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  1. I posted this on the LDV group about 6 months ago when I bought my speclift which was dead at the time. Still makes me smile so you can have it here too.
  2. With the way things are going I think it’s only a matter of time until EV is brought into the apprenticeships as standard, and the sooner the better in my opinion. We did cover basic EV health and safety when doing our health & safety section (basically identifying an EV and knowing not to meddle with them), so it’s starting to come in already.
  3. That's the plan hopefully. Once the apprenticeship is served I'd quite like to get as many qualifications as I can.
  4. Took 3 bald windforces off a school minibus last week.
  5. I’m serving my apprenticeship in my dad’s/grandad’s/great-grandad’s garage, it’s certainly not a dying trade, but one that’s diversifying. We’ve done work to a variety of hybrid and electric vehicles from Teslas to BMWs , Nissans and Toyotas. There’s still work to do to them. At the end of the day, parts will always wear out and people will break them. That being said, we’ve not entirely stood still. The vast majority of our work is servicing and repairs on nearly new (in and just out of warranty) vehicles, we’ve been able to get ourselves into this market over a long number of years but as a result there’s a fairly high turnover of vehicles. We’ve recently upgraded our MOT testing capabilities as this area of the industry isn’t expected to change as much as the servicing and repair side, and we’ve taken to doing more motor homes and commercials. It’s going to change, but as my granddad says, “it’s always been changing”.
  6. Looks like the side/end off the key fob for one.
  7. Yes, driving them is a bit like Cliff Richard going on a summer holiday. Might be forced to have a go at the stub pins.
  8. I'd like one like that, I heard that the police used to have some with that setup. The only thing I couldn't deal with is fuelling them, even though I work at a petrol station!
  9. Hello all! I’ve paroosed the forums for quite a while but I’ve recently joined. I’m only the tender age of 17 but I own these fine steeds! Big time LDV fan, and for the observant; yes the black van does have sliding doors. Hopefully I won’t get chased off here for my fleet and I’ll see some of you nice folks on the interweb!
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