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  1. Ah I thought I recognised you from watching that vid on the blue Metro. Glad to see you're keeping 'yer motor all standard!
  2. These bloody lot have ruined the original term of 'stance' for me. I once said a car had nice stance in the way it just sat nicely on a nice set of wheels and was lowered a tad. But matey got confused, as he thought I meant 'stance' in being a part of the wonky wheel club. Not my cup of tea that scene, prefer my cars to have adequate tire contact with the road and ability to some what 'blast' around on B-roads comfortably.
  3. 'Ello, sappnin. Port Toilet/Swansea local I own three cars for some reason; A Peugeot 106 1.1 that I owned since I passed my test in 2013, this is what I cut my teeth modifying and learning how to generally fix (and break). *I just want to note it will be for sale shortly. A mk6 Fiesta Zetec S as my daily motor for all the long trips, when I don't want to worry too much about breaking down and, when I don't want every chav or ex-joyrider asking me 'ow is that for sale or wha, mush?!' which then leads me onto the third car. A Mk2 Fiesta 1.4 that has a rather dodgy, yet shiny paintj
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