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    N19 reacted to inconsistant in 1989 property auction catalogue shite / street scenes   
    British roadscene 1955-1995
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    N19 reacted to CrapCarNerd in 1985 Ford Escort Mk3 - 1.1 Popular -9 years & 30k miles later!   
    So... after getting it back from the welders I used it sparingly for a couple of years toying about with different stereos. Think I sold this one again as it didnt work that well but looked cool with the graphic eq. I decided to fit ISO blocks to all my stereos so I can swap them for shows etc. Pretty easy on the Escorts pov spec dash, you can just push them out from the back 🤪

    Someone reversed into it and luckily some mates saw it. I got some cash off the guy to sort it out and managed to get two bumpers for it in the end. After that I put the new metal number plates under the bumper incase it happened again.

    I also found a guy who had wrote off his Escort and was selling all the spares. Got these original wheels which replaced the Capri ones.

    Then around 2016 I had the scuttle panel replaced and some rust touched up around the rear windows. Unfortunately (which has always been the case with this car) the body shop struggled to match the paint. Its never been the original Rosso Red so they did me a deal and flashed over the whole Car again. Unfortunately it lost its Popular stripes in the process and this is where it had to start living out side due to the Triumph Spitfire ...

    ... and me relocating to Crouch End, London. I loved this as it meant that I could go down to Ace Cafe regular and later on when we moved to West London go to loads of the West London Car meets. 

    This is probably the Escorts peak. I entered it into Festival of the Unexceptional 2018 .

    I started doing a bit of maintenance at this point as it wasnt doing to well in the London traffic. Changed the Radiator, hoses, thermostat to try and get the temp to chill out about. It turns out a leak on the bottom of the carb didnt help.  
    I also tried to track down the original garage at this point. No luck unfortunately apparently everyone who owns 'Southern Cross Garages LTD' is now gone and the Market Deeping branch where this Car came from is now a Co-Op.

     After I bought my Capri (told you we'd get back to that) which was a total fixer upper, I started getting braver with this one and did some well overdue maintenance. I did the tappets and long over due oil change. At this point i realised how much id neglected it and how important oil changes are. Since that I got an oil leak from the oil pump. Its behaving more now but shows how you have to do regular oil changes. 
    Up next, renting it out for films, electrical problems, moving north and my old friend rust returns! 

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    N19 reacted to CrapCarNerd in 1985 Ford Escort Mk3 - 1.1 Popular -9 years & 30k miles later!   
    After reading the Escort Base model thread I thought I'd share my Escort 1.1 Popular that I have owned for nearly 10 years now. Its proper chod spec and I love it!!
    I always wanted one of these. When I was a kid my dad had a Sunburst Red Base Model 1.3 (x reg) until about 1998 followed by a mk4 1.4 GL. I always assumed I'd own a Red 3 door Escort mk3 when I passed my test but, that was 2005. My folks helped me with my first shit box which was a £900 Saxo and they wouldnt help to buy an Escort as they thought the ones they had were shite. I was stuck for a while until I was making my own money. Saxo died one Friday and I was looking for a mk3 in Red in a hurry. Didnt happen but I landed a mk5 3 door in Red for work on Monday (2008). I also test drove a Capri 1.6 but we'll come back to that later.
    During owning this I went to view a mk3 (sunburst red 1.3) that a scrap yard in Manchester had put to one side. Went along with £300 which was what it wasnt selling for on ebay. Fell in love, was told to go home and bid. When I got home they'd taken it down and I was gutted! Even drove back and pleaded with them to sell it me. The bosses son wanted it apparently.  Anyway... had the mk5 for years, followed by a Focus when that died, then I was in a position where I was about to make some decent money as a touring musician which meant I could own a second car.
    Although I was always looking for one of these (still do to this day) one hadnt popped up in Red for 3 years and during the rehearsals for said tour a C reg 3 door 1.1 in Red popped up for sale on ebay. It seemed like it was meant to be so I went down to Peterborough and had a look/test drive. I loved every minute of it and thought it was hilarious at the same time. The steering wheel was so thin, the gear stick really long, the seating position was less sporty than my old mk5. I had to have it. The seller said you've checked it over havent you and happy with it a few times... alarm bells should have rang but it looked fine and solid. Put my fingers under the arch and they seemed solid (should have looked harder as you'll see). Anyway I bought it with my heart and not my head. Enjoyed the summer of 2013 with the medium wave radio cranked and the single centre speaker working its bollocks off then it lived in my Dads garage in the winter. 
    Apologies for the Photobucket watermark on these early pics.

    As stereo upgrade from medium wave to Cassette medium wave. 

    The following year as I remember it went for an MOT and they poked the little hole I'd found at the bottom of the driver sill, all the way around. Gutted!! This is the time I should have put it back on ebay, especially as on a now defunct Escort forum a guy couldnt sell a Base model 1.6 3 door in terracotta for £600. After a while I found some guys in Stoke-on-Trent who could restore it for me for a reasonable price so in it went... as you can see they found more rot than initially thought.  

    All done! with some new wheels off a Capri, probably killing off all the wheel bearings.

    This is probably 1/3 of story. Its 2014 at this point. My girlfriend had moved to Glasgow for a new job so I was occasionally using it to go up there (Still had my Focus Estate too). Mainly I used it to listen to the Smiths and Tom petty cassettes round Manchester when back from touring with various bands. At some point it was kicked out of my Dads garage when he bought a Spitfire 1500 in early 2017 and then I took it to London with my later that year when I moved.
    I'll continue this later on when I have more time. As a long time lurker on here I thought I should maybe share my own tails of automotive woe with you... we havent even got to the Capri yet. 

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    N19 reacted to Skizzer in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    Same. There was a whole load of people I ‘know’ from here and/or Twitter - including yourself - who I either didn’t see or walked straight past because we don’t know what each other looks like. What a world it is.
    Nice cars though.
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    N19 reacted to wuvvum in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    They would have done, except one of the beam deflectors had fallen off.
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    N19 reacted to mat_the_cat in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    I did. I deliberately didn't wash mine either, as it struck me in previous years that my memory of the cars present was not of them showroom fresh, but dirty and well-used. I think it just looked like I couldn't be arsed though!
    But doesn't this Cortina look so 'right'?

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    N19 got a reaction from Andrew353w in Lazy spotters thread   
    If you see the Mondeo or bluebird there, I'm out in the Capri somewhere!
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    N19 reacted to Andrew353w in Lazy spotters thread   
    I shall watch that piece of road with interest in future.....
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    N19 got a reaction from Shite Ron in Lazy spotters thread   
    The appearance of a decorators wagon is purely because I closed the tailgate on a spray can a few months ago 😬
    It's a wonderful vehicle and was parked there as I'd picked up the Capri to go to FOTU. 
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    N19 reacted to Andrew353w in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted at the end of my road this morning. Full Ghia specification and a (wait for it) cassette unit, which must be in working order, given the loads of cassettes all over the seats! It seems to be a decorator's workhorse.

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    N19 reacted to AnnoyingPentium in Lazy spotters thread   
    That'll be @N19's Mondeo.
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    N19 reacted to garycox in Lazy spotters thread   
    It is! I miss that car.
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    N19 reacted to HMC in Lazy spotters thread   
    Isn’t this the ex @garycox and current @N19  mondeo?
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    N19 reacted to adw1977 in Calendar - July 2023   
    Another from rob88h in the Harrison's Garage thread

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    N19 reacted to wesacosa in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    a big van full of merchandise he was flogging 
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    N19 got a reaction from Scruffy Bodger in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    Random snaps. 

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    N19 got a reaction from catsinthewelder in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    re: modern cars
    What might be an interesting addition for future years is an area for 'future unexceptionals' ie cars registered in the last 10 years that, in another 20 years time, will be the bread and butter of these events. (if we can afford fuel at £7.65 a litre, and the planned ULEZ expansion to Peterborough of 2037 doesn't materialise).
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    N19 reacted to Soundwave in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    A few more pics? Oh, go on then... 

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    N19 got a reaction from grogee in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    Random snaps. 

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    N19 got a reaction from Six-cylinder in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    Random snaps. 

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    N19 got a reaction from CreepingJesus in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    Random snaps. 

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    N19 reacted to JJ0063 in FoTU 2022? Completed it, M8.   
    Basically a designated car park for Dacias?
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