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  1. Where the hell have all these gone? Well, we know the answer but I haven't seen one anywhere for years. On the road, at a show, Ebay, even the scrap yard. Just gone. Shame as the MG version was a cracking car when new. I certainly enjoyed driving them 30 odd years ago. And wasn't it a handsome devil in black?
  2. In my case, a late forties Ford Prefect E493A - the sit up and beg thing.
  3. Eh? I said that old Mondeos are practically worthless. That includes the Mark 4.
  4. The Rover Coupe thing was lovely. BL were too dumb to know what Land Rover know - you can have 4, 5 or 6 upmarket cars doing effectively the same job but choice is everything and you don't compete against yourself when the buying public want everything you make. BL should have made a Mini (but not replaced it), a big selling fleet Marina then a small Rover, a big Rover, MG/Triumph/Rover sports cars and Coupes and the Jaguars. Thats all they needed. Built at least to Ford standards they would have made a bloody fortune. Only need three factories as well.
  5. It was as rough as old bollocks but lovely to see. Why can't they leave stuff alone? ☹️
  6. It was simply known as the Escort L/GL Special. 750 1.6L and 750 1.6GL's were made. At the same time Ford made a 1.3 Linnet special edition just to flog that dead horse a little more.
  7. Wow! Please tell me these have survived.
  8. "The XK120 is worth £131'000". Didn't know scrap GRP was worth that much. It's about as much of an XK120 as I am. Only in the Sun! 😂
  9. Beaulieu atracts that kind of wanker now? Is nothing sacred?
  10. They are called Powershit for a reason - they're unreliable shite. Think of DSG but worse. I'd fire that thing through a local auction if the mechanic's £500 doesn't appeal. Forget breaking it, old Mondeos are worth fuck all and nobody is repairing them.
  11. I look at that, and can't figure out why anyone would give more than 500 quid for a Mark 2 Escort. Bizarre.
  12. It's worth it's weight in scrap. Shame. There should be a kind of safari park where stuff like this can just rust away quietly.
  13. The 1.6L Mark 2 Escort became a regular production model in September 1979 along with a 1.6 GL. They were never very common but there were a few about - Ford using up as many 1600 Crossflows as it could before the Mark 2 was discontinued.
  14. That's a very early MO. An X1/9 next to it?
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