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  1. Overnighting in the back seat of a 205 convertible. In the rain? Did he bring his wellies and a snorkel? Or is there a cheap hostel in the cards?
  2. So, I have bought an 06 tx2 on the eBay. FSH, massive mileage, clean as a new pin. And I'm going to pick it up next week and do the ferry, France, Belgium, Germany and finally the Czech Republic in two days. A collection thread to end all collection threads. Join me on Wednesday as I swear my way across the continent.
  3. Had to take a snap of this "almost but not quite" front wing paint job Polo. Delightful.
  4. Refuelled in Vimperk in the Czech republic today. The sort of place that you just want to drive through 😉 Bloke at till was wearing shortie shorts, a cowboy hat on his bald head, a leather waistcoat with nothing underneath but suntan and greying chest hair/medallions, and a Nazi iron cross ring on his hand. Was too scared to take a picture.
  5. Whoah. Look at this heap o tat. A big old van inexpertly made into a caravette. Only 1500 quid or thereabouts. https://auto.bazos.cz/inzerat/105985672/AVIA-FURGON-21-1-TURBO-OBYTNA.php
  6. Alright fellow lovers of shitty cars. As a primary school teacher and family man, I have never had any money, and the cash I have has been used for nappies, mortgages and all manner of "grown up" gubbins. All my cars have been a)cheap, b)at least 10 years old and c) Renault. Now I've reached the age of mid life crisis, I have decided to buy a ridiculous car for the first time in my life, again over 10 years old and again cheap. An LTI TX4. A taxi. And I'm going to drive it from Britain to Prague, where I live. Next week. Sight unseen. Insane laugh. Wish me luck and no engine explosions.
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