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  1. Everything I've done over the years I've done myself. Main reason being in my experience, everything is half assed if you don't do it yourself or take it to a place that charges more than I make in a day to even look at the car. So far I've only been to a garage twice, first time because I had the local mechanic bring the car on his lorry 30 miles from the MOT centre, so I didnt begrudge him the job of replacing the brake line that blew (involved dropping the fuel tank, shitty job) He did an "ok" job, he only charged £120 for the whole lot which I thought was fair. Next I had an exhaust repair at a place quite far away from me that I had heard good things about. Guy who did the exhaust did another "ok" job at best, using a ton of putty to "fix" a leaky joint, instead of actually fixing it like I had asked. Neither were serious issues but just another confirmation to myself of the quality of work generally.
  2. Blimey, thats an absolute downright steal. An easy £6000 truck, more if you dont mind cleaning it up and waiting a while. Not even a rust advisory in the whole MOT history... If I wasn't in northern ireland I'd be on the way over to get it now 😅
  3. I also enjoy the age of all the background cars, could have been taken in 2006
  4. Anyone up for two tons of (vaguely) fourtrak shaped liability? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/481563143357116 🙄
  5. I did not expect to see another one of these in this thread, there really aren't many of these accord estates about. The family have one as a run around, always end up borrowing it myself as my corolla saloon isnt the most pracitcal car. Being a 2.0 petrol model with all the trimmings its a lovely place to be, only let down slightly by a clutch that bites about 2mm from the floor (apparently normal??) and the terrible electric tailgate that always fails on these, thankfully the previous owner has handy with wiring and added a new motor and home made linkage that works from the rear wiper motor 12v line 😅
  6. As much as this is a real nuisance if you're looking to buy a car, I have a feeling it may cut down on the unbelievable amount of wasted resources I've seen when it comes to cars. I've seen countless examples myself over the years, cars sitting in scrapyards that are in perfect order or even the sheer amount of stuff that enters and is baled immediatley with no parts being reused. I've encountered many people who will have an £800-1000 car that needs £300-400 spent on it, so they go out and spend £2000 on buying and fixing up a simillary priced car instead 😕
  7. All fair and good... but whats wrong with coach paint? or even just tractor paint anything but emulsion 🤣
  8. (still cool, would weld endlessly)
  9. The whole story with the engine is probably putting people off, but still, seems quite cheap for what it is really, these have a pretty big demand for camper conversions etc
  10. This does worry me a bit too, not least because we don't have a mobile signal here at all (well you get one bar the odd time to trick you into using it, then it drops out mid call) and my internet is in the 5Mb/s range, so I would be shit out of luck. Not to mention the years of giving people that as the main number. Still though we have an astonishing lack of scam calls here, one "microsoft" call about 5 years ago (i hope i didnt jinx it..)
  11. I hope it doesn't see me out (im only 24) but I surely dont plan on selling it, ever. Manages the 50 mile round trip to work everyday and passed the last MOT a week ago even with its bad headlight bulb, so as long as the rust doesnt get it (any further) it'll be around a bit
  12. £1,995 seems like a steal.. oh thats a 9 😲
  13. That explains alot, a quarry local to me runs an entire fleet of them to this day, I always assumed they had just sold in really small numbers because i've never really saw them elsewhere
  14. Maybe probably possibly not genuine 29k mile 306 with a slipping clutch https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202201030967059? its a pretty shite spec too, but I do have a fondness for the prefacelift ones.
  15. Yeah I tend to agree there, avoid the usual german shite since its all high in demand and absolutely ropey at those prices for the most part. Ssangyongs, kias/hyundais, american stuff are all quite cheap for condition eg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185233613077?hash=item2b20c8a115:g:WPgAAOSwJ2thzDTx Rough round the body but 25k miles for a grand and a years MOT, cant complain
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