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  1. The Snuggy was all sorts of terrifying IMO. I particularly loved nearly getting thrashed by a mobility scooter... Hahahahaha - my dress!!! I only wear vintage (which is sadly a lot more expensive than when you could get a decent dress down Huddersfield market for a fiver...) so all my dresses are verging on fancy dress 24/7 Most of them are towelling or crimplene which means I'm 100% fire hazard when combined with all the hairspray I use. Hahahaha - Clarks finest work shoes always. Can't skimp on a shoe. Again cheers all for the support on my ridiculous online life x
  2. Cheers love - it's no worries. I saw it pop through when I was cooking dinner and completely forgotten I'd written a reply! x
  3. Hey guys! Thanks to the OP for the shout out, you’re brill. Also thanks for all the constructive criticism on here. I’ve only being doing this since April so I definitely know there’s room for improvement, so bear with as I hopefully get better in time 🥰🥰 I’m not out to ‘make a living’ off it in the slightest, far from it, just gave me a focus when my life was a bit bonkers and I wanted to give myself a bit of a distraction. Turns out the response hasn’t been too shabby! As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not a tech car person by trade or design, I’m actually a Hair Brand Manager who just just loves old cars and wanted to make some content. Referencing the weird comment which got deleted, it’s not the worst I’ve read and I actually want to say a huge thank you to everyone here for commenting on my content and not the fact I’m fat/female/not a man. I appreciate that more than anything! Also, sorry if the cards offended anyone. Wasn’t my intention at all and after spotting people flyering I thought I’d do a little hustle. Clearly the marketeer inside me is switched on 24/7 eh?! Anyway, for those of you who enjoyed the video or it was decent enough background noise whilst you did some washing up, please feel free to stick with me. I appreciate every and any ounce of support! Right, it’s back to work for me. Cheers for an interesting thread! All the best Steph x ps. I can confirm I live in West Yorkshire. Well spotted
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