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  1. Thanks chaps, really appreciate the continued feedback. I’ll forgo the Tech 2 then and just pay a man when needed I guess. I assume if there several things it’ll be done as a one off payment anyway (the Aux is the main thing to be honest). I too can’t believe how plated and firm it feels, as well as solid. Everything is solid, just noticed even the mirror mounts are cast aluminium and not plastic!
  2. Small update. Well today I spoke to a Saab garage I was put on to who said it doesn’t have brake vectoring etc and to give them a clean / replace the callipers. This means tomorrow I’m going to strip and clean and check there spinning freely. So that’s good… He does have the Tech-2 though so I may be back to activate the Aux-In, this will allow me stream, at least. Does anyone know if Tech-2 is available as download or is it purely hardware kit? Finally is it possible to swap the Saab Audio for a Saab Infotainment system (ICM1 to ICM2)? I just note that may telephone calling / Bluetooth which along with the Aux will be perfect (I know there’s nothing else to be done and I can’t swap in a proper headunit).
  3. Looking a run down to the in-laws to see Karl at NoobTune in person rather than posting it out. Two aerials, boot lid and wing. Weird or normal? Looks like the boot is a ‘gps’ type which is pointless obvs.
  4. I wondered too but wouldn’t know how to check. It’s quick but not massively so, hard to gauge.
  5. Thanks for that, but I owe an apology; it’s not running hot (temp stat is half way) I meant it’s a fucking hot unit! An hour after pulling up from a short drive it was toasty under the bonnet! The wheel heat surprised me but I guess it’s normal if all four are hot.
  6. Well here’s my new toy, one my missus has already claimed as her own despite the protests regarding its purchase. Anyway I digress, so here’s some pics a list of things to do. Negative points worthy of note; the wings are the wrong silver, several small patches of corrosion, not the best rubber but loads of tread so they’re staying, poverty spec ICE and the scuttle panel is worn and split (and lacks the mounting nuts). Positive points? There are some. For example all new shocks and springs in the last two years (including some alloy block which goes wrong?), annual service which I believe the bloke about, auto box with a fluid change two years ago, low tax (for an auto!) and otherwise a today example. Oh and two keys, which is nice for once. Stuff to do NoobTune FTW! New wheel centres Clean and treat hood NoobTUNE! Scuttle Panel Wing mirror mounts faded and slightly corroded Aircon needs gas m9 Rusty bits Wings…? Might just leave then to be honest, not sure I’m that bothered NOOBTUNE! ICE Upgrade? Bluetooth? Saab audio input? Something. It’s an odd spec. It’s a Vector with the pov spec audio but with several speakers, five I think. It’s got memory seats, cruise, auto wipers (possibly), dimming rear view mirror, CD but no multidisc, autobox with button shift (which is brilliant by the way) and fogs. Engine runs hot and all four wheels were fucking scorching by the time I got home. Surely all four callipers can’t bind?! Otherwise what a joy. Well planted with a lovely gearbox and a good amount of pace, nice driving position, minimal buffeting with the roof down and my missus likes it. So far so good?
  7. Bonus Puma money shot too.
  8. Not read the whole thread but Swift Sport is my vote. Cracking motors, cheap to run, easy to work on. Not fast by other standards but loves to by revved and can carry speed through corners.
  9. I think has been doing the rounds for a while now but not with this seller. Form a queue now
  10. I've genuinely always loved these as they're so utter futile, and an AWD verison is also a lot rarer than you may otherwise think. However I fully undertsand the sentiment too
  11. I know nothing of these but I want it. Now.
  12. Well I went to see the old girl on Sunday armed with a brand new and fully charged battery. Battery popped in connected, turned the key and... ....it still won't turn over. Balls. Tried again and this time realised the fuel pump was not priming. Checked fuse under the bonnet and looked fine, swapped the relay for a known good one (the horn) but still no joy. Balls x2. Plan is now to go down at the weekend remove the rear seat and see if the pump is getting power. Maybe hit it with a mallet or something. I'll also remember to pack my Bluetooth OBD reader just in case. Any ideas on anything else to try? Seems weird for it just to stop even after a couple of years of no use is it not? Do these seize up? TIA
  13. Cor! That's proper lush! My old man ran one or a while, can't recall anything about it though. Two randoms please
  14. Well today I picked up my subby after taking it in to work to have the slightly beefed up supports for the ARB; Same on the other side. Next job to get it blasted and dipped, need to get a quote but hopefully not too expensive. Also took one of the hubs in, I had managed to shear a pinch bolt. Got that sorted, removed the bushes as a bonus and, more importantly, the shock is perfectly fine too. That's a nice saving. Bearings and ABS rings also got a green light and look sorted. Next job is to clean these up, take them back in and get new bushes inserted. Not a bad day at all.
  15. To be honest think they need the spoiler on the arse end (hence me fitting one) but that's just me.
  16. Cheers man. They really get undue stick even by Ford fanbois. I want to get it back on the road sometime this spring / early summer. A combination of the 'vid, a house move and protracted home improvements* have meant I've done nothing on it,I figure I need to pull my finger out and get some small bits done that are off the car to give me some motivation.
  17. Well I've decided to start making some plans to progress with the Cougar after noting for a little under two years. After visiting it the other week the battery, unsurprisingly, is deed and need replacing. All the tricks of trying to get it to hold a charge has failed and I couldn't get it it start even with my booster pack so that'll be ordered shortly. I'm just glad it's still there albeit dusty. It's a small thing but today I dropped the spare subframe off at work to be fettled slightly by getting the ARB mounts to be beefed up a touch (they are known to fracture as Ford skimped on the welds). Hopefully it'll be the lecturer but it may be a student let loose on it! Also gave them a rear strut where the pinch bolt had sheered when I was trying to remove the shock. That'll give them a good challenge to entertain them a while. 😛 I'll probably pick them up next week and then get the subframe off to get galvanised before painting it up. I've decided against getting it powder coated at the same time as I am not sure it'll be durable enough to be under the car? Or am I being a bit over cautious (as it would be easier and more convenient to get them to do it). I was just going to lash it with chassis paint.
  18. I wondered this about the Swift, when I got my Sport I took a test drive the AWD verison too and found it 'adequate'. The chap in the dealership said it would need too much reworking of the AWD, which I assume is a Haldex system, to make it worthwhile. I also imagine the CO2 readings would be off the chart too?
  19. I'll be unavailable for the Feb dates but March or future dates should be better. 👍
  20. Just add yellow boiler suit for hilarious antics at a venue of your choice. Also one for the Bus Spotters?
  21. I looked at two local to me a couple of years ago and from 50 yds you could tell they were utterly borked. The undersides absolutely rotten.
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