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  1. This makes me very happy. Keep that mighty red bugger working. It's replacement has recently let me down big time, on the other hand!
  2. Not much margin for error, driver!
  3. Yeah... I was too busy pissing about with the controls and went wrong somewhere... thank god for sat-nag!
  4. Home! Just under 250 miles non-stop and no issues. The old girl still has some go in her. Thanks to @sporty-shite for a smooth transaction. I intend to have some fun with this thing
  5. Well it’s buses now. As a PSV driver of 15 years so far, I f’ing hate getting on buses on a rest day. But such is my commitment to the ‘shite... not much further!
  6. Manchester, home of the Beatles and Stan Boardman. Come on you reds!!! no time for a curry though, I’m (only just) catching the last train for today. Phew, that connection was close!
  7. I like your thinking, @barefoot. That is a vehicle that would actually justify such a ridiculous journey. If you have a line on such a beast let us know! it turns out London to Manchester is a fucking long way, so I’m letting the train take the strain again. I shouldn’t complain though - the guy on the other side of the aisle is heading to Aberdeen to pick up a Rover 45, and the guard has to spend all tomorrow going to Dawlish to collect the Kia Picanto he ‘won’ for £160 on eBay...
  8. The journey began in Ipswich, home of the tractor boys dontcha know. Now in london’s Famous London, home of extinction rebellion and stinky toilets. As I can think of no other reason to be using public transport this early on a Saturday, presumably a lot of £300 Micras and the like are getting collected today!
  9. Well it’s WTF o’clock on a day off, it must be an autoshite collection. Off to the ends of the earth for a car which, if I looked longer/harder, I could probably find within 10 miles of my house. But where’s the romance in that! so, train number 1, with some other sleepy-eyed types who presumably are off to collect a 13 year old mondeo or something....
  10. OMG mind blown! I’ve dismissed so many cars while wondering to myself where all these auto boxes came from!!!!
  11. Yes, the guy I bought it off said he'd had the original number plate off and got the dvla to dig out a new one because the first one spelled out his and his mrs' names. Awwww bless!
  12. You're right BinHoker, so very right. I'm calling this one NOW! Wednesday night draw is go. Here is your final list of runners and riders:- 1. @Minimad5 2. @Stanky (via dozeydustman) 3. @Daviemck2006 4. @Stanky (via dozeydustman) 5. @puddlethumper 6. @Daviemck2006 7. @binhoker668 8. @Iamgroot 9. @keith777 10. @Minimad5 11. @keith777 12. @yes oui si 13. @Stanky 14. @primeradoner 15. @binhoker668 16. @TheDoctor (via shedenvy) 17. @holbeck 18. @Bucketeer (via snagglepuss) 19. @binhoker668 20. @yes oui si 21. @Daviemck2006 22. @yes oui si 23. @TheDoctor 24. @holbeck 25. @TheDoctor (via me) 26. @BiL (via busmansholiday) 27. @Stanky (via snagglepuss) 28. @TheDoctor (via shedenvy) 29. @Stanky 30. @keith777 31. @Minimad5 32. @BiL (via busmansholiday) 33. @Tubbo (via Holbeck) 34. @Sealtainn 35. @TheDoctor 36. @TheDoctor (via me) 37. @Tubbo 38. @TheDoctor (via shedenvy) 39. @Iamgroot 40. @flat4alfa 41. @Tubbo 42. @bangernomics 43. @Bucketeer (via snagglepuss) 44. Mrs @binhoker668 (apparently very happy!) 45. @primeradoner 46. @bangernomics 47. @holbeck (via Tubbo) 48. @TheDoctor 49. @Sealtainn 50. @Stanky (via snagglepuss) 51. @Stanky (via snagglepuss) 52. @Bucketeer (via snagglepuss) 53. @Stanky 54. @keith777 55. @puddlethumper 56. @Sealtainn 57. @keith777 58. @binhoker668 59. @keith777 Good luck everyone!
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