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  1. Never got this nodding to each other stuff, if all Astra/Focus etc drivers did it they'd and up with rsi. If your going to define yourself choice of transport isn't the best way Inb4 you don't understand...got my licence in 94 and since then 3/4 of that time a bike has been my only form of transport
  2. Picked this up off eBay, thought it had erm potential It's only saving grace was it came with a log book. I thought it would be fun to nail together something that looked hopelessly illegal but wasent. Tank is from a lawnmower Wodged in a 125 pit bike engine., leather seat n bulb horn.
  3. Good words of advice, after I've 're turned and 're 're sprayed it I'll ride it back via an MOT place and close the book
  4. Calipers serviced, bike running. Tyres n paint ordered. Hey ho only money ain't it Can't wait to see the back of this or them
  5. Yet more cont. So we are nearly there. Ring my friends partner and ask him to drop round for a coffee and get fucked off, x3 over 6 weeks. Youfuckingwhat.jpg My priority list gets reorganised with the GS at the bottom of the list. So flashband I hear you say, why know why bring this up. Cos I'm loosing my workshop n having sat for 3 years it's become knocked battered n covered with overspray and like the cunt I am I will be serving the calipers replacing tyres for new 're respraying the bastard complete wiv new battery and MOT. At which point I will be slinging
  6. Cont. So all* I did was replace the frame, loom , original Suzuki 2 into 4 zorst, fit Bandit 6 front end n rear wheel. While I can strip n restore carbs they make my head hurt so took them to a friend of mine who is a pro bike mechanic.. week later I get a phone call, good news or bad news? Well all parts to rebuild these carbs are available bad news you need them all. Just bill me says I
  7. I decided without expecting a round of applause to resurrect this POS cos you know she saved my life. Please realise the only contact I have with her at this date is through her partner. I get in tough give him the good* news and tell him this POS will live again cos I know the sentimental value it holds
  8. Cont. 3 years later, not a sign and I'm selling the house. My lad and me pushed a 70s 550 6 miles to where we were moving to due to lack of van and skintness. Got in touch with matey, what do you want to do about this then to be met with silence. Another 2 years passes and this shed ain't getting any better. My dark side says, push the POS on to the kerb with free scrap sign on it. I remember she saved my life and start having an investigatory prod. Oh, fucking, dear. Frame rotten as a pear, whole under side of frame gone, check out the picture Strip o
  9. Cont I agreed to store it with her partner claiming he would restore it. This bike dates back from the AWOL days of the 90s and while I'm not stirring shit (other than me no one in this equation is likely to view this forum or our slightly deranged half cousins) anyone on the bike scene from that period in the derbs area associated with PIL will recognise it. Gave partner keys to my workshop and told him use anything you can use or find in it.
  10. Ok, long post warning. TLDR version - Flashband gets pissed off I used to have a friend, a close friend who happened to save my life in a very direct way. I would not be drunkly typing this if it wasent for her actions Any how's, post episode years later her partner and me retrieved a very sentimental bike to her from her ex partner.
  11. Saw one of these today in the first time in over 10 years. Not this one though
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