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  1. OK, this is almost certainly going to get me banned but..... You are clearly unwell and have admitted you are suffering from bi polar disorder while being in possession of firearms I have reported you to the police for this, I'd rather be up front with this rather than deal with the guilt if it all goes wrong. I really hope you become well again
  2. Someone last year brought in from Germany a whole bunch of delivery mileage only 80's Fords, at first glance I thought they had broke cover. In other news spotted a KGF livieried trailer swallowing a purple MGF today
  3. How is that worth 2.5K? Even the most cut price funeral directors would want something a little more up market and whitby goth is cancelled. Does remind me of the time I was dating a goth girl and was invited to accompany her and her friends to whitby goth weekend in a converted hearse. Got to the pickup point to find plastic garden chairs screwed to the floor and a CRT tv glued (yes really glued) in to provide entertainment - I refused telling all that thing is a death trap and police magnet, got accused of being 'negative and disruptive' by the despondent driver/creator. In the end followed them up in my car with girlfriend sulking all weekend due to be me being apparently awkward. Annoyingly the shed was driven around for a couple of years with no agro from the police and me being accused of jealousy by the creator - what he did about MOT's I dont know
  4. My personal opinion is crash helmets should not be compulsory. Yes the benefits are self evident and given a choice to wear one or not I would wear one most of the time, but why should the state arbitrarily dictate bikers wear one. One of the usual responses is NHS resources, my reply to that would be contact sports or dangerous sports (rock climbing, hand gliding etc) haven't had state intervention
  5. Never got this nodding to each other stuff, if all Astra/Focus etc drivers did it they'd and up with rsi. If your going to define yourself choice of transport isn't the best way Inb4 you don't understand...got my licence in 94 and since then 3/4 of that time a bike has been my only form of transport
  6. Picked this up off eBay, thought it had erm potential It's only saving grace was it came with a log book. I thought it would be fun to nail together something that looked hopelessly illegal but wasent. Tank is from a lawnmower Wodged in a 125 pit bike engine., leather seat n bulb horn.
  7. Good words of advice, after I've 're turned and 're 're sprayed it I'll ride it back via an MOT place and close the book
  8. Calipers serviced, bike running. Tyres n paint ordered. Hey ho only money ain't it Can't wait to see the back of this or them
  9. Yet more cont. So we are nearly there. Ring my friends partner and ask him to drop round for a coffee and get fucked off, x3 over 6 weeks. Youfuckingwhat.jpg My priority list gets reorganised with the GS at the bottom of the list. So flashband I hear you say, why know why bring this up. Cos I'm loosing my workshop n having sat for 3 years it's become knocked battered n covered with overspray and like the cunt I am I will be serving the calipers replacing tyres for new 're respraying the bastard complete wiv new battery and MOT. At which point I will be slinging it back at this delightful* couple. Fortunately my mate is following me to give me a lift back, when i asked him is that to stop me braining the cnut with a crow bar he said yes. In the highly unlikely event you read this lizzie n kev FUCK YOU
  10. Cont. So all* I did was replace the frame, loom , original Suzuki 2 into 4 zorst, fit Bandit 6 front end n rear wheel. While I can strip n restore carbs they make my head hurt so took them to a friend of mine who is a pro bike mechanic.. week later I get a phone call, good news or bad news? Well all parts to rebuild these carbs are available bad news you need them all. Just bill me says I
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