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  1. Saw this 80s(probably) Caprice Classic when on hols in Turkey. Plenty of boot space?
  2. Drove through Belgium and Germany on the hottest day since records began on Wednesday. I only saw British cars pulled up on the hard shoulder, as I flashed (ha) past on the motorway at 96 km per hour (any faster and the cooling fan sounded like I was about to take off, and the TX2 rattled like a bag of hammers) Does that say something about Britons? UK mechanics?
  3. Took 20 hours. One close call with a contraflow system in Germany that left a bloody great scar down Tess's off side ( two ton Tessie) and a rushing fan type noise that happens under acceleration. Exhaust manifold? Anyway, I'm shagged. Night all
  4. I'm a permanent Czech resident. 3rd party for about 200 quid the year. Will have to swap lights for lhd and technical check to get Czech registration
  5. Yup, the Ford Duratorq 2.4. The transit engine. Refined ?
  6. Here is what I'm coming for. 06 tx2. fSH. Only. Cough. 280 thousand miles on the clock.
  7. From the Stansted Express. I can barely stand the excitement.
  8. France's beautiful shores.
  9. Ryanair. Whoop. Here we go.
  10. Overnighting in the back seat of a 205 convertible. In the rain? Did he bring his wellies and a snorkel? Or is there a cheap hostel in the cards?
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