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  1. So in need of advice, I have always had a soft/ bland spot for these, this one is local, under a grand with 81k on the clock, would expect to knock him down a bit..... could you tell us the pros and cons of the old 2.2? Toyota Camry 2.2i auto Saloon 1998 Green Long MOT Low Mileage _ eBay.html
  2. Found this on bumtree, 49k and apparently under a carport for 10 years and happens to be the correct colour and a snazzy saloon!
  3. Mystery solved that quick..... well done that man!
  4. Looks like a tiny Cadillac ! certainly shite, anyone any idea what it is?
  5. Oh if only I didn’t have a reps jag....
  6. He is a funny dog, doesn’t bark and never runs off, you can walk for miles and not call him as he’s always about! On his passport the rescue place named him ‘Nino Moustache’, Max is a bit easier as I think you sound a dick calling that one out!
  7. He's along way from pounding the streets in eastern europe..... ?
  8. The cars biggest fan is Max from Moldova, beats sitting on a plastic load liner in a Subaru ?
  9. No, never had any gear problems and been using it as a daily, maybe but maybe not linked to the rough running pre EGR clean up, poss engine rocking the gearbox... who knows!
  10. Small update, car now runs well, I treat it to posh derv, also blew the budget on a front grill, which I prefer to the slatted one....... Sorted the SAT NAV disc, only one duff rear parking sensor to sort!
  11. Look a bit deeper on that one, most of the training prior to conflict action is now carried out by private companies in the US, aside from training private is the way the world now. In Iraq it was US forces as the largest consignment followed by US civilians with Private helicopters etc, war is big business ?
  12. It’s not that I hate it, I mean imagine watching country file and suddenly thinking..... I wonder if the front of my Mitsubishi that I totalled would go on the Jumbuck.....
  13. Just trying to comprehend the light bulb moment when this seemed like a good idea!
  14. Another, in High Wycombe..
  15. No linky as I can’t work out how to, pop on gumtree, the car is in Basingstoke Hampshire , reg plate pic for history below, guy has had it 20 years, has a bit of clutch slip....
  16. Nice old bus.... no mot but it does if you get my drift.....
  17. And when the Merc 75 SLK comes out you can flog the plate....
  18. Why was it that you could not take a Fuego through a car wash? I recall the signs!
  19. I also had a 25 V6 automatic, I was about 25 and paid 550 notes for it, phase 2 model on a G plate I think, odd spec as had cloth seats, crap talking computer, my first automatic that I recall taking a girl to France for a daytrip and ended up having a bite to eat, once finished got back in the said car and found it would not start. Huge sinking heart as of course no breakdown cover, 5 mins later worked out I had left it in D........... what a knobhead!!
  20. Always liked the 306 estate, but never owned one, had no idea you could tinker with them and make them have a bit of shock and awe.. I recently had a mk 4 golf gti, the much slated variety but it was a factory 180bhp model fitted with an Audi S3 turbo, alot of fun and great for upsetting people in their newer cars that never expected an old golf to spank them! Not even a rear spoiler to give it away, rockin about 215/220 bhp, doesn't sound alot but plenty enough!
  21. Was that a factory option on the Marea or a dodgy aftermarket spoiler as it looked all fitted nicely?
  22. No 1 the Metro gave me a flash back to being 17, my mate Michael had one that he wanted to pimp from a base to a S model (if it even existed), so I remember going to the scrappy and getting a set of those pepper pots off a dead metro for him.
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