for lunch with your AMEX, and putting it on the centre of the table so everyone sees it. Peugeot 605. The 1980's embarrassing hangover. It's still here, and we're surviving lockdown together. And it probably always will be. Progress on this old barge is slow, but it will get there. I took a picture of it at an outing to a National Trust, its first proper outing in over a year, more to prove that the thing has actually been used... I have a new arrival (the thing that pissed the garage off), and I'll write about tomorrow. Sleep beckons. Sorry for offering no real content. But I wanted to share this car that I love so much with everyone again.
  11. Yeah, that as well. I think she killed her last husband by caffeine poisoning, after years of force feeding him coffee every morning at 11.
  12. The "bargain" Passat? I remember that, too. That was quality reading.
  13. Why not? It's something to do innit? Especially if you're around more as lockdown eases to help them look after it. My Grandmother has a thing for killing printers. The last episode involved her putting something she wanted to scan (the coffee machine manual) through the print heads, shredding the manual and killing the printer at the same time. I know how you feel.
  14. That looks lovely. W210s are very nice things drive and ride in, soothing and confidence inspiring - a perfect antidote/weapon/shield for today's manic roads. Those old V8 are so well mannered and oddly frugal if you have a light foot. This makes me really miss my rust-free W210 which I loved, right up until some utter scumbag pikey in a flatbed Tranny hit it and wrote it off. Make sure you love it long time.
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