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  1. Sad
    Dabooka reacted to dozeydustman in The grumpy thread   
    Sister in law has just phoned up in tears.
    her partner had a sub-arachnoid aneurysm this afternoon and they’re switching life support off tonight.
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    Dabooka reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end.   
    I managed to find the secret injury clinic. See me after dogging for gauze and eye wash. 

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    Dabooka reacted to MarvinsMom in eBay tat volume 3.   
    this Beaumont is a chevrolet parts bin special from Canada. built in South Africa, and now here in blighty.
    isn't it lovely? i think so.

  4. Haha
    Dabooka reacted to Asimo in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Petrol Power and MoT @ £1050.

    ”I think the clutch is slipping”

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    Dabooka reacted to cbowditch in Toyota Camry   
    The Toyota Camry never sold very well in the UK, and the Gen3 is rather rare these days (in the UK) Earlier in the year I tracked down this beauty. It came with a massive service history folder. The first owner of 20 years had changed the oil every 2-2.5K from new. Everything works, electric sunroof, seats, original stereo, and the air con is ice cold 😀 Not bad for 161K miles and 25 years. The camry is really underrated and under appreciated in the UK. In the US, it was a best seller thanks to amazing durability, reliability and comfort. I think the exterior styling is what put lots of Brits off buying them, but I don't mind it all.
    Usually when buying a car of this age, there would be loads of annoying little faults to sort out, but not on this one. Sadly I didn't buy it direct from the 1st owner, there have been some owners inbetween who did neglect it

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    Dabooka reacted to reb in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    850 convertible made by Nilsson Special Vehicles. I want it.

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    Dabooka reacted to Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Pilgrim Street, Monkwearmouth.

  8. Haha
    Dabooka reacted to horriblemercedes in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Nice shot of the business end here. I know it's the business end, because Wikipedia says so. 

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    Dabooka reacted to Blake's Den in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    That was a big bus dump!
    Good to see a Leyland National at the Metrocentre bus station. That brings back memories of the 1990's.
    True strory - I once attended a 'bus rally' at the Metrocentre coach park. I was disappointed to find that they were static displays and not sliding around like mk2 Escorts!! To be fair, I was only 6. I remember buying a big Leyland 'plug hole of doom' badge, I've still got it up in my garage.
  10. Thanks
    Dabooka reacted to Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Does anyone like busses. 
    Incoming mega bus dump. 















































































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    Dabooka reacted to Sheefag in Bit of Cold war shite   
    I think you'll enjoy this, @Ghosty
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    Dabooka reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes   
    I am home now.
    Absolutely no help from the RAC after 2 hours, just text messages to say they are too busy to attend to me.
    All the thanks to Slowsilver who turned out at zero notice. Then allowed me to tow him in the Carlton at reckless speeds with him having no ability to slow me down even if he wanted too!
    It was decided not to punish the Zafira  and we put my Chelsea tractor to work instead. I think I heard it complaining it needed a pampering full valet after that activity.
    I hope we can get the Carlton going where it is or if not a quick tow to the FoD over the weekend.
    Once again BIG Thanks to @Slowsilver

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    Dabooka got a reaction from tooSavvy in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    So the second then. I think.
    I may need to get the Cougar back on the road for the next meet to hear it live. We can all take a vote
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    So the second then. I think.
    I may need to get the Cougar back on the road for the next meet to hear it live. We can all take a vote
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    Dabooka reacted to 320touring in Reb's 205 1.8D - It runs!   
    Cheers to @reb for an enjoyable afternoons tinkering!
    Having sold him this car a few years back, it was great to see it live again!
    Thanks to @DodgyBastard for supplying a peach of an engine - we didn't have to bleed it at all - literally just a few pumps of the primer and a glow of the plugs, and it fired right up!
    Cheers also to @Tickman and @Supernaut for all their graft getting the engine in and wired.
    today we fitted the passenger drive shaft, 2x new bottom arms and balljoints, filled the gearbox with oil and stuck a clutch cable on it.
    I also changed out the battery to starter/alternator loom so the bloody battery clamp tightened properly
    A bit of time was spent trying to get it to crank - we had dash lights, but no attempt to start at all (couldn't hear any load on the Volvo that was providing jump start capabilities)
    REB was able to read the wiring diagram (I have no clue with them!) And we worked out that we needed to attach a wire from the glow plug relay to the starter, and also swap the correct wire for the exciter on the starter.
    did that and away we went!
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    Dabooka reacted to Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Ch eye chest a
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Jim Bell in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Moving up here I could never understand how it's pronounced.
    Chi-chester or Chich-ester. I seem to get mocked regardless 😃
  18. Thanks
    Dabooka got a reaction from tooSavvy in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Moving up here I could never understand how it's pronounced.
    Chi-chester or Chich-ester. I seem to get mocked regardless 😃
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    Dabooka reacted to reb in Reb's 205 1.8D - It runs!   
    Big thanks to @320touringfor the help getting this going today!
    We're now going to see if we can get it to move!
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    Dabooka reacted to brownnova in The brownnova’s grand new purchase!   
    We’ll ultimately this will be disappointing compared to the choices offered here… but I bought an Elgrand and I’m well chuffed with it!! 

    It was a bizarre happenstance that my wife and I were looking for something interesting with 7 seats, but had discounted Elgrands as being too expensive. Enter Northern Monkey and his very reasonably priced Elgrand! Available in Colne… which is exactly where I happened to be away for the weekend with family! How spooky!
    So purchase was arranged! It’s a brilliant thing, and we look forward to ferrying the existing brownnova-sprogs and the one we have on the way! 
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    Dabooka reacted to brownnova in The brownnova’s grand new purchase!   
    There was no collection thread as @NorthernMonkeydelivered today. He has been a really A1 seller, as the day we went to view my daughter ended up being very ill and spending the night in hospital. Straight away he offered to deliver save me coming away from her whilst she was poorly. Thoroughly good chap and very much appreciated!! 
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    Dabooka reacted to beko1987 in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Having breakfast at an airfield! It's very nice 

  23. Haha
    Dabooka reacted to Wack in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    This is more of a WHAT THE FUCK than a makes me grin 

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    Dabooka reacted to Snake Charmer in Bo11ox' Aircraft Carrier   
    The launch date was also Hitlers 77th birthday!
    There are no plates on the inner wings but I think they may have been painted at some stage, probably at the same time by whoever did that fibreglass and filler in the wing fronts. The arches have been painted too.
    I rebuilt the engine, it may have had a steel timing gear already, if not Richard will have a receipt for one in the paperwork I had. The heads were converted to unleaded by Vulcan Engineering who managed to convince AJ to have them gas flowed as well!
    The clutch was an interesting one, I think it was a diesel Sierra I ended up fitting. Pistons were hard to find too, I did suggest fitting a 3ltr Granada engine I was offered but AJ wanted to keep the original 2.5ltr which posed endless problems on parts. 
    In all the time it sat in my front and rear gardens the paint was always flat. I pressure washed the green algae off it regularly and there was always a pale blue tinge to the water running away!

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    Dabooka reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Bo11ox' Aircraft Carrier   
    Hi all, you may recall i stomped off AS 6 months back after getting annoyed at the wanky moderation on here. Well I must have got over it to some extent, as i had been logging in from time to time recently, mostly to see what was on the for sale board, and guess whats happened? I've ended up with another car.

    I need more projects like I need a hole in my head, but this turned up on the FS board with no back wheels and no price and I was intrigued. Struck up a convo with @Snake Charmer who was looking after it on behalf of the owner Alan. It had been on Snake's driveway for 15 years and it seemed like it was 'out of sight out of mind' for Alan. Anyway photos were exchanged, I had a chat with Alan, more photos and videos came down the wire, then Alan said I could take it away for £1000 and pay after it was collected!!! Very decent of him. (I think he mostly just wanted a painless sale and a good home for it). At that price i could not refuse. So @worldofceri was drafted in for logistics, Snake refitted the rear wheels and home it came to castle bo11ox!!!
    I think both Snake and Alan are interested to see how I get on with it, so I'm chucking a thread up on here to record what happens with it (if anything).
    So lets have a look at it.

    So its a 1968 Zephyr Mk4, 2.5 Essex V6, 4-speed manual box and column gearchange. Snake has rebuilt the engine, and its got a new clutch and various other bits and bobs. It does run but doesnt drive as the rear calipers are dismantled and in the boot. Also the exhaust is rotten. I did bust out the mop on the bootlid and roof as well, I need to go right round it still.

    So far all I have really done is stare at it, I absolutely love how it looks. I always liked the shape of these and they seem to have avoided the crazy prices and knucklehead image of most old fords. Probably cos they supposedly drive like a half-burst lilo on the Whitley Bay Leisure pool.
    It seems amazingly unmolested really. Pretty much everything is present and correct. Stuff like the carpets and door seals etc do look like theyre 50 years old, but thats because they are right? I can't find any signs of it being welded amazingly - look at this flitch panel behind the NSF wheel. No splash guard - looks like it has the factory coating on it, yet all there is is a bit of surface rust.

    NS sill flange:

    Amazing! The only bits of rot I've found yet are the front wing tips and this little hole in the corner of the windscreen:

    That'll be a screen out job to sort, but I did find a company in Oz that make new screen seals so if I can get hold of one of those, the screen can be cut out to avoid another palaver like I had on the horsebo11ox. Amazingly this does not seem to have rotted out the bottom of the A pillar!!!
    Anyway the biggest problem is the lack of brakes. My driveway is sloped, so I've got the wheels chocked but with no brakes at all its completely immobile till i can get something sorted. The calipers were removed and dismantled some time back, heres how they look now:

    Snake reckoned they might be salvageable but looking through the bits I could only find one piston!!! (should be 2 obvs) Also, these calipers are pretty unusual, theyre the same as you get on a Rover P6 and they have some very weird mechanisms inside them. I decided I needed another pair of calipers 'intact' so that i could see exactly how they assemble and be sure I wasn't missing any other bits. @barrett put me onto some stammering geezer in Brighouse who has a stash of P6 parts so I had a trip up there and came back £70 lighter but with with 3 more calipers ("probably don't even need a rebuild m8")
    So today my workbench looks like this:

    Now I've got 5 calipers! on the far left there is one which I am planning to keep intact as a guide to how the thing assembles, the other 4 are now in bits. Also I found the missing piston. Also got 2 new seal kits.
    Now then, the real nub of the problem here is the pistons:

    All the pistons I have, are in really poor condition like these. Theyre a really weird design with that arm on one end and clipped inside is a female-threaded adjuster that wobbles about, check it out in the middle of this cross section:

    I noticed past parts sell reconned calipers for these/P6's so i thought they must have a source of new pistons, so I rang them up today. They reckoned they re-use pistons but bore out and re-sleeve the caliper bodies. I sat and thought about it and decided that sounded ridiculous - why fit a new sleeve, when the seal is static in the bore and the sealing surface is a moving piston? Then I sat in the garden for some hours wondering how I could get some new pistons machined up in stainless and how to attach those crank arms to them. I even opened one up to have a look inside:

    Didnt really come up with a satisfactory answer TBH.
    Then I had a brainwave when I realised that the main piston is not actually hydraulic at all!!! its the little one on the left of the X-section that is, that must be the one that PP resleeve. So actually, those miserable looking pistons will be perfectly OK after all. I will just clean them up as best I can and chuck loads of vaseline over them to protect them.
    I'm hoping I might be able to go up to Cobblers' place and get some of these bits cleaned in his ultrasonic cleaner before reassembling but hopefully i can get them back together in the next day or two either way.
    Also gave the backplates a clean up and a coat of red oxide & satin black (forgot to photo the finished jobs!)

    Ive got this week off work, booked it ages ago so I could do loads of horsebox stuff - Ive not touched that at all yet, as i am still in a 'love haze' with this Zephyr. More soon!
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