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  1. This thread is top reading! Thanks, and what’s happened with it since your last post?
  2. Great work in a great thread, and a nice car. I’ve had a number of w124:s, from 200D to 400E, and I have to get another one soon, preferably an estate. Anyway, I can’t see you got an answer about the spring kit supposed to fix slow shifts between 2nd and 3rd. It’s called K1-kit, and consists of a couple of springs and plastics. The Mercedes part number is A1262704477, I think it costs around £20 and can be replaced with the transmission sump removed. It sits behind a plate on the side of the valve body.
  3. De Tomaso Longchamp, if not mentioned before. Mk1 Granada headlights and indicators (and US Ford engine). Rear lights looks like they’re from a Fiat of some sort.
  4. Apologies if this has been posted already, but what a lovely car! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153983710663
  5. axelvic

    Merc thread

    I had a 220 diesel Manny years ago, and I’m quite sure I replaced the starter without removing the engine mount. Unfortunately I can’t remember how. I found a “Chiltons” guide and it doesn’t mention the engine mount having to be removed.
  6. My Mk1 Granada had headlight wipers when I bought it back in 2001, as all Mk1:s sold in Sweden. I removed them since I didn't know the feature had such a following.
  7. Thanks! Maybe I should start a thread about it.
  8. Hello! I’ve been lurking around this forum for years, but never got down to writing. I really like the friendly atmosphere and the openness to cars of all different models, as being a bit of an omnivore in cars, but a tendency towards Fords and Mercs. I’ve had at least two dozens of Granadas through the years, a lot of Mondeos, a couple of VW buses, a Volvo 745, a lot of w124 Mercedes, a few w210. Current lineup is my trusty old Granada LS coupe (3-litre) which I’ve had for nearly 20 years, an ‘87 Sierra and a 2007 Mercedes E-class. Regards, axelvic, Sweden
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