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    Dabooka reacted to Kringle in eBay tat volume 3.   
    £750 outback

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    Dabooka reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - Corona Resurrected   
    Well, here we go. The NEW fuel pump that was installed on the car has shit the bed. I only have tomorrow to replace it and only the ECP in Sunderland seems to have one single unit that available for collection tomorrow that might or might not fit. There's nobody else around here who happens to have a pump laying around that might fit the one below?

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    Dabooka reacted to sdkrc in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    Tell him you might apologise tomorrow night
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    Dabooka reacted to Pieman in Ford timelord   
    Not really Timelord related but I thought this might be worthy of inclusion here.  During a forum discussion on "worst records ever" the other day on another site, this came up.  This is the video to "Where's Me Jumper?"  by Irish punk band Sultans of Ping FC, released in February 1992.
    As you can see in the thumbnail image (which is at about 1:38 in the video) - unless I am very much mistaken, that's the ex-KLF/Jesus Jones '71 Ford LTD.  Just how many owners within the music industry did that thing have?
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    Dabooka reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - Corona Resurrected   
    It's finally happening! I finally have Corona at home! As some might remember I bought this JDM Toyota Corona EXiV from the drive of a banger racer right before the first lockdown after it was posted in the Ebay tat thread. Over a year later and the car has had its first successful MOT in 10 years and I will be taking it to the Festival of the Unexceptional this Saturday. If it can make it!

    I haven't driven the car much at all but was able to get a somewhat decent impression on my 30min drive home. Without trying to jinx myself, the car is actually driving surprisingly well, and its so comfortable that I am seriously wondering how they managed to do achieve this on a 5th gen Celica Platform. Obviously there are plenty of things that need sorting, the blowing exhaust being the biggest issue. But overall Im quite impressed and look forward to spending some time in these gloriously brown cushy velour seats.

    What makes the car so special is the fact that its a true hardtop sedan, the b-pillar only reaches up to the car's waistline:

    As Japan stopped making this body style of 4-door cars altogether after this generation of Carina ED and Corona EXiV this makes it one of the last production hardtop sedans.

    I didn't even realize that these came with fold-down rear seats. I finally have a practical car on the road again!

    Two of Toyota's Japanese market luxury offerings of the early 90s:

    A worthy addition to the fleet:

    I'm still on the fence about whether I should clean the outside for Fotu2021. I've already started cleaning the interior which was badly needed and will spend the next few days making sure that everything is ready for the weekend. Can't wait!
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    Dabooka reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego 1.3 Estate - Mini Engine Rebuild   
    What do you get after 16 hours and 800 miles of driving on a Sunday to collect two cars? Well @sharley17194 picks up a 1997 Citreon AX from the depths of the Lakes on the North West coast past Keswick. However, we actually started the day by driving to just near Cromer on the East coast to pick up this!
    An Austin Montego poverty spec estate with a 1.3L A-series engine! Yes you did read that bit right! Yes I know the DVLA lists the model as 1.6... Yes its correctly registered as 1.3L. No I dont know if its a factory 1.3L! 😂
    My favourite part of all this??? (Apart from the doom blue colour and the absolutely terrible interior!) 281,000 miles on the clock!
    Collection went really well and the below posts follows my initial assessment of what is quite frankly the best car I have ever purchased.

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    Dabooka reacted to MrSchwifty in Collection Fred - It's not a Peugeot!   
    Train #2 acquired - hot brown also purchased, * knees alert*. 
    No more connections to make, straight line to the final destination now. 

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    Dabooka reacted to MrSchwifty in Collection Fred - It's not a Peugeot!   
    A replacement for the Mercedes 190 has been arranged, with the 505 off the road for the foreseeable I need a practical transportation unit as the 'loon Merc whilst comfy can't carry much stuff. So, an new vehicle looms.  Guesses on a post card!
    First,  breakfast....

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    Dabooka reacted to Rab in One (shite) picture per post.   
    Postcard i sent to my Mum from the Czech Rep. in 1996.

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    Dabooka reacted to alcyonecorporation in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    Some very quick phone snaps from the meet. I hadn't checked the forum and thought I was meeting up with @Lacquer Peel in a mutually convenient place to collect some 850 parts he'd bagged from the infamous 'Volvo Jim'.
    It was great to catch up with people; I drove @GeordieInExile T5 Auto; I liked @Schaefft's Lincoln; I spoke to @Inspector Morose and @chaseracer in person for the first time in ages. 
    I will be checking the forum more often from now on - got out of the habit. 

    TL;DR - turned up thinking I was collecting parts, did collect parts, didn't even win 'Best SEAT.' 

    I have nothing AS-friendly running at the moment apart from my 960 saloon; it's not that bad on fuel for what it is at 30mpg and the air-con works but for long-distance work the 70mpg + of my Leon 5F was hard to ignore! 

    I took the parts back to Peterborough that day and will be attempting a revival of the ex - @mk2_craig estate next weekend. 


    1966 Volvo 121 - runs like anus
    1985 Peugeot 305 S2 Estate Auto - no brakes or MoT
    1986 Isuzu Piazza Turbo - cracked head, no test 
    1993 Peugeot 605 SRdt - no test, needs pipework, parts acquired
    1994 Volvo 850 T5 Estate - ex-Channel Islands, cost £50 
    1994 Jeep Cherokee Limited - gubbed, stuck in Peebo 
    1995 Subaru Impreza WRX GF8 - resting, needs cat, mysterious electrical faults y rust 
    1995 Subaru SVX - on road, not settled garage bill yet 
    1996 Volvo 960 -  on road


    + got sticker from @Jim Bell
    - didn't manage to drive @Jim Bell's W210.

    + great chips
    - coffee was a bit arse for £2.50 

    + great hill 
    - bit steep 

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    Dabooka reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Dabooka reacted to Inspector Morose in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    Have some mediocre photographs.

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    Dabooka reacted to GeordieInExile in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    I really liked the Insight. Felt very, very normal for a 20 year old hybrid.
    I ate my Twix while enjoying the world's slowest Citroen C5.
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    Dabooka reacted to Split_Pin in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    @Jim Bell Enjoying my Twix* ! Cheers!

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    Dabooka reacted to MT606 in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    my favourite of the gathering, with the Lincoln and the colt next inline.....

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    Dabooka reacted to tooSavvy in Swift... eh? Nah!   
    Nice stressfree soujurn to 'TWIXfest', today.
    Some 'hold down' stick action [giving extra wellie on the steep uns...] helped keep some element of forward motion ongoing
    Great meetup.... Interesting folks + cars!
    thanks to all
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    Dabooka reacted to loserone in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    Eeees a wizard
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    Dabooka got a reaction from sdkrc in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    Glad it went well, and that the weather behaved itself. 🙂
    How many made it total then?
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    Dabooka got a reaction from davehedgehog31 in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    Glad it went well, and that the weather behaved itself. 🙂
    How many made it total then?
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    That bus station, Malborough Crescent,  was also the home for various coach outfits too, including the infamous Barton Bus.  As a kid I'd be chucked on that on my visits back to the midlands to see family and friends in Nuneaton with nowt more than a few Commando comic books (remember those?) and a couple of cheese butties. It took about seven and a half hours and even now I see places like Worksop and Worsop and it brings memories back of that coach journey.
    When building the Centre for Life they also discovered a load of human remains there too which needed forensic archaeologists to remove and relocate them, allegedly it was a dumping ground from a cholera outbreak. One chap in particular used to come to the Dog frequently for the months and months it took to do, it really pushed the development back. Lovely chap and always very interesting, even to a 20 something barman.  I was also responsible for the coloured lights in the mesh stairway at either end getting rearranged; I got a lift back from Sunderland one day with one of the architects on the project and I commented the sequence meant a few of them merged and looked odd (yellow and red and the green and blue). The next day she said she agreed and had arranged to get them switched to be better contrasts to each other. 😆
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Not any more. 
    You're correct about the (heavily scratched) glass panel in the floor near the door to the ladies which allowed a view down into the cellar where the setup was. However that got royally fucked in the 80s when a relief manager whacked the heaters on without any water in the jackets. Burnt out the elements and basically killed off the gimmick as it was. The tanks needed to be cut up to be removed and that was the end of that.  It did mean the cellar was lovely to work in, three rooms and great setup for the stillage too. Best setup I've seen in an 'old' pub.
    Just read the link above which is nicely detailed. I thought it stopped in the 80s, not 1990, but my memory back then is somewhat addled. Partly due to the copious amounts of lager and Castle Eden I consumed in that very boozer.
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Just catching up after being AWOL for a couple of months and had to comment on this.  The Dog and Parrot was a very popular haunt of mine back in the 90s when it was renamed Tut n Shive (part of a chain owned by Whitbread. Remember them?), and I also worked there for about 7-8 years or so. Part time to fit around my other work, bloody loved it.
    Renamed back to the Dog again now of course, has been for quite a few years, but it's lost all of it's charm from the 90s as have many a boozer.
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    Dabooka reacted to garbaldy in Northern Twixfest NOW Middleton in Teesdale   
    Got home 7.30 after a  lovely drive home,     Great driving road down and good crack with many of the attendees unfortunatly I don't think I spoke to everyone so sorry to anyone I probably missed out,    excellent roads excellent company excellent cars and a bloody excellent sausage roll from the cafe.
    A++   Would recommend talking shite in a field again.
    Just made myself a cuppa and remembered ah biscuit so popped out to garage and it's a bit melted but nice.  Thanks everyone for a good day.

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