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  1. Independent rear suspension as well instead of the old cart springs, you might want to go over the chassis very closely though if it became a proper contender.
  2. Ours has been fine so far and this is coming up to the end of year two but engine issues aside the DCT mapping is atrocious and so dim witted when you want to make progress but fine when you are just doodling along still not doing more than 35mpg . We love the brand and the car has everything you want but yeah it won’t do their reputation any good
  3. Got a good friend that’s a Kia master tech and they have the same issue with the Sportage ( the same car/engine combo that we have currently on lease) he currently has more than 10 waiting on replacement engines and he has even seen replacement engines going pop, dying to get shot of ours due to sh1t fuel consumption and the god awful DCT but we just can’t decide what to replace it with.
  4. I sit here typing this in the tv room offshore and some smelly 🔔 end keeps dropping farts because clearly he is 12yrs old in front of his mates, I am starting to find some of these trips really beginning to grate with me but then so does getting stuck in the workshop with the workshop fun sponge. Is it not chopper time yet ……………….
  5. Too many flash backs serving my time as an apprentice in a Lada garage in the central belt, I love old cars but I would rather have a un-lubed pineapple 🍍 shoved up my rear end than go anywhere near that.
  6. I used to have one when I was still in the motor trade a long time ago, always had the strange desire to swop over all the evo3 parts inc rear floor pan to make it 4wd, for the life of me I can’t actually remember what happened to that car
  7. Three instantly spring to mind with an almighty doh moment when looking at prices now Series 1 jag e-type that had been stripped completely in prep for restoration so was all in boxes and laid out nicely on the eBay add, spoke with the seller first thing before starting work at 7.30am and by the time I had spoken to my boss 10 mins later for approval it was gone , the jag was only 10k Porsche 993 manual Vario ram coupe that just needed painting and was only on for 15k, usual for me I docked about for too long thinking about it……….. And this has to be the worse one, nice clean 99 Nissan skyline R34 GTR Vspec in silver but the kicker was the previous owner had went a bit nuts with the nismo parts catalogue so it sported over 10 million yen worth of parts let alone the low mileage nismo S2 engine, this car was 44k and at the time I had only been going offshore for 1 year and thought it’s a lot for a old Nissan …………………. Now looking at the GTR prices that car would be worth we’ll over 100k 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  8. Cheers it’s a pokey wee thing for just kicking about especially after having driven my wife’s new Kia Sportage that’s about exciting as watching a football match 😛, it’s going to need rear shocks as hitting a transition section on the dual carriageway at Marshall’s trailers ( for the aberdeen loons on here 👍) the car tried its best to throw me all over the road
  9. Yeah sure is , just done revitalising the plastics with a heat gun and I must say it’s really relaxing
  10. So after putting up the shite collection thread in the wrong sub section I thought I would at least put up some pics in the right section . The indicator issue has been rectified by replacing the GEM under the steering colum so a nice cheap fix oh and a alarm sounder that went doolally on the way home from collecting it but this was just a simple disconnect job. Its very far from perfect but with a full years ticket it will do for those shitty days to and from work when I can’t be arsed taking my mountain bike , plus buys me time to decide what car I actually want . Looking at the car it has cheap winter tyres fitted only too the front and regular cracked rear tyres so some new boots will be in order, the front bumper needs painted by someone other than stevie wonder , but it drives straight with no unusual knocks or bangs .
  11. NATO hitches seem to be fitted to anything out here in Qatar and every single time I see one I can only imagine the pain of walking into one whilst walking round the car, tow balls are bad enough but these are just designed by sadists .
  12. Never been a bx fan but the way this is written kept me captivated and loved reading it , the hot spaghetti up a cats arse genuinely made me laugh out loud , these are the kind of stories that I need for my next stint in managed quarantine on the 14th of this month so if anyone has any links to similar stories I would be a happy chap 👍
  13. Done a few years working at a Mercedes main dealer before the allure of going offshore got to me but E- classes were a very common sight with snapped front springs , just make sure you get the correct colour code match from the springs if your going oem as there used to be lots of different combinations . Ball joints were at one point a recall item and you were usually changing them on a daily basis and a good point to check for your creaking , but if memory serves me right the ball joints are splined into the lower arms so need pulling/pressing into place on the car to save removing the arm
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