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  1. Well it’s just about nine in the evening over here and I’m gonna head for bed. Don’t know what’s in them pills the doc sorted but unbelievably I’m not in pain, this should really be in the deliriously happy thread.
  2. Second nod for Kingstown here, they brought mine over for me.
  3. Just not too many and not too big...........it will cause a problem with officials, ........yup, I tried it.
  4. Well the last four weeks have been brutally cold here in Bavaria, but on Tuesday it warmed a bit. That’s about the same time I couldn’t help but notice lots of small spots that hurt like hell on the right side of my head. This morning I was awake at 2am unable to sleep any longer, right side of my head covered in pustules and my ear swollen up twice the size of the other.............a visit to the doctor followed at 8.30. ............Apparently I’ve got shingles.......oh fucking joy. Medication of the strongest type has been issued, and after another visit to the doctor scheduled for Monday morning it’s looking like a visit to the hospital for a brief spell in one of their beds unless there is dramatic improvement........ this shit hurts like fuck.....just bloody wonderful.......
  5. Thinking back this was December 2018, so longer ago than i thought. The Jeep came to Germany with us, the TR6 and Dodge are in England, hence different movers. Loaded up and heading for the docks.
  6. Tell me about it, I lived there till end of 2019..........I would have sorted this for you back then, easily. ......Nearly all (99%ish) test shops don’t put the vehicle on the ramp to do a smog test, they have no idea whether it’s on its original cat or been replaced without looking and if it’s ford spec or not........as long as it passes the sniff test it’s good to go. Also when the new cat is on the vehicle it will need to be driven for at least 10 miles ish to clear the manufacturers gunk out of it, always. This will be difficult if it’s a non runner.........in which case ship it as parts vehicle...........there is a way of getting all these non running MGs, TR6s and other crap (yank) into the UK............prepare yourself for the UK import tax bill.......I avoided that because I’d owned the vehicles for years.
  7. To be honest I’d be expecting change from 500 fitted............. Unless that’s a quote from Ford dealership, and in any case they just send it to the exhaust fitters down the road and then charge the customer double and some more for the service..........seen that.
  8. Where about in Cali is this ? A new cat for that won’t cost 2grand.
  9. Yup, everything was uprated, except the interior which is still standard, as is the exterior bodywork............. bar the arch flairs and wheels..........wolf in sheeps clothing, oh yes......and a bit more. Oddly i was thinking of this vehicle a few days back, next time i'm in Cali i'm gonna see if he wants to sell.
  10. A buddy of mine in California imported 6 mini's from Australia, then built 5 all standard show cars with them (sold them) and with the sixth one decided to do something of a sleeper. I drove this thing around the Temecula hills one day...........fookin fast is understated.
  11. Southern Germany yesterday morning. And this morning. Bloody global warming...........Pah.
  12. Well it's December 1st again.........just now in Southern Germany.
  13. Be careful with that thing. I used to work in a factory that had a few "treaters" (think 8'x3'x3' size) to prepare paper prior to plastic coating. Large machine, about 120 feet from end to end, lots of rollors plus two treaters amongst all the other stuff.........Ozone was a byproduct of these treaters and the process of precoating treatment. The extraction pipework (to the outside of the building) had to be removed every year, cleaned and inspected. The ozone rotted all steel it contacted, and had a peculiar smell. Everybody knew if the extraction was getting clogged (with paper dust) because it stunk of ozone around the treaters, plus everybody was getting a headache.
  14. That has to be a faulty belt, unless the leaking antifreeze caused swift deteriation or you have a binding part in its drive train..................... or covered around 50,000 miles in a year. Good job it's not an interferance set up.
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