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  1. Yell if you want a loan of the Ribe socket set I bought. Completely forgot that could be useful. Also, this is how I got the Alfa toolkit, if it's in this pic and wasn't left in the kit then I'm sure I've still got it somewhere. The screwdriver will be floating around, I'll post it when it turns up. I think the 166 is a great car, well put together and dynamically interesting. The twinspark is a fucking terrible engine though and lets it down. I'd love to have seen a 1.9tdi engine in one of these rather than the beefcake 2.4jtd they got in Europe.
  2. Mining vehicles, serious total recall vibes.
  3. The best of both worlds. Look at those hot, hot steelies too 🔥
  4. Holy shit. Just read this thread from start to finish. Significant hat tip to you @St.Jude for getting this far, persistent isn't even close to being the right word. Good write-ups too. Take solace in the fact that whilst it's been expensive, this is still cheaper than most leases. Here's what you really want instead of the Amazon, this one may or may not include the Japanese man https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-toyota-land-cruiser-1985-for-sale-639a126c3f359ded4718184e
  5. THICC https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/256068489479
  6. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/lotus-eclat-1980-1973-cc/1457737273 £2500 sporty GRP land yacht "restoration" project. The poor man's Elite gets hotter with every year that passes.
  7. Is this the most high-risk fleet on here?
  8. Very glad someone didn't buy this before it was noticed. That would've been crap. Not feeling downtrodden or hard done by either. That's the Alfa box ticked and for the same cost as a Dacia on finance for 2 months. Shit end-of-life cars til I die
  9. RIP Alfa. It was indeed the crankshaft pulley wobbling but the pulley itself was fine. Here's a video of the crankshaft timing pulley wobbling with the aux pulley off and the aux belt off. There are 2 retaining bolts on the crankshaft timing pulley, they were fairly loose so there's a chance that this has been a problem since the timing belt was done in July 2021. High chance that this was just put on askew but it's a timing belt off job to find that out and there's no guarantee. With the oil leak, guffed bodywork, lack of funds/time/tools and an overloaded driveway it's scrapping time. I reckon it would continue driving as is but I can't risk it grenading itself with motorway commute and a kid in the car. Next step is to get a working, MOTd car. Lexus needs 2 front springs and shocks so it's first in the queue. I'm all outta money so Alfa needs to go before I can buy these parts
  10. It's probably an LS1. None of that commie shit in here
  11. https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/1970-chrysler-300-non-letter-series-4aj278 Cheeeeap. Has an LS engine of some sort 48mins left at £1800 @Schaefft to the inappropriate phone please
  12. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1579877 £1500 and looks class. Real protons at real money.
  13. You're spot on, they're Ribe. Ordered a set with Amazon prime as I now have space to own tools. Thanks for the offer though, much appreciated Also, I'm a fucking idiot and that's the aux belt. Definitely the lesser of two evils
  14. I believe that's my crank pulley and that's my timing belt on the Alfa. Quel bastardo. quick finger check and they're all tight. I don't have any socket that will catch the centre nut and I don't have the star shaped attachment either. Any ideas?
  15. Anyone driven the petrol one of these? There was an absolutely fucking hanging one in yellow doing ubereats in Glasgow. Big respect
  16. Sintra may be a winner here. It's utterly shit, cheap and obscure. The Albany is just a rebadged Japanese something so I expect someone here has owned one
  17. I mean in shite money today, say sub £5k. What I'm getting at is, could you go onto eBay/gumtree/c&c and pick up something which no one here has ever owned or driven that is pre-2001?
  18. @wuvvum has Temprad before. Don't know if anyone has estate Temprad
  19. I'm sorry to hear that @cms206, I hope your luck turns around soon
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