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    Dabooka got a reaction from Shite Ron in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    This is the content we come to read.
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    Dabooka reacted to Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Home again home again, jiggedy jig - as the old rhyme has it.

    Safe on the driveway of its new home, this symbol of Hiberno-Caledonian shiter relations will go down in history... or something of that sort.
    MrsDC said she could hear it approaching from the far end of the street. It is quite fruity, the exhaust note.
    So all that was left to do was remove my assorted debris, and lock up for the night.
    And put the bike away, of course.

    Whereupon a load of gardening tools fell on me. Again.
    Time spent travelling: 16hrs
    Miles driven: 140 approx
    Miles travelled: 324 (ono)
    Methods of travel used: 8 (bike; train; bus; aeroplane; walk; car (passenger); car (driver); ferry).
    Poo count: 2
    Breakfast count: 3
    Square sausage consumption: nil (need to sort that out for next time).
    Thank you all for your unwavering support in this foolhardy endeavour, chaps and chapesses - I've no doubt it does make a difference in ensuring a happy outcome for these krazy kapers!
    I'm off to eat a massive jar of olives, then sleep til Monday.
    DC out.
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    Dabooka reacted to Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    And we're on board... So this may be the last post 'til Norn Iron.

    The Mk1 Cavalier's a few places behind the Outback, and looks bloody good, actually. Clean, but patinated - a survivor, rather than a recent renovation.

    There's only about twelve cars and vans loaded tonight, so that priority boarding was definitely* worth it.
    On the positive side, the exclusive Stena Plus lounge is... very shiny.

    There's free coffee and free Tunnock's Caramel Wafers, so I might as well see what sort of a dent I can put in them before we dock.
    And there's tapas.

    Well, sort of.
    It might make anyone from Catalonia cry, but it'll do me rightly.
    Oh, and as we strike out into the inky depths of Loch Ryan on this wild and windy night - from three decks below, I can just about hear, sounding over and over...
    Lord help me, I never learn.
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    Dabooka reacted to Daviemck2006 in I seem to have bought another..   
    I think proper motor homes like that will remain in demand. The so called day vans, the knackered old builders vans with a bit of carpet lining and home made interiors made of old tattie boxes will get cheap again.

    Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk

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    Dabooka reacted to KitKat in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I can freely admit I have never, ever seen one of these in my life.
    Colt Lancer Turbo EX2000

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    Dabooka reacted to Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Stopped along the A876 for a mildly squished spicy bean wrap and a glug of iced tea, procured earlier this morning from a Tesco in Glasgow.
    Landscape is rather lovely.

    Sensibly*, I took the decision to leave my sunglasses at home this morning because the forecast was for constant, heavy rain all day. But alas no longer.

    Ah great. Wet reflective roads and bright low sunshine. Great combo.
    The now-quaint and faintly retro CD player was anticipated...

    ...so we have CD choons, people. No Spotify here.
    First up, the album I hadn't finished listening to when the Forester carked it.

    The open road beckons...
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    Dabooka reacted to Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    I was going to go for a pez shot, but it's got plenty of fuel in it - so have an atmospheric autumnal snap instead.

    Yup, it's the Subaru Outback of quite a few shiters (so far) - I believe I'm the fifth custodian of this fine vehicle from these hallowed beige pages?
    Just gotta get this one back over the sea, is all...
    First impressions: it certainly pulls. Nice noise from the 2.5 litre boxer lump through those twin exhausts, and surprisingly little wind noise through the pillarless glazing compared to the Forester (which made every journey sound like it was happening in a wind tunnel).
    ABS sensor and drop links will need seen to, as discussed. But it's very clean and quiet inside. I are impress.
    Moment of mild terror while exiting Chez JimH's laneway when suddenly it started beeping insistently at me, and which I feared was some sort of 'Fucking Fucked M8' alarm - but turned out to be only the passenger seatbelt warning, which sounds above 15mph and had been triggered by my hefty backpack dumped onto the shotgun seat. The Forester featured this same alert for the driver, but not for the passenger's side. Bag into the footwell, and calmness reigned once again. At least I worked it out by myself, and didn't have to make a tit of myself by phoning Jim.
    May not be many more updates until I (hopefully) hit Cairnryan - fingers crossed!
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    Dabooka reacted to montytom in Montytoms p6 things getting sorted.   
    Arrived and here it is

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    Dabooka reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Yer man seems to going into it to get it
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Huzzah! I know I wanted one before I got my Forester just none local / good enough / in budget at the time.  Without even seeing it I know there will be much want by me.
    I should also look at the underside of mine I guess before anything sets in. Still remarkably solid and it'll only help to move it on next year.
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    Dabooka reacted to Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Ding ding ding!!!
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    Dabooka got a reaction from Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Have we had that yet?
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    Dabooka reacted to artdjones in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   
    Datsuncog, later today.
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    Dabooka reacted to Datsuncog in Datsuncog's Heaps: 08/11/21 - Outbackery   

    Of course not. Only maniacs eat at this hour of the day night.
    PC = 1
    Weather = sub-optimal.
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    Dabooka reacted to rusty998 in Kolecshuning under way   
    Arrived, driven the car and the wife say that it is lovely, money transferred and homeward bound for a few hours on a Friday night back down and around the M25

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    Dabooka reacted to MorrisItalSLX in Ebay shite accessories and giffer trinkets   
    Now, if you thought the Maestro Clock was a bit too nice for your mantle piece than this could be the timepiece for you.

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    Dabooka reacted to loserone in Shite you see on the central reservation   
    Came here for the maglev 205, was not disappointed
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    Dabooka reacted to carburettor in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Stevie Wonders old Cortina!!!!!

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    Dabooka got a reaction from eddyramrod in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Utter bargain isn't it? Looks a peach
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    Dabooka reacted to warch in French car anomalies   
    I think there are several reasons that French cars are reviled by the average Britisher;
    1. They're not German. German cars are engineered not built, and achieve progress via technology, also they're not as reliable as a Volkswagen nor do they have those soft return grab handles. A mixture of bollocks and fantastic advertising copy which has none the less persisted in the popular imagination.
    2. They're quirky innit. Mechanics usually dislike any car which isn't screwed together in the conventional way, so they automatically take against any car where you have inboard brake discs or where you change the clutch through the glovebox. Mechanics are rarely backward in coming forward about their opinions so this became gospel very quickly.
    3. They're French. Buying French is seen as putting dollar franc euro in the pocket of the enemy by many people, interestingly often by the same people who are quite happy to buy foreign products from elsewhere (see 1).
    4. They are driven by middle class socialists. Hippies, dropouts, members of the teaching profession all love a nice 2CV or Renault 4. Somewhat disproved by James Bond Roger Moore (Renault 5) and Andy McNab (Renault 4).
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    Dabooka reacted to D.E in eBay tat volume 3.   
    £375 Frontera: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202110319077006?advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=500&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&postcode=b289bs&radius=1500&sort=datedesc&page=1

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    Dabooka reacted to Supernaut in Halloween Collection Thread of Spookyness   
    I was there just yesterday afternoon!
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    Dabooka reacted to Schaefft in Halloween Collection Thread of Spookyness   
    First chapter of the journey completed successfully. Taxi app didn't work and Uber likes to refuse service at this time of the day so I'm actually surprised I'm here in time.

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    Dabooka reacted to Schaefft in Halloween Collection Thread of Spookyness   
    Let's hope there's no bad awakening from this one. No return tickets have been booked...
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    Dabooka reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - Corona Resurrected   
    Found a few hours of sunlight today to get the new parts installed. Everything I've ordered fits perfectly so thank god no issues there. Also penis gasket:

    Since I didn't really follow any instructions (and made my own cam pulley markings) success was anything but guaranteed. As long as that cam pulley stays where its supposed to be there's little you can screw up when installing the timing belt though.
    Pointless photo of shiny new bits that are barely visible:

    Once everything was installed, all thermostat housing gaskets replaced and torqued it was time to figure out if my theory above was true. Lo and behold...
    Now this is a non-interference engine so there was no possibility of complete catastrophe and I haven't had the car on the road yet to see if there is any drop in power due to bad timing. The car idles exactly as it did before though and cranking the engine with the fuel pump disconnected resulted in a nice even compression sound so I guess things are fine?
    Next step is further pressure testing the coolant system to make sure that there are really no leaks, and then reassemble everything again and hope that nothing else will break in the near future...
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