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  1. On 04/06/2023 at 20:08, artdjones said:

    I drove from Killarney to Killorglin a couple of hours ago which is 12 miles of a national route with a 100kph limit The person in front in a Renault Kangoo Kar insisted on driving at 50-60kph the whole way. Normally there are 6 straights where you can do a quick overtake, but today the opposite side of the road was full of a constant stream of Honda 50s returning from a bike fest.

    Haha! I grew up in Killorglin and lived in Killarney. I forgot about the single lane national roads where there are snakes of traffic because of tourists or bizarre locals who think it's safer to drive at half the speed limit. It was always a Yaris causing the traffic back in my days

  2. 3 minutes ago, somewhatfoolish said:

    Are lexus springs notably awkward to fit? Or are you on the "don't take money from these miscreants" list?

    It's an odd one. After it failed the MOT I called 3 garages asking for the springs and wheel bearing to be done. I got messed around by 1 garage, the other 2 refused the work. I guess old Japanese shit in Scotland isn't high up on their wish list. Seating springs though...fuck me, the shocks are already off the car. It's free money guys

  3. Alfa is away to @Schaefft, highly rated purchaser. Apologies for it being shit, that's just a given when I sell a car. 

    The Lexus cracked springs have been painful. They're north of 40cm and a couple of attempts with spring compressors hasn't cut the mustard. I took the springs and shocks to a local garage and offered cash to seat them, they said no way...cheers lads. 


    Because of the Alfa shitting it's crankshaft I've been using a borrowed car to ferry my kid around. It has no reverse and a screaming wheel bearing so has been stressful to commute into the city.

    Decided I needed some wheels so bought a Rexton from @Supernaut. Gave her a bit of a scrub and I'm impressed. Totally fucking bizarre car. Throwing between 1st and 5th gear requires a change in postcode.

    I'll be using this for some towing in the near future





  4. I'm getting the feeling I may have oversold this car...the drone is awful, I thought it was the gearbox at first but then dismissed that. Exhaust sounds plausible but I didn't see anywhere it could be blowing. 

    The gearing is mental. There is a 6th gear btw but it's essentially the same as 5th. Long 1st, short 6th. Lolwhut. It makes me want to drive another one that's well sorted to compare.

    The interior also looks incredible but only in photos. It's the car you wouldn't want to meet on tinder. 

  5. 1 hour ago, BeEP said:

    Very odd damage!  It's even got MOT to September.  I have a set of doors, and connaught green goes well with flame red doesn't it?!  Watchlisted...

    That's what happens when you leave both doors open and forget to put the handbrake on

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