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  1. Just add yellow boiler suit for hilarious antics at a venue of your choice. Also one for the Bus Spotters?
  2. I looked at two local to me a couple of years ago and from 50 yds you could tell they were utterly borked. The undersides absolutely rotten.
  3. You in Nuneaton @DaveAspley or near it? My home town. Few folk even know it exists
  4. I dread to think how much they've paid out for it in total. 😲
  5. "YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER VAUXHALL FRONTERA THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS" For all or sakes I fucking hope not. £10k
  6. It's whatever you want it to be! But was an old milk float converted to an actioneers outdoor podium (I think)
  7. Completely agree. It'll be interesting if it's a new stand alone one though (my guess is yes) but I bet it'll be a fecker for businesses to facilitate. The requirements will all but rule out non-franchised, in the early days at least.
  8. Wind kaos here in Gateshead. Fences galore, at least one tramploine, a couple of escaped huskies roaming the streets (😲), some decent sized trees gone and a bungalow has lost it's roof entirely. Police had the road closed at one point but now we just drive around the carnage. Snow has been minimal although it's tried all day.
  9. I've got a meeting on Monday with some bods about the next phase of Apprenticeship Standards and EV-ness. I'll be very much a fly on the wall but it'll be inetrested to see what direction they're thinking of going in, i.e. EV to be included in the normal Standards or create a new one.
  10. My tuppence would by a Swift Sport. I had the 32 (facelift) which I doubt you'll get near for 2k but the previous version is reported to be more raw and all the better for it. Cheap to run, cheap bits and parts, great fun all round. Bad points. Tiny boot, I think the Z31 was only five speed, have been popular with young 'uns. The1.5 Swift is a canny little steer too although clearly on a different level. TBH I doubt you could go wrong with any of those listed and for the budget I'd look at whatever comes up from that list as condition is more important.
  11. This is the content we come to read. A+++++
  12. Bit of both here. We're looking at (probably) moving to one daily and that will likely be a new electric for tax reasons, via my wife's work and salary sacrifice. However I'll be keeping the Cougar and still have an eye on an older petrol. There's some cars / engines I just want to have owned, such as the Fozzie turbo, and these will hopefully happen regardless. Actually we're not moving to one daily at all are we, we'll be moving to one long term daily and hopefully lots of short term petrol goodness for me. Diesel can get in the bin, fuck that.
  13. Huzzah! I know I wanted one before I got my Forester just none local / good enough / in budget at the time. Without even seeing it I know there will be much want by me. I should also look at the underside of mine I guess before anything sets in. Still remarkably solid and it'll only help to move it on next year.
  14. Utter bargain isn't it? Looks a peach
  15. Oh man, that's just awful news. So sorry.
  16. So the second then. I think. I may need to get the Cougar back on the road for the next meet to hear it live. We can all take a vote
  17. Moving up here I could never understand how it's pronounced. Chi-chester or Chich-ester. I seem to get mocked regardless 😃
  18. Anyone in the market for a '89 'Metro'? Open to offers so get in quick to avoid disappointment Friendface Marketplace
  19. I heard exactly the same story about Newcastle, 'met off the train and told to go straight back...'
  20. I don't know where you're from but Hartlepool has a marina and I'm sure that big old Cummins had marine applications so....
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