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  1. We change loads of strut top mounts on these, causes clonks early on, but then turns into very notchy steering. Can be very dificult to diagnose,as there is no play or movement, Also common for fractured coil springs,they have a strange cage at the lower end of the spring,this was a recall on earlier Peugeots and Citroens,as the spring used to go over the top of the spring seat and burst the tyre... sometimes difficult to spot, so you really have to feel for a break. had 2 C3's this week with this problem-they don't have the "cage" . 1 wiped out the tyre and CV boot. Expensive!You can access Citroen's parts fiche online -same as the dealers use here: http://service.citroen.com/And Peugeot's Here:http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com/They share part numbers for most things, so you can cross refer,and use the handiest dealer for parts!
  2. Has he still got that 155 for sale?
  3. I had a 1.6 LX a few years back, was an M reg, but P10 shape. 1600 was a bit underpowered,but the handling was brilliant. For MOT's we only really see them fail on sills corroding, and front suspension joints-these can be fairly expensive as its quite an unusual setup. Brake pipes can be a pain to change as they have 2 load valves at the back. Have heard of a couple snapping timing chains too, btu I reckon you'd really have to neglect them,not like the New Micra. These seem to stretch chains at as little as 15,000 miles..engine out job too!
  4. Could you have turbo discs with standard calipers then? Turbo pads should be identical, but thinner,so may just be standard pads,turbo discs and calipers?
  5. say hi to Ian if he's there too!
  6. Richard, do you mean the Saab specialist in Cupar? If so, how's he doing? He is THE man for Saabs!There seems to be 2 different master cylinders fitted to 900's -up to 86ish. 20.6 mm and 22.2mm,after 87 they were all 22.2mm. Sloped nose 900's had a rear handbrake about 87 on. Has someone maybe been mixing and matching parts? Turbos' should have vented front discs 20mm thick, all others had solid discs 13mm thick?
  7. This is lying in the unused showroom. Its done 1071 miles.... My HPE in front of the showroom. These two are in West Fife, not had a chance to catch the owner yet. Found this pic of my old Galant off the 'Bay. £100 and mot'd with only a new CV boot. My old X1/9 which I rolled at Knockhill, still in the scrappy's..
  8. These are parked round the back of my work, and have been for quite some time by the look of it! That Talbot Autotrail is actually very nice inside, and under the green stuff,looks really good! Spotted this across the from work today, had a chat to the 72 year old owner,who bought it yesterday!
  9. Have you tried Speedy and Pitstop? -Both Kwik-Fit owned and have online applications and jobs avaliable. Kwik-Fit Netherlands and Poland too. They also have mobile tyre fitters out in vans all day.Bit of driving involved too!
  10. I'd agree with that.My HPE is doing 200+ miles a week in this horrible weather,and ater getting all the annoying problems fixed,including 6 breakdowns in 1 journey, its now 100% reliable...BUT I can never relax driving it,always listening,scanning the gauges,waiting for it to cut out at the lights etc.. I've driven X1/9's for years,and am pretty used to this,but sometimes you just want to get to where you are going...and back again without getting the tools out.
  11. Vanishing point for me,made me go out and buy a Dodge Challenger. Kowalski is my hero :)Ronin is great for French tat and superb car chases too
  12. >>Whereabouts is the MGB? The best mod you can do on an MGB involves a box of Swan Vestas but sticking it on a Range Rover chassis is a close second. I'll have to have a look for it.If you're local I take it you've seen the Range Rover stash at Back Dykes? It belongs to the same guy who has the breakdown truck with dead Transit in Station Road.<
  13. Damn, I've been trying to get a pic of that Charmant for ages! It belongs to an old boy in Kirkcaldy,and he seems to do his weekly shop in Asda as thats where I see it all the time,usually when I'm on my bike...The old Amazon used to sit outside the factories in Woodside all day,and the squareback Polo belongs to the window cleaner in Cupar,he seems to buy these thins one after the other.
  14. Barry Cade

    Volvo 780

    If I remember, there was one in the film "See no evil"? With richard pryor and gene Wilder.
  15. Barry Cade

    Volvo 780

    263 Looks like a giant fiat 128 3p to me! 780's were built by Bertone,alongside the X1/9. Even shared the same paint colours-mica red and mica blue.I got touch up paint once for my old x1/9 from our local Volvo dealer.he thought I was mad!
  16. I saw this one today in Auchtermuchty. I think I know the owner again.I know him too, loves Saabs and French shite,and fiats. I worked on that 95 a few years back and repainted it in that loverly broon. Just down the road from it you will see a MGB roadster,mounted on a Range Rover chassis- very professional job it is too!
  17. [/img] http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1983-COLT-CORDIA- ... 286.c0.m14
  18. Early series 1 Esprits had Fiat X1/9 taillights,series 2 had SD1 lamps, facelifted cars after '88? had Toyota lamps!
  19. Micra has the CVT box, for under a grand you could get a 340!- no power steering though, maybe also a Panda Selecta or a Punto Selecta? Better still, a DAF!!!
  20. SP reg means its from Fife,the only Saab dealers in Fife is (was) St Clair motor company in Kirkcaldy.They are still on the go,but no longer Saab dealers-the guys were very helpful when I had my T16S-maybe worth a call to get some info and stickers/plates for it!
  21. ARGENTA!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FIAT-132-ARGENTA- ... dZViewItem
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1979-Fia ... dZViewItem Mazda RX3 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1973-Maz ... dZViewItem 929 saloon http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mazda-92 ... dZViewItem Really like this... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1969-Toy ... otohosting Tercel pickup thing.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/80-Terce ... otohosting
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