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  1. She didn't climb in through the windows, unfortunately
  2. Spotted this beauty around the back of an industrial unit in Troyes, France, last week.
  3. My last night in France, trying to negotiate my way into a tiny parking spot in a minute car park. Reversed in, literally 6 feet away from another hotel guest who didn't see fit to warn me of the hidden post behind me, as that would have required him to remove the joint from his scrawny gob.
  4. I'd love a moped like that, but my "significant other" says I'm not allowed. I've no hankering for any sort of bigger bike - they're just excuses for perverts to dress in leather baby grows - but I could make real use of one of those. Particularly if it's orange
  5. My brother bought one of those new when he worked for Ford, when they used to do proper staff discounts, although his is a 1.25 petrol engined one (designed by yamaha, he reckons). Despite having a load of other things in the meantime he's always kept hold of it as it's got a towbar (along with a number of freebie 'extras' it gained from the dealer's back yard along the way - he never paid for a tyre the whole time he worked there apparently). The only trouble it ever gave was with coil packs - he carries a spare with him as they can give up without notice. A colleague of mine had a similar one which she sold to a "we buy any car" place in Swansea for £175, as it had 175k on the clock. Nothing much wrong with it, but she got bored and bought a lightly used Corsa from a colleague instead, which almost immediately needed a ton of work. A bit of an atmosphere in the office that day...
  6. I'll dig a couple out when I get home from holiday. 😅 It's the second one I've owned - the first I kept for 5 years, until the head gasket finally gave up. I'd lived with no windows opening, rust, dodgy ABS and electronic shocks for years before that, so it had really given its money's worth by the time I left it at the scrap yard (although my dad nicked the seats for his camper van, and I've still the wheels squirreled away for a rainy day of some sort). The second one was bought as a long-term keeper, when I finally acknowledged my fiat 500 wouldn't be up to pulling a caravan across country, and is in far better order than the first. I feel a bit guilty about neglecting it recently, but it'll get sorted out this year, all being well. I'll need a set of tyres though. Chinese ones. All different makes
  7. Rhondda, South Wales, but work in Cardiff (in Splott, but they like to claim its Cardiff Bay...)
  8. Thanks for accepting me. I'm currently in the south of France on a 2000+ mile round trip in this Renault Koleos. Its not strictly mine, but my partner's, bought a week before the the birth of my son 3 and a bit years ago (from a local lay preacher - we couldn't find a full-on vicar's car) . Apart from having its exhast pulled off whilst negotiating a carpark curb it's not missed a beat - it's essentially a Nissan X-Trail in drag, built by Samsung in Korea. Its gathered a few dents and scuffs since then, but I think that's characterful. I've a Megane convertible at home too. I bought last September as emergency transport - from my partner, who didn't get around to selling it when the lad arrived, and left it festering on the drive. Yep, she actually made me pay her for it... I've got a Senator 24v in the garage too, although I've not used it in a few years. Well, about 4 years. There's nothing much wrong with it, but life got in the way and I haven't had time to MOT it. Or the money, what with the new sprog. I know it needs a front spring (and have one in the shed ready for fitment) and a brake pipe, but other than that it's good to go. Probably. And then there's the Robin Hood kit car which I parked in my dad's garage about 5 years ago. I really must pull my finger out...
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