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  1. 3rd anniversary just passed... Remembered Dave over the weekend as I was planning a trip to Albi and he lived down that way.
  2. Did I see this on the A64 outside York this afternoon? If not, it was her doppelganger 🙂 Will check what's on the dash cam...
  3. I'd forgotten all about the Fiat Regatta... Thanks for the memories, as they say
  4. Edit: just saw there already a topic...
  5. Cortina 1.6GL, Yellow Fiesta, BMW 323i Hope they don't smash them up. I grew up in the back of a brown Cortina estate and it brings back memories What was your "dad's car"?
  6. Just saw this on a photography forum...
  7. The poor bugger could lose money putting it through MOT and selling for £200...
  8. That brings back memories of my green one - FGG107X. Took an hour to get up to 70mph but would stay there for hours across the continent with kids, dog, tents and whatever else back in the the 80s. 😢
  9. PH11CKU - Looked like PHUCK U Black BMW drove by me this morning... Sadly no time for a camera
  10. Wouldn't bet on it - he's in his 90s but fitter than me No need to drive when he can walk to the village shops, post office, pub etc. He might even outlive me the way he is going.
  11. I'm waiting for an F reg Sierra estate that my neighbour has - takes it for an MOT every year and that's about it. His daughter says he always talks about not feeling up to driving these days but he will not let it go... But she knows I'll give it the love it needs when the time comes
  12. Certainly has the spirit of AS ? Story here.
  13. Second anniversary today - remembered with fondness.
  14. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/car-number-plate-goes-viral-22390944.amp Some of the comments made me smile ?
  15. I'd second that - I used them when living nearby in Wheldrake. Also a fan of Wills & Ellis - friendly, honest and have a couple of lovely Labradors
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