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    RR P38

    Localish to me and I loved the colours, I could cope with the farm look but not for what they are asking!
  2. Sure I’ll update once I get it here! I think it had the storage parcel shelf, too busy looking for damp in the boot! only downer is a crap bmw detachable tow bar which looks crap, but not bad enough to break a deal based on its other virtues!
  3. It come down to engine and performance, I can’t afford a pug gti, but this has that same engine too big for what now seems a small car feel, a lot of bang for 800 notes but of course with marmite looks!
  4. What have I done now, I got thinking that a 6 cylinder engine with a swift 0 to 60 would do me well in a hatch...... hence the introduction of the 325 ti.... Full stamped up specialist history with 152k on the clock, cows inside, original stereo with a cassette player! Go on what's the verdict dare I ask?
  5. Alan Prost

    RR P38

    On another twist I am now looking at a 325ti, total opposite to a P38, it's just dealing with the risk which in turn equals money.........
  6. Alan Prost

    RR P38

    Just the sort of thing, non leather and a stick.... love it!
  7. Alan Prost

    RR P38

    Already watched this a few times so thanks!
  8. Alan Prost

    RR P38

    Got an itch for one of these, as I now have a Nissan Leaf, so fancy one as our second car / dog walker/ getting muddy/ workhorse. Would not be doing mega miles but prefer the 2.5d flavour. Please tell me if they are as bad as they say or if they are OK as a hack, seen one on an 98 plate with 215k with good history on MOT check, sadly has newer alloys but i'm sure that it would not cost much to get back to less blingy!! Let me know your thoughts....
  9. Hampshire/ Surrey border GU33
  10. Well not quite as planned, the wife has been after a leccy car, and as the good season is upon us I ended up looking and then buying one, this means that my Audi A4 will become second car and the Camry is suddenly surplus, there is nothing wrong with the car, drives faultless, has a bit of a dodgy rattle can on the OS doors but not bad from 15 ft. I have installed a toyota cassette player so the glow at night matches the rest of the dash, also still have the JVC if you would rather pop it back in. Loads of history, drives a treat, MOT until August.... just looking to recoup the 500 n
  11. Well thanks for the input, really pleased with it, lovely to waft about in! The only thing I want to do is get an original Toyota head unit in it if I can find one!
  12. Ah I am late to the party here, see things have moved on 🙄
  13. You sure its not EGR or MAF, that is what often causes a problem, both simple to replace/ clean
  14. No idea why the pictures have rotated🙄
  15. Well turns out its a small world, it was for sale by a trader a few miles from my village, turns out I knew him and he was keen to make space as it is not his usual thing as was a PX against a posher newer v6 camry. Took it for a drive and everything works, its had the multi changer pulled out and an after market stereo, i'm not bothered about the CD player but a shame the factory look dash has been disturbed. Insides are very clean, although it needs a general clean, outside has a few giffer marks, but all in all good and drives without fault. So I am now the proud owner of a
  16. Seeing it tomorrow🙂
  17. Hmmmnn cambelt done, running out of excuses other than the fact that i'd like it for alot less money!!
  18. Big Corolla, think I'm going to take a look, just waiting to hear back on cambelt evidence.......
  19. Looked at MOT history, nothing scary!
  20. Thing is, I personally just like the old shape one, those tail lights!
  21. Yep I thought most fitting!
  22. Ah pleased you clocked that one, anything I should look out for on inspection?
  23. Waiting for a more educated view rather than my; I like the shape and colour combo.........
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