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  1. Certainly has the spirit of AS ? Story here.
  2. Second anniversary today - remembered with fondness.
  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/car-number-plate-goes-viral-22390944.amp Some of the comments made me smile ?
  4. I'd second that - I used them when living nearby in Wheldrake. Also a fan of Wills & Ellis - friendly, honest and have a couple of lovely Labradors
  5. We took the opportunity to clear out the garage and told our local scrapman to pop by. Says he's not allowed, but someone might call by in the middle of the night if we leave the drive clear
  6. Honesty rather than irony: FIAT - Fix It Again Tomorrow Yes, an old one
  7. Meh - if I'm going to get a Megabus, Covid-19 is the least of my worries ?
  8. Deserves an appearance on YPLAC
  9. That's my understanding of it; when my guy eats turkey necks and liver, his pooh is always crumbly and white and dissolves in a shower of rain.
  10. Two interesting pieces around the corner from us - may be commuter traffic parking up before catching the bus.
  11. Looks like the northern line seats 20 years ago ?
  12. When I lived in Aberdeen in mid 80s, petrol hit 50p /l. My excuse not to visit the family in Yorkshire
  13. Every farm vehicle around here looks like that these days but at least they clean the reg plate.
  14. Hopefully that's all there is to it... My Y reg Sierra got f'ed over like this and insurers preferred to write it off
  15. Saw the spirit of AS on the back of a crap car yesterday: "I'd rather push this Lupo than drive a Corsa"
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