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  1. Off-road shooting brake! That thing is amazing. I want it quite a bit.
  2. Capitalism, innit. Can't have an ever expanding economy if people aren't buying stuff they don't need. If there weren't hoards of voracious supporters of wanton consumption, we'd be living in (my) socialist utopia. This sort of behaviour is simply people being good little capitalist lap dogs.
  3. I thought it was synonymous with dropping the kids off at the pool, or stocking the lake with brown trout?
  4. Looked out of my workshop window at about 8am to see a couple of coppers with what I thought was a speed trap, but what turned out to be a stinger. One thumbs-up the other (hiding behind a tree) and slung it under a passing pikey van, and unfortunately also under a passing builders transit. The pikey was arrested, and the builders moped around moaning about their 4 fresh punctures the repair/towing of which the police took about 3 hours to arrange. Quite exciting!
  5. I think M32 gearbox in these, hence 'issues'.
  6. Having Coronavirus and thus being completely, 100% housebound has resulted in my usual 'below the wife-radar' deliveries being somewhat spotlighted. Hmmm. 4mm impact socket! Why not?
  7. I repair smaller stuff at work, so I use these things all the time; if you're only using it for cars, and thus only for the odd restricted access job, the cheap one is probably fine. I was probably abusing it when it broke; that's usually the case. Also, phwoar! https://www.expert-toolstore.com/facom-ratchets-bar-handles/774-facom-rpe-ultra-compact-1-4-hex-drive-screwdriver-bit-ratchet-handle
  8. Have one, which is what lead me to the Wera version after the switch broke off. You can still use it, but you need a pick to change direction. They're good though, unless the switch breaks off!
  9. I use extendable flex head ratchets all the time, particularly at work where access on quads and riders is often a nightmare. The first and cheapest was the Sealey (middle) which was surprisingly (for Sealey) actually really good until I used it as a hammer and the switch broke of. Still works but is annoying to change direction. Top one is Wurth and has a smaller head and is just a bit better/nicer in all ways. The half inch Carolus one is ace; really heavy duty and capable of carrying a good amount of force even at full extension. Deffo make sure that the flex head bit is lockable if p
  10. Ah, I've got the wrong end of the stick as usual. Appologies.
  11. Carparts4less (same company as ECP) have delivered twice without issue, although wife is a key worker, there was no need to mention this at all. Slightly longer wait than normal (with cheapest delivery option) but no issues. Generally I find CP4L to be a PITA, so 'no issues' is actually better than normal!
  12. Interesting video! Your point about access and length of wrench is a good one, but IMO it's swings and roundabouts; I have one of the Milwaukee stubby 3/8 wrenches (like those below) and although they are really, really, really fantastic (310nm on a 12v battery), and are crazily short, the flatness of the face sometimes means that a longer and pointier wrench is better. Obviously you can use an extension, but at some loss of torque/impact. That Dewalt one looks very handy.
  13. Yeah, my ones are particularly poor. In the bin they go!
  14. Having a tidy. Anybody ever successfully used these screw extractor things? I haven't. They are a running joke at work.
  15. 2003+ 3 litre legacy is a great car, although usually found with automatic which isn't my thing. For a Subaru, access to stuff isn't the worst although it's still a Subaru. I'm pretty sure that plugs can be done without jacking the engine up for example, which is nice. Wheel bearings are complete hubs too, so you don't have the hilarious* lateral bolt issue of other Subarus when it eats them (which it will). Outback is obviously basically the same car with added ride height and is possibly easier/cheaper to find in 3 litre? Wouldn't bother with 2.5/2.0R (same/same powerish) in 2003+ flavo
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