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  1. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/amp/couch-me-if-you-can-sofa-laden-driver-pulled-over-on-m20-267445/ Just to prove it's possible to fit a sofa in a car
  2. I'm getting around 18mpg from a petrol V8 but fortunately don't need to drive anywhere except by choice. Not sure that I'd enjoy changing to anything else
  3. W11HAN on my Chinese friend's Audi TT - reads WUHAN. If it was mine, I'd have changed back to its original plate 😀😀
  4. Mazda 323? It's the only one I had, at least... early 90s.
  5. I'd take the B reg merc for sale on these pages (ok, it's not yet 40 but not far to go). There was a lower spec one parked near me for a couple of weeks last summer and I still lust after one.
  6. Here's one for uou on less than 5,000 miles https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/auctions/1977-ford-cortina-estate-nPwzag
  7. 3rd anniversary just passed... Remembered Dave over the weekend as I was planning a trip to Albi and he lived down that way.
  8. Did I see this on the A64 outside York this afternoon? If not, it was her doppelganger 🙂 Will check what's on the dash cam...
  9. I'd forgotten all about the Fiat Regatta... Thanks for the memories, as they say
  10. Edit: just saw there already a topic...
  11. Cortina 1.6GL, Yellow Fiesta, BMW 323i Hope they don't smash them up. I grew up in the back of a brown Cortina estate and it brings back memories What was your "dad's car"?
  12. Just saw this on a photography forum...
  13. The poor bugger could lose money putting it through MOT and selling for £200...
  14. That brings back memories of my green one - FGG107X. Took an hour to get up to 70mph but would stay there for hours across the continent with kids, dog, tents and whatever else back in the the 80s. 😢
  15. PH11CKU - Looked like PHUCK U Black BMW drove by me this morning... Sadly no time for a camera
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