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  1. These are great. Essentially GM's replacement for the Saab 93 convertible, after they went and buggered them up. Still available as a Buick too: https://www.buick.com/convertible/cascada-luxury-convertible
  2. Agreed. Unless you have to remove inlet manifolds etc to get at them I tend to buy the bog standard branded versions. Same with headlamp bulbs too
  3. A little bit broken, but surely worth a punt? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2624278507812539/
  4. A bargain. Assuming the sills are filled with heroin and conflict diamonds https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174233537638 Take a look at some of the sellers other items. Equally *competitively priced. What's going on there?
  5. I was once told to look at gardens, houses, other cars in the background of autotrader ads in order to gauge an the owner's fastidiousness. Someone with a bush that neatly trimmed probably cleans his vents with a toothbrush.
  6. Peter Kay got away with that with his dvds for years. The same show as last year's, but in a different theatre, released a month before Christmas.
  7. Just returned home from a works trip to North Wales, with 3 colleagues in a rented Ford S-Max. A top of the range thing with a diesel engine and automatic gearbox - the Ford version of the VW DSG box. And you'll never guess what happened... It lost loads of power going up a hill in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, the gearbox started hunting around but we crept over the brow, and somehow managed to coax it another 100 miles home. Maybe turning it off and on again would have sorted it, but maybe it wouldn't, and I didn't fancy risking it with three colleagues in the middle of nowhere
  8. About 30 years ago boy I knew resprayed his shitty brown Cavalier a slightly different shade of shitty brown. It looked like he did it with crayon. He's working as a sprayer at the new Aston Martin factory in St. Athan now. Avoid buying a brown one and you'll be alright
  9. Stick it in a water pistol and it'll save you the bother of buying a mig welder too
  10. Ah, my dad had a chip van and bought me an Austin Metro. We're virtually the same ish
  11. I've been watching some of this fella. Somehow he's managed to get himself a massive house full of luxury cars just by appearing on YouTube. Ian Hubnut is either missing a trick or has a very comfortable bank balance....
  12. She didn't climb in through the windows, unfortunately
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