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  1. And so it would come to pass, I replaced the engine, luckily the local scrappie drinks in my local and he let me have the engine cheap and a hoist to do the work with. Should have documented the change for you gents. But I was at the very limit of my skill and my phone is shit and there the camera acts more like an impressionist painter than a camera. Just needs a new bush on the gear linkage and it'll be like new* *if your new 106 came from the factory with a broken heater blower motor Suspension is in good nick. But I've heard the horror stories
  2. His taxi driver knows a 'shortcut'
  3. Just my Halfpennysworth, between your oltcit and the other their is bound to be a roadworthy car. And I can think of few cars that suit you better. And as for the Sana, please for the love of god don't let that beauty out of your sight, it's an absolute gem.
  4. I got a sudden pain in the starter motor
  5. I don't know what you're talking about, I had a K series metro and that very rarely blew it's head gasket...
  6. Absolutely awful, power steering pump shagged and a possible head gasket failure. But the bodywork is almost pristine with only a few rust bubbles on the roof. How would I go about keeping her roadworthy, with all the mechanic in skills of a drunken baboon. And some fool has knackered the thread on the coil pack. But, a deep socket and a hammer could probably sort that
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